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Ashes of the Imperium (invite from Order v Chaos rp)

06-10-2003, 12:57
All those who signed up for the Order v chaos 4k rp post here, i shall begin.
I shall play the part of grey knight grand master Hemrock (my own grand master who has served me well throughout the two games he has played, having slaughtered about 20 people each time)
06-10-2003, 13:04
I will be playing as Imperial Guard from the Iuthia system*. Leading this force is Admiral James deGritz and Governor Ursand.

Planets and moons under my control:

Iuthia Prime* – Industrial world which produces large quantities of weapons.

Iuthia Secundus* – Agricultural world that produces large quantities of grain.

Iuthian Scaffolding – A station constructed for building and repairing the Iuthian Carrier, a large capital ship that carries, constructs and repairs a lot of small ships.

Iuthian Defence Network* – A series of orbital defence systems based around the pinnacle of Iuthian technology: the Rail Gun. Protects Iuthia Prime and Iuthia Secundus from attack.

OOC: I will be bumping my military up a little because basically I’m guard. My men have carapace armour at the best and around 200 Mobile Infantry**. I have also given myself a system though I won’t improve my space forces much, with exception of new defence grid, combined with ground artillery designed to fire into space. I have these because imperial worlds are expected to have them.

* Changed to suit campaign, for example, Iuthia is now a system, not a nation.

** Mobile Infantry: Imagine assault marines who are well armed (not close combat based) and use individual pods to drop onto a planet. This is the tech I have in my nation without me being in this campaign. I will also be using Gauss Weapons like described in the other thread.
06-10-2003, 13:04
I am Cypher.
06-10-2003, 13:12
06-10-2003, 13:32
I'll Play as Imbram Gaunt and the Gaunts Ghosts i.e the Tanith First and only

06-10-2003, 13:36
Imbram stood on the troop deck of the imperial battleship "Rightous Fury" the huge gothic class ship and its escorts of the 101st mars battlegroup were headed for a small planet that was at present under the sway of a huge cultist rebellion led by a small yet heavily entrenched Iron Warriors Chaos space marine force their orders were simple link up with the small PDF regiments still holding the planet and await reinforcements joining them were the 101st Cadian youth army and the battle hardened 181 Pyrian Dragoons
06-10-2003, 15:33
As the Mighty armies of the imperium ran around, The small and skitish Nurglings began to assemble, they formed their mighty ships and begain to rise from the dead world "orbiting" the deamon world of K'enish'imara'puro, these ships begain on the long trip ahead, to spread desease, plague, and death... But no fear.
06-10-2003, 15:35
Oh, and my deamon prince is nick named, squirt, and is 10 inches tall, but has the strength of a deamon prince using twin power fists. he carries a master crafted plasma pistol, that is possesed so it cannot over heat.
06-10-2003, 23:31
06-10-2003, 23:38
I will play as Hereinthil, an Eldar Pirate Prince from the Craftworld of Ulthwë, and his forces. He has under his command a Void Stalker cruiser, a squadron of Hemlock destroyers, and another one of Hellebore frigates.

His ground forces are comprised of several guardian regiment and aspect warrior forces, accompanied by some Falcon Grav Tanks and assault bikes. He has a Revenant titan in his forces too.
07-10-2003, 01:11
07-10-2003, 05:26
ignore this
07-10-2003, 08:50
<ooc>no god modding people, keep it real<ooc>

Grand Master Hemrock whispered the last of the sacred six hundred and sixty six words of his chapter, they Grey Knights, a feeling of aniticpation gripped him as his Thunderhawk crashed through the atmosphere, it's psycannon-bolt-loaded heavy bolters sweeping the blasted lands of Cadia for potential targets near the new pylon in construction.
He was confident in the force he had sent up ahead to guard the pylon: The legendary First and Only were leading the Cadian defence, he was here by order of his chapter, bringing much-needed reinforcements, however.
On both sides of him, also strapped in like him, were ten of the finest Grey Knight Terminators known to the Imperium, having trained under such illustrious names as not only his own, but that of Brother-Captain Stern and Grand Master Hengril.
Behind him was Grey Knights Dreadnought Gelidus, his plasma cannon and mighty power fist had served them well over the centuries, in life and in death he had been a credit to the chapter.
The remaining room in the cargo bay seated a techpriest engineseer and his two servitors that had bent rushed in to aid the pylons construciton and maintainance. One of the servitors carried a fearsome plasma cannon, the other sporting a great ripsaw.
On each side of the Grey Knights Thunderhawk were two Marauder Destroyers, and three Lightnings, they weren't taking any chances with the drop pod forces to be sent in.
"Sir, we have recieved a vox from Commisar Gaunt, he says they are recieving an assault". Hemrock heard the pilots voice.
"Get ready to strike, we'll be there in five minutes and counting." Hemrock replied, checking his massive psycannon attached to his left arm. The others followed sui, checking their storm bolters and incinerators.
"Today the filth shall be purged." He said, his incense blazing around him, filling the air with an aroma noxious to the minions of evil. He fingered his Icon of the Just and readied his halberd. They were coming, he just hoped he wasn't too late.
07-10-2003, 08:54
Governor Black looked at the screen alarmed. "What? The Lords Of Terra are increasing my tithe?"

He read further down. "Chaos incursion... Cadia under heavy attack..." He stormed from the room. "MEN! Get the system primed for war!"

Massive ships flew from the hangar as thousands of Legionarres marched below.

((Remember, you have as many soldiers as you have people in the normal game))
07-10-2003, 08:58
The fighter wing closed upon the location of the Cadian defence, already they were being swamped by the Iron Warriors Screamers, black, flying gargoyle-like lesser demons.
"Open Fire!" Hemorck yelled.
Instantly the Marauder Destoroyers Autocannons erupted into life, poured death into the daemonic ranks. The thunderhawk bettered them, however, it's psycannons ripping through screamer after screamer with ease, it's battle cannon raking the oncoming attack force, before touching to the ground. Their bounds released, Hemrock and his forces poured from the hatch, ready to beat back the horde.

<ooc> back later
07-10-2003, 09:07
07-10-2003, 09:10
The Roanian Capitol Ship, Redemption, flew on. Around it, its fleet of 60 ships flew to the Eye. Admiral Hyten turned. "I hate this. The glorious Imperial Fleet reduced to a ferry service?"

Commisar George Delacan of the 2nd Roanian Legion glared at him. "This isn't about pride! This is about survival!"
07-10-2003, 09:49
Extrordinarius le bumpus hugeus.
07-10-2003, 09:55
"Cadia, do you read me?" The radio operator said. "I repeat, Cadia do you read me?"

07-10-2003, 10:19
07-10-2003, 10:27
"Something's wrong. Cadia has fallen." Admiral Hyten turns to the shadowy figure behind him. "Inquisitor Richelieu, shall we perform exterminatus?"

"No, you fool! We must hurry!"
07-10-2003, 15:23
Squirt ran back and forth, screaming commands to his followers, "the Ship must be finished!" "hurry up", they massive legion of nurglings, and the plague bearers began had begun to mass, getting ready to move on the now near defence less Cadia. The plague fleet made up of damned freighters and lost crusiers will be moving on to the cadia sistem with a few hours.

now was the time to redem himself thought squirt, and with that, mounted into his dreadnought like body.

with a crashing stomp, he began the invasion of the cadia system once again.
08-10-2003, 03:09
i Don't want to rp anymore.
08-10-2003, 13:44
"FOR THE EMPEROR!" Hemrock bellowed, levelling his psycannon at the nearest screamer, his voice raised in a song to rouse the passions of the beleaguered defenders. bolts of the emporers pure fury spat forth from the massive weapon on his left arm, screamers exploding into puddles of stringy ichor.
The incense poured forth from braziers mounted on his terminator armour as he stomped knee deep in a mixture of life-fluids building up, describing great arcs through the air with his halberd, he and his men becoming brilliant displays of light as they advanced mercilessly through the daemonic horde, the stragglers beginning to cringe in terror as his mind banished daemon after daemon back to the warp.
The dust had settled and hemrock singled out Gaunt, leader of the defenders of the pylon.
"Thank the Emporer you came in time." gaunt said, forming the Aquila across his chest.
"This battle is not over." Hemrock snapped around to see a daemon biger than all the others barreling down upon him.
"FIRE!" He commanded, his bodyguard, Dreadnought and the servitors all sending a torrent of promethium, bolts, psycannon bolts and hot plasma into the daemon, showering them with gore. The noise settled, and then they noticed the problem as their ships flew off on their attack runs.
"The engineseer is wounded! There is no medic alive that could save him now."
"Did someone call?" an old man with an apron strapped to his waist bent down, applying his narthecium's painkiller to the fallen priest, who stirred, injured, but alive.
"Who is this man?" Hemrock was astounded. The human shook the Grey Knights hand.
"Dorden, Medic, Gaunt's First and Only"
08-10-2003, 15:03
the warp had gifted squirt with a short trip, his legions of small followers had arvived on cadia much quicker than normally expected....

"Release the Plagues into the atmosphere, and begin to send down the drop pods!" sreamed Squirt as the lumbering defiler cralled past.

"we are going to destroy all that lives on this world for Nurgle, and once this world is done, the next."

as the bussling and crushing of the mass nurglings moved on, squirt turned to his second in command, "How much of our legion survived the trip" Not expecting a high number, he waited.

"few to none, at the most recent count, 609 million of our warriors survived the warp, and more are beeing spawned by the great unclean one's every few minutes."

"good, good. we are on time?"

"yes, The cadia system will fall if all remains on the plan"

Squirt became very sour at this moment ant released a offulf ordur, "NOTHING EVER FOLLOWS THE PLAN SET DOWN BEFORE THE TIME IS RIGHT"

and with that, the second in command, was forced into the dark, cold voil of space.
12-10-2003, 00:00
.... Hello?
12-10-2003, 15:23
....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one still playing?
12-10-2003, 15:24
....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one still playing?
13-10-2003, 01:33
OOC: sorry, i was not on my PC for a while, but i'm back.

RP: (as The Ravenwing)

Grand Master Gidion stood pacing in his Thunderhawk. The company was assembled together, ready to drop at a moment's notice. He would be in his speeder soon.

"Lieutenant Captain Caaron, are the weapons ready?"

"Yes, sir, we are ready to begin entry."

"Good. All the troops are ready on the other ships as well?"


"Good. Prepare to enter the Cadian atmosphere."

"Yes, sir!"
13-10-2003, 12:38
Meanwhile, Cypher was waiting to meet this "Squirt."

"Johand, do you know ANYTHING else about this daemon prince?"

"No. Nothing but the fact that he is building a ship for a crusade on Cadia."

"I see. Enter the atmosphere."

Cypher felt unsafe on this rickety craft. It had been built by the people of Lelithar, and, although there were some "experts," you can always trust professionals. That is the one problem with leading a cult.
13-10-2003, 12:49
Hemrock was bellowing orders to the defenders, rigging up searchlights, tonight would be dark, and anything could be coming for them, best to be as ready as they could, he thought. Vigilance is the brother of truth, after all. He readied his psycannon, and sat down to wait.
13-10-2003, 15:45
the nameless world, had fallen within hours of the release of the plague, the few ships who survived the destruction are speading toward cadia, not knowing they carry the more deadly strand of the virus

Menwhile Squirt was waiting as Cypher. The governers palace was kept "clean" for this Cypher, since those who are clean, normally do not live that long around the unclean.

"where is he? and why has my suit not been removed from the cargo hold?"

The door opend and there in all the power-armoured glory stould Cypher.
14-10-2003, 02:09
OOC: Take woofenville off of the RP list.

Rp:(as Cypher)

"So you're Squirt? It's nice to meet you. I would like propose an alliance against the Imperial fools."
14-10-2003, 02:22
Meanwhile, the Green Shields 1st and 10th were also convening on Cadia.

"Land the Thunderhawks, Deathwatch Master Rajigar."

"Yes, Inquisitor Lord Atticus."

The 'Hawk landed and deployed the troops. The Shields joined the Ravenwing company and made formal greetings.

Atticus said, "I see you have also come, Grand Master."
Gidion replied, "Yes, there are rumors circulating. Rumors that may hold life and death in the balance. What brings you here?"
"Rumors as well. I have word from. . . inside sources of an attack on Cadia."

"Yes, it appears some others have heard as well. Say hello to Ordo Malleus Grey Knights."

"Ah, yes. I believe that I once helped this very company in a battle."
14-10-2003, 02:22
Meanwhile, the Green Shields 1st and 10th were also convening on Cadia.

"Land the Thunderhawks, Deathwatch Master Rajigar."

"Yes, Inquisitor Lord Atticus."

The 'Hawk landed and deployed the troops. The Shields joined the Ravenwing company and made formal greetings.

Atticus said, "I see you have also come, Grand Master."
Gidion replied, "Yes, there are rumors circulating. Rumors that may hold life and death in the balance. What brings you here?"
"Rumors as well. I have word from. . . inside sources of an attack on Cadia."

"Yes, it appears some others have heard as well. Say hello to the Ordo Malleus Grey Knights."

"Ah, yes. I believe that I once helped this very company in a battle."
14-10-2003, 02:22
Meanwhile, the Green Shields 1st and 10th were also convening on Cadia.

"Land the Thunderhawks, Deathwatch Master Rajigar."

"Yes, Inquisitor Lord Atticus."

The 'Hawk landed and deployed the troops. The Shields joined the Ravenwing company and made formal greetings.

Atticus said, "I see you have also come, Grand Master."
Gidion replied, "Yes, there are rumors circulating. Rumors that may hold life and death in the balance. What brings you here?"
"Rumors as well. I have word from. . . inside sources of an attack on Cadia."

"Yes, it appears some others have heard as well. Say hello to the Ordo Malleus Grey Knights."

"Ah, yes. I believe that I once helped this very company in a battle."
14-10-2003, 02:24
OOC: sorry about that. Triple clicking.
14-10-2003, 08:39
Emperor Abernoth observed all that was going on from his throne room in the Thurinian Imperial Palace. He turned to his aide, Lord Vard.
'We will let things proceed in this way for a while. Then we shall make our move.'
Vard shifted uncomfortably. 'Shouldn't we act now?'
Abernoth smiled coldly. 'There is no gain in revealing our hand now. Just be patient. Everything shall go according to Chaos.'
14-10-2003, 15:35
"greatings Cypher, i agree to your terms on this alliance, but i have one question, how shall we stike on Cadia, i have already sent ships of plague, and death, but they shall take time, to take effect." My nurglings are becomming reslest and i would so hate it if my legion would run amouck, and crush something."

"oh and i have a gift your you, from grandfather nurgle... This Bolter Gun caries a deafly starin of a virus that will cause the infected to slowly explode... although the virus also renders the bearer imune to the virus themselves."

"Mind you the virus is contained within the bulets."

Squirt turned in his dreadnought suit, and looked out the now "clean" WIndow.

"We must be carful about this, i do not wish to die twice...."
15-10-2003, 08:47
The Grand Master sat within the confines of the Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader, performing his daily rites of purification, the inside of the ancient vehicle a mobile shrine. He remove his halberd from the holy flames, now shining with a gleam like new, yet it spoke of centuries of battle experience. He checked the records on the purity seals of his armour. The new kills of yesterday's battle had been accounted for. He finsihed loading a new clip into his psycannon, the Rites of Reloading complete. He checked the rythm of the machine spirit of their vehicle. It was tense, it had sensed the intruders.
"Hemrock" a voice came in from the driver "It's time, we've found the source of the daemon attack"
The eyepieces of his helmet gleamed in anticipation. He looked at the six other battle brothers that he had chosen to ride with him, the others were staying behind to hold the pylon.
"Steel yourselves, brothers, the hour has come."
15-10-2003, 08:51
"Demonic fleet, off the port bow." The Admiral said to his fellows. Around him, Vox transmissions flew all around.

"Bring the battle to them."

The fleet attacked, energy glimmering and destroying the chaos fleet. Then they turned, and the Imperials met them head on.

Blasts and missiles flickered everywhere. The ship shook.
15-10-2003, 15:38
Squirt had summoned his most trusted warrior to this meeting, they were suposed to plan the next assult, but a greater deamon had gone bezerk and had killed of most of the plague marines.

"so Cypher, Which planet is next to go?"

"and how long untill we attack Cadia?"
16-10-2003, 08:46
The front ramp opened and Hemrock added his psycannon to the already heavy arsenal of the assault cannons, hurricane bolters and multimelta of the crusader, the cadian armoured fist regiments spitting flaming fury into the ranks of the assembled cultists. Despite the enormous fusilade, Hemrock ordered them to stop.
The cultists were surrounded by arcs of crackling energy protected them from all the multilaser, bolter, las and stubber fire they could bring to bare.
"Fix bayonets!" The Grand Master and Gaunt yelled together.
16-10-2003, 17:30
"Cypher, why do you not awnser Me!" Yelled Squirt "Very well then, I shall Start the Attack on my own"

"Begin the Seramony to release the plague aboad those ships, and Start the Regrowth of our armada!"

"The Great Unclean Ones Must Be awoken, and Let this World Rot, We are finished Here, Leave Nothing alive, The Slaves Will be left in hulks, let them carry the plague for us."

"and bring me My Suit!"

With this Squirt Walked past Cyphers Foot, and left out the door, leaving the Armoured Giant alone in the dark, "clean" Room.

*the alliance, is not over, just one part is beginning*
17-10-2003, 01:28
"the Troops Are in Position My Lord"Sqicked a small Spawn


"Sir, I have a qusetion, is it true that you were the same deamon prince, that was banished by the Soul Drinkers Space Marine Chapter?..."

A Huge Fist Drowned out the awnser, as the dreadnought like Suit of Squirt Crushed The Spawn into a Puddle

"yes, and No"
17-10-2003, 08:56
As one they charged across the muddy ground, their cries filling the air, their powerful incense choking the cultists for long enough to bring the barrier down. Hemrock ordered his brethren forward, their incinerators sending holy flame streaming into the enemy, leaving nothing but ash and an unpleasnat smell.
Within seconds it was over, just the standing stones and dead cultists were all that remained of the incursion.
"We are at the wrong site." Hemrock said. "This was a distraction, return to the pylon, now, i only hope this did not distract us for too long."
17-10-2003, 16:30
the ships that were formed from the very flesh of nurgle, were now orbiting Cadia, they had attacked the defensive ships, and were beginning to Reform into the drop pods... Cypher had been left behind on the dead world they were meeting on, and was still there, as far as squirts informants knew...

"let the plague take effect" Cried Squirt , And with that final work said, the plague killed millions on cadia, the ships who had escaped the doomed world, had actually made it to cadia, and had been moving through the locals... Saddly enough, it seemed only to effect those who lived on cadia for their entire lives, and those who work to clostly with the pylons.

"verywell, Calculate the total deaths, and begin the process of droping the troops... oh and also, let several great unclean ones into the sea, to cause more suffering on our part..."Ordered Squirt

"My lord, we have a problem, those defensive turrets we destroyed caused a malfunction in several main systems, we cannot land troops for at leased a day, but the fighters can still leave the ship."Said The New Second in command

"Ah, damn" Cried Squirt, and crushed his new second in command
18-10-2003, 01:21
(As Cypher)
Cypher was mesmerized by what had just happened. He stalked out of the room.
"Ready the ship, and follow Squirt! I want to get to those Dark Angels, dammit!"
(As The Ravenwing)
Gidion watched the ships above. A plague seemed to be appearing. He had seen this before.
The forces of the Ravenwing mobilized without delay, knowing standard procedure for a plague. The bikes rode into the Thunderhawks and the speeders lifted off. The 'Hawks got airborne and prepared to engage the minions of Chaos.
(As the Green Shields)
Atticus readied his forces. He heard the commands of the Gidion over his comm and in turn got his men ready. He saw an MkV drop pod land, and got ready to purge, but to his surprise, the pod was full of Ordo Xenos Deathwatch, including a sniper.
"Why are you here?"
The Deathwatch replied:"We have been ordered to inform you that we are to aid you in the defense of Cadia. We must also tell you that you and your partner Inquisitor have been transferred to Xenos."
"Thank you sir. That will be all. For now, at least."
18-10-2003, 03:25
"So Cypher has finally come, very well. Let The Plague Expand To step One."Cried Squirt *This First Stage of the Plague causes Full body Rashes, And Emence Nausea*

"How Long Untill We May Begin The Drop?" Asked Squirt

"Armound Twelve Hours My Lord"Awnsered A Lowly Nurgling

"Good, When We Begin To Drop, let the Pague enter Stage Two, and once we are landed, enable Stage Three and Only on my commad let the final Stage Begin." Said Squirt

"this Plague is like Nothing they have ever seen Before."Cried Squirt

*This Plague is from Magic The Gathering The Phyrexian PlagueLord, Denouncer, Defiler, And Debaser*
18-10-2003, 15:51
"finally!, We May Begin The Invasion!" Cried Squirt "Let THe Plague Advance to stage Two, and Tell that Nurgling to shut Up"

"I will Be In the Second Wave, Hopefully you can clear a landing spot for us, and cause the defenders some fright"

The Sreeck of mutated flesh, on mutated flesh, Could even be heard from the ground, as the Drop pods began to leave the Ship, The Ship itself began to deflate and thousands apone thousands of drop pods begaon to fall.

Flies darkened the sky, and put themselves in the way of the weapons ment for the drop pods... On landing, the millions of nurglings would spill out and hunt down any defender around.

"THis World Will Weep, Rot, And Die!" Cried Squirt as he marched down to His Drop Pod"This World Will Be Mind, And The They will Never cleanse this World!"

His Dark High Pitched laughting Echoed down the now deserted Halls

*Stage Two Causes High Fever, And Sever Infectiousness*
19-10-2003, 00:29
the shudering had stoped, and Squirt could finally see straight, THe Froces had created a small Base, and had removed the nearpy defenders.

"Advance To Stage Three, And Begin to bring down the remaining Troops."

The Solid was Of the Ship in orbit began to run, Tiny arms shifted from the walls, Each Part Begain to reshape it'self... The Great weapons Broke apart and refromed into millions of laspistols, and the ship it'self broke apart and became Drop pods... THses pods were solid inside, so many nuglings and Greated deamons were inside, That the Very ships were made of them...

Stage Three Of the Plague causes immence Muscle Aches, and Persistent Coughs.

*a Warning, Get Helmets And Armoud 12 inchs of armour around you, Naked skin will begin to melt & burn Soon.
19-10-2003, 09:09
Hemrock had ordered all men he could into the safety of bunkers, the only humans about with him on guard now were the famed Kasrkin and Inquisitorial stormtroops, as well as anyone who they could fit up into a suit of carapace armour and a rebreather.
"Sir, long-range auspex reports show swarms of nurgle daemons headed this way" A vox spoke in his head.
"Prepare all defences, they shall not have banked on having that which daemons hate the most, us!" Hemrock readied himself for combat once more.
19-10-2003, 15:54
"Advance the Plague to stage Four, and tell the frontal Troops To charge, The Troops near the Back, Begin to create fire points, and do not let anyone through, Also target any deamon hosts, i do not want any mass causlties yet." Said Squirt

"yes Sir" Replied Squirt

"If Cypher Is within range to brod cast to, ask him to bombard behind the defences of the Defenders"

"Alright Sir"

"Finally, Set the Defilers to none Movement mode, and begin to barrage the defenders into the dust..."Said Squirt

The Seige of Cadia had Begun again, and 600 Million Deamons of nurgle Were there to see that it suceeded.

*Stage Four Causes delirium, convulsions and death.
21-10-2003, 01:23
Squirt Hunkered Down as far as his 10 foot tall Suit would allow, the Bolter rounds still shot by, and lasgun shots were Still going strong...

"where is Cypher!" Cried Squirt... His troops had Set up a line of defence, and were beginning to let the Defenders Destroy then selves... Every so often a great unclean one would be loaded into a primative cataput and sent flying into the Defenders base, it's body would die, but the plague it carried would infest the defenders and cause more panic amongst the Guardsman...

The Nugrlings had surrounded one of the last hivecity/fortress and are keeping the defenders inside. starving them to death.

Unfortunatly the Space marines were a problem. More immune to desease, they also can eat the dead if needed. so they will last much longer than the Human componet to the defence.
21-10-2003, 15:36
is anyone still playing i feel like im talking to myself...(3 days since last since someone else posted a reply)
21-10-2003, 16:21
i'll reply tomoz, i have a bundle of work to do.
22-10-2003, 17:29
still in the the dug out, Squirt waited for a reply... His minions had breacked many locations, but grey knights had been seen, so Squirt was worried.

"Very well then, they forced me to do this. advance the plague beyond stage 4..."

With that, every nurgling died(mind you, that is not that many, only around 300 million), every living creature not encased in sealed power armour died... The greater deamons suffered but survived. and the plague bearers had already left the planet hours before hand.

"Charge the lines, let no one live"

Squirt changed the frequency on his throat vox, "Send another message to Cypher, Get him to bury that fortress! Also, send down the plague bearers we need them at the frount line."

His would be the end of Cadia, The final step in the plague had not even come yet, and already no living creature could breath the air here.

this world would be Nurgle's before the week ended!
24-10-2003, 16:25
Ok, it been nearly a week since a post... other than me about the rp.... is anyone still playing?
26-10-2003, 17:07
ok, it been more than a week... Is anyone really still playing?!?!?!
28-10-2003, 00:11
:o Hello? :o Hello? :cry: is someone playing? :x HELLO!
29-10-2003, 16:23
Ok, i guess this forum is dead for a while.
but i will still be looing on it every so ofter to see updates on the actual RP.
11-11-2003, 19:29
Still NothinG :x
21-12-2003, 19:31
the forum is dead, this is my last post here.