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Chinese/Japanese arms/munitions? (under heavy attack)

05-10-2003, 15:34
Seeking intermediate military technology from the east..

(Yes, we're seeking, not selling. Pressures of being invaded by four or five modern nations, y'know?)

The nation is a war-zone, so we'd need the determined sort of supplier who can over-come certain political resistance...

There'll be a ramble about the state of the nation offering its business, and a general list of the sort of things we want..nay, need. I hope someone out there is in a position to assist the republic!

Of course Asian arms markets probably can't meet every need we might have, so we're willing to take some soviet armaments to fill gaps, if that makes sense.

The ramble-
I have in the past, and in character, dispatched Drapoel officials into the world seeking allies and arms. The People's Republic of Dra-pol is a sham-communism, long isolationist, and brought on to the world stage by a chance meeting with Christian people, which has since lead to the invasion of the republic by a "crusader coalition" opposed to the brutally atheistic and anti-capitalist ideology of the nation.

We started the defence armed primarily with WWII Japanese technology (since we've shunned the world since the second ''RL'' world war or so), and the fact of our rather dodgey co-operative industry, isolated economy, and er..experiencing airstrikes, we're struggling to update the arsenal sufficiently to fight off the multiple attackers.

And so I don't want to spoil the character of the nation by going to store-front X, Y or Z and ordering this western tank, or that Russian fighter.. We need..

The list-

We need 7.7mm ammunition as used by the Japanese in WWII- a lot of our rifles are old bolt-action affairs.

New small-arms. ..Old bolt-action affairs are getting us killed.

Tanks- light tanks especially, the terrain in Dra-pol is tough, and the likes of an Abrams would soon be an expensive pillbox. Also I don't really want to jump straight to high technology after WWII tech, and the nation is ruined by on-going war, so funds are tighter than the economy may suggest.
Japanese Type 74 tanks, Chinese Type 62, 63, 59, 69, and so on.

Anti-Aircraft Artillery/ Surface to Air Missiles- badly needed, as the enemy have air superiority over most of the nation, and are exacting a heavy toll. We'll likely take just about anything, Asian or not.

Of perhaps less urgency is our need for fighters. I'd hope to upgrade the airforce to early air-to-air-missile-capable supersonic jets as soon as possible, but with enemy airsuperiority it might have to wait until after the war.

If you do supply Chinese or such aircraft though, I'd like to hear about it so that we might place orders for future delivery.

Thanks if you even bothered to read all that.
I would normally prefer to have the nation produce its own arms based on equivalent Chinese/Japanese tech, but the fate of the republic depends on getting arms now, and it would be unrealistic to claim we can produce them while under such siege.
05-10-2003, 15:43

We sell a very nice assault gun/mortar that should suit your AFV needs. The DMI AGM-1 also sells for a low price of 1.2 million USD per unit. It is not an Asian design, but it is a WWII idea updated twith a fairly modern design. (It is a modern take on WWII era German Assault Guns.)
05-10-2003, 15:55
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