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Bond In Torture; Escape From Hell.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-09-2003, 21:54
I am setting the stage for a matter that is directly related to another thread. I will not bore anyone with details though. If you are that interested, I trust you will contact me.

I am leaving this open to anyone, although I do not how the people it directly involves will think of that. Quite frankly, I do not care so long as this thread's goal is accomplished.

The goal of this thread will be taking place somewhere in the infamous realms of hell, where The Angel of Death and Little Miss Goth are lurking. They have captured someone of importance (for various reasons) and are holding him in enternal torture. The man's name is Dante and he is still living, although maybe not for long.

We need anyone to help get him out of there and back to us, in the saftey of our region.

If you want to join feel free to join which ever side you like. I do not care if you inhibit people from getting to Dante, in fact I think many will if they know him because he is not the most friendly of people, or if you try and help him. I am just the creator of the stage that is going to be played out be others.

Note: No spamming. If you are not interested then do not post. Thank you.
Little Miss Goth
01-10-2003, 19:45
*little miss goth is happy she has a whole thread thing to herself to torture dante!*

OK....well Ive captured Dante along with the Angel Of Death and in answer to chaos on the other thread we brought him here cuz hes Dante and can withstand the sight of hell dimension and hes not concious newayz. hmmm....that man will not be returning - Hah, Hell corrupted this is what I want corruption! Dante will remain here untill we let him die...and evil can seep out into the other world.... its evil ebuff neway!
Whos side are you on...r u torturing him with us or do u want him returned? do u have wings? can u travel thru dimensions? no1 else can right???

*Little miss goth gazes at Dante affectionately,before creating another chest wound withthe scythe that the angel left lying around.... she laughs harshly before going through dimensions and time to watch surukai and Dantes daughter.*
Holy Hell Its Dante
01-10-2003, 20:49
> I'm here now...

///Dante lies unconscious on the ground with a shot in the ass and now a stab in the chest with a scythe and another one still lodged in the sternum.///

> Damn you guys put me through hell...whats next? Having my heart cut out and used in hot potatoe...
02-10-2003, 02:57
CHAOS: lol hot potatoe what kind of stupid thing is that??? now dodgeball is more like it...HA HA HA

Little Miss Goth I CHAOS can shift into other dimensions cept for the mortal realm I gained a whole lotta abilities here in HELL I am just bideing my time till I can gain the ability to enter that realm and seek my revenge on INFERNO That backstabbing bastard!!!

and BY returning Dante back to the realm of the living it will make INFERNO's life more of a living that is the only reason i want to return him...
Little Miss Goth
02-10-2003, 19:54
well guess what - i have an agreement with the angel of death to kill dante... but its not the angel of deaths side i like at the mo' so im prepared to forget that - unless the angel gives me a reason to do otherwise -
*little miss goths loyalties shift to chaos*
ALthough I do want dantes empire so much
*little miss goth gazes longingly out the window where the fire of hell roams freely eating all the souls in its path.
"I would like to rule the world though, Chaos" she ses
"But, I like the sound of revenge and Dante's always ben nice to me..."

(little miss goth turns to gaze at dante)

The angel is nowhere about

"Alright u can return him BUT - only after ive tortured him somemore!"

Little Miss Goth wrenchs out the scythe and Dante screams with pain. SHe then drives it down again thru his thigh - nearly severing his legs. Dante cant see this as he is blind - I already ripped his eyes out earlier! CHAOS laughs maliciously.*
02-10-2003, 23:09
CHAOS: Alright i'll let you have some more fun...I like the way you work anyway with so much flair!!! Thats the best way to torture someone not like the people who lost respect for their work....

CHAOS watches as her scythe glows a bright red she touches it to the skin of Dantes forearm with that the skin is seen practically trying to break away from the searing touch of the scythe. Slowly without even touching Dantes skin she slowly guides the scythe down his arm healing as well as letting all the pain filter into Dante...

CHAOS wow i liked the way that looked!!!
--The Angel of Death--
03-10-2003, 04:17
((The angel of death retrieves its scythe swinging it to a stop at Little Miss Goth's neck))

Dare to defy me now?

*throws scythe at Chaos piercing him in chest*

::I know that wont hurt you but it will postpone you::

((the angel apparates aside of Chaos and takes its scythe back))

Little Miss Goth I trust that you'll find the right side.

((the angel lodges its scythe in Dante's chest for safe keeping and picked him up taking him farther in the realms of hell))
03-10-2003, 04:30
CHAOS: ummm oww what the hell granted that wont do anything to me but it freaking hurt...

CHAOS watches as the angel takes Dante into a deeper part of hell where little miss goth cant follow but it wont stop him he follows the angel of death down to the deepest depths of hell where no demon dare enter...He arrived to see the angel of death trowing Dante to the side...
--The Angel of Death--
03-10-2003, 04:42
((The angel turns around))

Chaos you dare to face me here do you?
03-10-2003, 04:58
CHAOS: Na i dont think I do anyways got bored wanted to follow you...i was never here before you know you live somewhere but you never visit the places that most want to see until someone visits!!
--The Angel of Death--
03-10-2003, 05:00


Then you don't dare to face me! Then here catch!

((angel rips scythe out of chest and throws it at Choas))
03-10-2003, 05:27
CHAOS catches the scythe and goes all samurai on the wall with it...umm sorry it just felt kool to have it in my hands...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-10-2003, 16:04
Off of topic:
I am glad to see that Chaos is having fun. I will watch over this and make sure that nothing threatening on our behalf happens. I warn you all though, that if this threatens the region, then I will get involved (which might I add, I really do not want to). If that happens, then there is going to be a problem.

I trust that Chaos has the situation under hand. Remember:

Der Fuhrer is watching you.
Little Miss Goth
03-10-2003, 18:36
oi- little miss goth can follow! but much slowerly bbecuz she thinks about what her beloved angel has said.

"Chaos," she says slowly...."I do want to be on your side because ur plan is good - the angel apperars not to have a plan.... Plus Dante is my friend and theres only limited things you can do with torture - *i liked ur idea tough and the samari thing* But I have loyalties to the angel of death"

(confused little miss goth gets upset....) - to the angel of death guy and CHAOS-

"will you two men stop fighting over me! I can be shared you know!!! Im stuck in the middle now - The Angel will have to win me bk not by threats though - im immortal too" - *hovers out of scythes range - black wings beating slowly causing a gentle breeze...*

"Chaos uses very good persuasion!"
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 19:38
((The Angel of Death grabs its scythe from Chaos again))


Follow me.

((The angel grabs Dante again and apparates to the human realm))

*in the middle of a city*
04-10-2003, 19:42
CHAOS: DAMMIT what the HELL!!!...What have i said before i cannot enter that realm the angel of death did that on purpose just to be mean to me...

CHAOS tries to enter the Human realm but is blasted back by a powerful force of dark energy...

CHAOS watches as the angel of death goes into the human realm in which he cannot follow...
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 19:45
((throws Dante on ground))

*people scream and start running around*

Too bad Chaos. You can't follow me. I guess I have free reign now.

((swings the scythe sideways decapitating a screaming woman))
04-10-2003, 19:52
CHAOS makes a view screen to the human realm so that he can watch what the angel is case it needs help!!! JUst as long as Dante Doesnt die i dont care what that angel does...
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 20:03
((the angel begins wreaking havoic in the human realm))

*cuts another persons head off*

Chaos I won't give Dante up. No! He has to pay for the crimes he committed and I don't like him.

((the angel takes to flight))
04-10-2003, 20:09
HELLSPAWN: CHAOS sir i was told to come here and tell you that The Master appreiciates all the damned souls you are supplying him and his army with...

CHAOS: well tell HIM that i say IT's welcome just tell HIM i dont want to be bothered by HIS lackies again got that???
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 20:16
((the angel started flying around decapitating people on the way))
04-10-2003, 20:18
CHAOS: If we want to turtore Dante more before he dies we are gunna hafta heal him alittle....but how can we do that???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-10-2003, 20:19
I see that you all have been busy.

A lady appears out of the darkness of an ally.

"You will not continue this slaughtering here. Go back to hell you beast."

She speaks assertively and enforcingly although she looks sweet and innocent.
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 20:24
((the angel lands and swings the scythe at the ladys head))

I'm no beast and you can't tell me what to do.
04-10-2003, 20:24
CHAOS stares at the view screen in utter shock!!!

CHAOS: O man!! The Big Guns....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-10-2003, 20:27
Funny Inferno, or should I say Chaos.

The lady's aura blocks the attack. She gathers the dark power. Releasing it, she forces --The Angel of Death-- back to hell.

I am going now. I just stopped ny to check my posts and saw that there was activity here. Inferno, you could play the lady if you need to.
--The Angel of Death--
04-10-2003, 20:29
((before it goes back it grabs Dante taking him back to hell too))
04-10-2003, 20:40
CHAOS stands above the newly returned Dante and angel of death...

CHAOS: Now while you are both incapacitated for the moment...

CHAOS stands above Dante and his Hands glow a bright color he leans down and touches can hear a cracking sound as Dante’s body starts an incredibly fast healing process his eye sockets fill with an sick looking ooze and slowly develop into newly formed eyes, the flesh of the chest wound from the angel is slowly coming together blood is seen returning to the skin and the bullet hole from INFERNO is seen closing up and disappearing....

CHAOS is forced to pull away before Dante is completely healed since it took some of his own life-force to heal him...
Little Miss Goth
04-10-2003, 22:28
awww...poor CHAOS has to watch..... 8)
Little miss goth finds fiery scythe again and mutilates more people than the Angel!

"Hee hee - im on twenty - what are you on?!" she yells with pleasure to the Angel of death....who is now living up to his name -
"WOah! watch that car! it nearly ran over Dante!!!!"

*little miss goth swings her scythe taking off someones head, someones legs and sweeping clean through someones stomach so his legs fall to the ground and upper body falls on top.*
"heehee twenty three!!!"

*Chaos watched and envies Little Miss Goth's fun!!!!!!*
Little Miss Goth
04-10-2003, 22:40
F***! i misssssed all this page! - the last bit i saw was wen we were in the city - i would like to say my last post was previously and wot i did - this is wot im doin now:

"Hey CHAOS - u cant heal him! i ripped out his eyes - u need to heal his chest wound not his eyes! thats unfair - that was my part in the torture - fine have it your way"

*rips them out again - hearing dante scream in pain is music to my ears*

heeheheee (demonical laughter)
"so wot do we do now - *puts dantes eyes in again* heeheehee "

*preens wings whilst watching CHAOS and the Angel fight it out over Dante.*

"I'll vote for the angel - ive known him longer and he has more fun! - U'll have to do better than that CHAOS - u need a weapon!"
*throws her ice scythe to him"
"there you are!
05-10-2003, 03:35
Chaos laughes at that scythe....

CHAOS: you think i need that weapon ive learned alot down here....

With a simple blast from his hand Dantes eyes heal fully...

CHAOS gets on one knee and hits the top that isnt on the ground one of his bones protrude from the surface of his knee..He grabs it and rips it out with another taking the place inside his leg.with one smack of it off of the wall it turns into a fiery sword etched in bone but stronger then any weapon known to any creature....

*Little Miss Goth looks in aww at such a perfect weapon*

CHAOS warns her not to harm Dante again for now!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-10-2003, 18:45
The Lady leaves.

"I must finish something elsewhere. Be warned foul creatures that you will not step foot on this realm again. My dark power keeps you bound there to fight. Hence, the bond to torture part of the title."
05-10-2003, 19:36
CHAOS: Thats no difference for me i was always stuck in this place and now they are stuck with me!!!!

CHAOS keeps his fire sword at a ready for anyone to charge at him with his back against a wall and Dante on the ground next to him....

The Angel of Death, and Little Miss Goth both on opposite sides of the room now it looks like they are really pissed....

CHAOS swipes his sword through the air
05-10-2003, 20:56
lol - little miss goth isnt mad - if u remember im not on neones side- but i just switched to urs. u have a fire sword....


little miss goth walks over to Dante and strokes his face...the rest of his wounds heal completely and he feels his strength fully restored and he stand unaided again. L steps back and watches CHAOS's reaction to this carefully.

*nite nite* (from me, not rping now!)
06-10-2003, 03:46
>I so need to roleplay in here. Watching the Goth girl isn't enough. My character for this is going to be named Mellifluous. She is an angel, I will not supply much more information there. I had an appearance of her in the other thread, but I think I will form her here.<

*Mellifluous sleeps peacefully on a cloud in the sky. She is awakened by the noise of Hell. Fiery pits sizzling and weapons clanging. She peers down upon the land of evil dead below her. She sees an old friend, that of Dante, and what is this, Angel of Death. The girl did not seem familiar though. She would look into this. She turns to Melodramatic. The small creature looks up questioningly, with such a dramatic flair, that Mellifluous almost gags.*

"Why do you do that?"

*The creature looks with a dramatic face again and dodges a fist.*

"Annoying beast."

*Melodramatic looks up in hate and floats away.*

"I'm sorry babes. I didn't mean to yell at you!"

*She flutters after the little creature and grabs his tail. He squeaks in return and she giggles delightfully.*

"We need to go down past the human realm today. Dante seems to be have been taken to Hell. You know the drill."

*The fluffy creature graps ahold of the long locks, chestnut colors falling past Mellifluous's shoulder. She turns a little to see her pets face, seeing him look happy. She remembers to cuddle him a bit, then he plops down on her shoulder. She stands straight, completely stiff, and falls through the cloud.*

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-10-2003, 16:09
I love it Queen Surukai. Bringing them into this. I can only wait to see where this is going to head.
Little Miss Goth
06-10-2003, 21:04

little miss goth is a dark angel - Zelia is her sister. just to give u sum bkground info.

hells much more fun. xxxxx

*Little miss goth sits in a reallly comfy chair made of dragon skeletons and waits for the something to happen.*

god this is boring. im not imaginative to day. sorry. xxx
06-10-2003, 21:31
*As Mellifluous floats slowly down through the stratosphere into the troposphere, she notes utter chaos in a rather large city. Scrambling people screaming everywhere.*

"Tch. This is no good."

*She looks over to her shoulder, smiles fondly to her beloved Melodramatic. She looked back down with disdain at the humans. Running around, panicing over a few decapitations. The Angel would be paying for this one.*

"He could have been a bit cleaner about all of this. It is such ashame he did it in public, so plainly too. The least he could do was a hit and run with a car. Not even that though."

*She flutters down past the chaos and sweeps down through the masses of rock and molten lava. Straight to the fiery pits of hell.*

>Who has been studying the atmosphere this month? me.<

06-10-2003, 23:12
CHAOS laughes at all the havic that was caused by the two angels.

CHAOS: Well you gotta admit they do have a great way about how they killed all of those people with all the woshing and the slashing
07-10-2003, 17:03
a shudder is felt all through hell...
Little Miss Goth
07-10-2003, 21:32
* Little miss goth's dragon skeletons crumble to the ground at the tremor.

"What was that?" she asks CHAOS.....


(what does chaos look like? and to surukai - im not goth girl thats sum1 else - my arch enemy ...laughs cruelly she isnt a goth anymore i scared her off - thats what i do! im a scary goth!)

*Little miss goth looks high above her head and sees and angel hovering around*

"Oh dear this looks bad..."
07-10-2003, 23:27
>Thanks for clarifying. Much apprechiated. My braces hurt, so feel the wrath. Lexi needs to take it out on someone.<

*Mellifluous notes a tremor, and wonders of its origins. She is in utter confusion as she touches down on the burning scapes.*

"Damn. Where to start Melo?"

*Mellifluous wanders around until the she hears the crumbling of...bones? She assumes this is so and follows the now hallow noise.*
08-10-2003, 06:23
CHAOS: A great soul was just added t the army of HELL....I cant make out who it is... But they are from my region..

CHAOS looks at the angel and asks if it knows who entered if it was able to tell at all whos soul it was that came into this realm???
Little Miss Goth
08-10-2003, 21:08
hello! poor u surukai! (feels pain) just sleep it goes away after a few days when ur teeth have shifted.

*little miss goth looks in disgust at her once was chair
" i am sooo gutted now - that cost....loads!" she cries in frustration.

Suddenly, two voices disturb L's moping. She quickly hides behind the thick black velvet curtain (to hide the sunlight out).

And sees two people enter.....*
( ur turn!)

(btw is dante still in my mansion/castle?)
Little Miss Goth
08-10-2003, 21:20
by the way - hello der furher or however you spell it coz ur online so hi!!!!!
i dont like... o never mind....join in!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-10-2003, 21:24
Hello, I am on. Normally, I am on at this time of day. If you need something tell me. I generally check all the threads.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-10-2003, 21:27
My lady, as I said is currently engaged elsewhere. I have no one to send in. The are all incapicitated or engaged elsewhere. Unless you want to help me create a character.
09-10-2003, 04:28
>Just finished a nice long post on the other thread. Time to do the same on this thread. Pain gone in a few days? It is now starting to go away. High tolerances to pain rock.<

*Mellifuous walks on down the fiery path. She starts to feel delirious, the heat is going to her head. Regardless the fact that death has already met her, it seems she could never get out of the habits. Heat was bad for her, the cold always seemed better. She walked bast a few demonic creature, these creatures hissed at her, and in turn, she hissed right back. Melodramatic started to hiss too, so she hit him. It was agitating.*

"Bah. I hate hell."

*She continued to walk, and noticed a slight noise in the background. It was like someone was hitting someone else with a staff or something. She decided flying would be fast so she spread her wings out and flew past a few more demons.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
09-10-2003, 04:40
A female appeared aside of Mellifuous,

"Hello," she said. "I will join you."
09-10-2003, 06:19
CHAOS: The hell with this im sick of watching out for this man...

CHAOS gathers all the strength and power he could...he looks at Dante and releases his gathered power straight at Dante....

CHAOS: There I was sick of just watching him so I sent him back to seconds after you took him away he was returned the way you brought him to this place all the wounds jst as before and none of the ones inflicted on him from down here!
09-10-2003, 06:52
*Mellifluous stretches out a hand to this new companion. She smiles warmly and introduces herself.*
Little Miss Goth
09-10-2003, 09:40
OI! so have you sent him back? thats a ruiner. what are we supposed to do now? well im off to the park to hide in the slide and think of a nu topic - stioll off 4 another hour yet.

* little miss goth seethes with anger as CHAOS sends Dante back.

She smacks him one with her scythe....CHAOS falls to the floor.
GRRRR. (does chaos have a head i can cut off?)
She swings the scythe again but stops at CHAOS' neck.
"its a good job I like you. Have you learnt your lesson yet? so we can go and get him back?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
09-10-2003, 15:51
The female beside Mellifluous smiled at her.

"Join me in my destruction of the dark forces."
Little Miss Goth
09-10-2003, 20:23
What if I dont want to?
09-10-2003, 21:18
>Psst. L, she was talkin to meh.<

*Mellifluous smiles sweetly. She shakes hands with the mysterious girl.*

"It's good to find someone here on a good side."

*Melodramatic hopes over to the mysterious girl. Nuzzles her shoulder/neck then licks her cheek. After the inspection of this new comer, she goes back to her Mellifluous.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
09-10-2003, 21:23
The female smiles at Melodramatic.

"Hello there."
10-10-2003, 13:19
CHAOS: WOW!!! an angel uh...not nowwww......ahhhhhhhh

CHAOS screams in pain and in a blinding flash of black flames he disappears. All that are witness to it stare in shock as to wonder what just happened....
Little Miss Goth
10-10-2003, 19:46
i know she was talking to you. i though itd b funny.

"why has Chaos died?" asks Little miss goth in shock. "i dont like that.
i like fire though...." and she watches the blck flames with intensity.

"why has CHAOS gone ? she asks again.
11-10-2003, 01:36
>Okay L. I am just going to call you L since I am lazy kay?<

*Mellifluous smiles once again, her eyes shining. She took to this girl quite quickly. It seemed that Melodramatic did too.*

"Melodramatic seems to like you a lot!"

*She giggles as the creature fluffed up its fur.*

>Note: Melodramatic has fur, just a small amount, besides, I liked the undine from Secret of Mana just a little too much.<

*She ruffled the creatures fur a bit, then continued her walk with the new comer.*
11-10-2003, 20:42
hello! o i c. thats what melodramatic looks like. so why do you call him babes? like a bf? im confuzzled over this.
i call y self L. so thats ok.
how do u get those pictures on? then i can show u wot little miss goth looks like.

*little miss goth waits ever so paitently for an answer.*
sadly, "where has chaos gone?"
Little Miss Goth
11-10-2003, 20:50
eh? whos ultimate darkness? why has it sed that that message is left by me? i dont get this..... (more confused now) well that message was from me. L
11-10-2003, 20:55
OOC: here you go miss goth (

IC: CHAOS appears In a dark cavern illuminated only by the fires of Hell before him sits a great figure of what feels like great power and Evilness..

Ominous figure: CHAOS I have called you here to Demand something of you

CHAOS: How Dare you pull me here you know I hate when you do that! I was in the middle of a great conversation. What do you want from me?

O.F.: Well for now I know you need to rest since you depleted most of your energy sending Dante back to the normal realm and through time!

CHAOS: No I didn’t

CHAOS forms a bright ball of energy in his hand He charges at the figure and falls flat on his face from pure exhaustion….

The figure has some of his minions come in and carry CHAOS off into a room where he could rest and regain his energy…

Minion: Sir what are you doing with that human??? He is not special..

O.F.: Are you challenging my Actions? I will not let you do such a thing!!!

Before the words were finished echoing through the Dark cavern the minion’s essence was taken from his body and thrown to the Dogs of Hell where they devoured the essence like it was a bone…
Little Miss Goth
11-10-2003, 21:00
o i c...thanx...

*little miss goth wanders around aimlessly feeling lost...

so because shes still ill she curls up asleep ont he gothic four poster bed with her black wings folded over her and waits for CHAOS to return*
Queen Lee
11-10-2003, 21:15
Queen Lee walks in...
Little Miss Goth
11-10-2003, 21:21
walks into where? whos queen lee? is she the mysterious female.... o am i classed as spamming agen? *sighs* too many rules.

*L stirs at an unknown presence in her gothic castle.*

please note u cant just put urself int he castle. its got wards- only angels and demons can find it. plus its in hell where no mortal can enter.
o mi god im getting the hang of this! im being mean!!!!!!!!
12-10-2003, 03:10
OOC: I know of one mortal that can....or dont you remember me!!!

IC: CHAOS feels his energy coming back to him he wonders how it could be returning so fast well he’s not sure anyway since no mere mortal has been able to get all of the power he has. So he is not sure how fast it should return or what his limits are

A shadow is seen appearing from the floor once fully standing it takes a humanoid form but from what CHAOS could see it was nowhere near a human...The Ominous Figure is seen ripping out its Demonic heart the creature falls limp to the ground....

He calls for CHAOS to come over to him....CHAOS hesitates in walking over to him....

O.F.: HA HA HA what do you think I’m going to kill you? If I wanted to do that I would have by now...I'm giving you a great gift as a thanx for returning the balance back to this realm…those damn Angels/Slayers don’t care about the balance of any realm all they want is blood and victims.

CHAOS I Shall Give you a gift!!! Your soul will not be that of only a human anymore. I shall give you the blood of one of my best race of hellspawns!!! You shall from this point forward be
a half-demon!!!

A light surrounds CHAOS a light that draws in all light and energy from around him The Ominous Figure puts the newly ripped out heart in front of the light and lets go The Demonic Heart flies into CHAOS as if on a mission. In which it is It goes inside of CHAOS’s chest and fuses itself with his own heart…

CHAOS falls to the Ground writhing in pain barely able to breathe. The sound of muscles stretching bones cracking and desperate cries of pain are heard echoing throughout all of HELL above all other screams of torment….
Queen Lee
12-10-2003, 03:19
walks into where? whos queen lee? is she the mysterious female.... o am i classed as spamming agen? *sighs* too many rules.

*L stirs at an unknown presence in her gothic castle.*

please note u cant just put urself int he castle. its got wards- only angels and demons can find it. plus its in hell where no mortal can enter.
o mi god im getting the hang of this! im being mean!!!!!!!!

I'm part evil part angel but, more angel.
12-10-2003, 04:15
walks into where? whos queen lee? is she the mysterious female.... o am i classed as spamming agen? *sighs* too many rules.

*L stirs at an unknown presence in her gothic castle.*

please note u cant just put urself int he castle. its got wards- only angels and demons can find it. plus its in hell where no mortal can enter.
o mi god im getting the hang of this! im being mean!!!!!!!!

I'm part evil part angel but, more angel.

angels can be evil too im sure they are not all good!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-10-2003, 06:07
The lady pets Melodramatic.

"Cute little thing," she said as she walked on. "By the way, let me introduce myself. I am a demon slayer. My partner has not yet arrived. He is waiting though, until they come close enough to me, then he will come in and we will eradicate these fools."

The slayer walked on with Mellifulious and Melodramic, upon her shoulder teetering back and forth and licking her ear periodically. She smiled and nestled her cheeck against its soft fur.

"I must tell you. I am looking foreward to this. The eradication of these evil forces. It is about time that we restored the balance. Evil thinks that they control everything."

Here is a picture of this slayer.
Scary_clowns_beep beep
12-10-2003, 15:33
From Little miss goth: (cuz its logged in as sum1 else)

*CHAOS - congrats on ur promotion to demon but wotch out theres a slayer about!

Hah luckily im a dark angel so slayers cant kill me. plus im immortal and invincible!!!!!!!!!
"Queen Lee, darling you cant just appear in my room. u have to at least knock" and mortal slayers cant appear in hell anyway.*

(well i didnt know CHAOS was mortal.)
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-10-2003, 18:02
Invincible and immortal are impossible. There is always a loop hole to those matters, it is just the matter of finding that loop hole and building off of it.

The slayer walked on.

"So Mellifuluos, tell me more about yourself."
13-10-2003, 01:22
OOC: well he is no mortal anymore now he has absolute power...

IC: CHAOS: HA HA HA i feel great I have more power then i Hvae ever had that INFERNO shall pay...

O.F.: Well you now have more power then any human Has ever had now that you have half Demon-blood in you...
13-10-2003, 03:12
>Okay, I am spamming but: Melodramatic is a basic companion for Mellifluous. More like a pet than anything. As for BF? Naw, Melo is too cute for that junk, Mellifluous just likes having an animal friend.<

*Mellifluous continues to smile as she contimplates where fighting back evil forces comes in.*

"I must tell you, I didn't exactly come down here for vanquishing evil, but, seeing as to I am not some Hell loving creature, I will join you on your quest."

*She scritches behind Melodramatic's ears, and her makes a soft purring-ish noise.*

"So you have a partner in crime, eh? Do tell me more about this person of yours."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-10-2003, 04:13
The slayer looked at her. She laughed.

"You will find out all about my partner soon enough."

They continued to walk on, deeper into Hell.
13-10-2003, 05:53
CHAOS stands there admiring his newfound Half-Demon body his muscles are bigger his senses are more acute and his hair doesnt look like hair anymore it looks as if his hair is on fire...

CHAOS: What do you want from me there has to be some other reason you gave me this gift???
Little Miss Goth
13-10-2003, 18:56
oooooooo muscles. and fire hair. now can i have a picture of CHAOS? for thread purposes only. see my flag for little miss goth. i forgot the webiste so ive sqashed em a bit n made em into flags. heehee. lmg and zelia have different pictures.

*Little miss goth flickers out of the dimension but is still watching her castle very closely.
"heeheehee! you cant see me now!!!!!!"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
14-10-2003, 03:25
The slayer walked on with Mellifilous.

"Forgive me. I am so rude. My name is Santeria."

Santeria stood there in her battle outfit (for you information the black and pink one). She pet Melodramatic once again and smiled.

"Oh no. I feel the a new forged evil power."

She muttered an incantation.

"There, I have isolated the power. It is this way. Quickly, follow me," she said as she broke into a run toward the power.
14-10-2003, 06:12
CHAOS cracks every bone on his body....

[CHAOS:] Aww now that feels good! my bones needed a good cracking...

The Ominous Figure senses one of the most feared Demon-Slayers known to all evility...

[O.F.:] CHAOS I think you should leave your not acquainted with your power yet. Which means you will not put up as good of a fight if she is here for you so run my child...

[CHAOS:] If you know anything about me you would know I DO NOT RUN!!!
14-10-2003, 21:38
>A note to everyone, I am truly convinced that god is not a man. Since I saw Dogma, I really do believe he is really a she. Don't hurt me for it. I am actually Catholic. Bah.<

"It is nice to hear your name finally. Santeria, that is a very pretty name. I guess I haven't given a proper introduction yet either."

*She clears her throat, and Melodramatic jumps to attention.*

"My name is Mellifluous. I am an angel in the house of God herself. I protect the souls of humans. My name is plainly meaning 'sweetly flowing' just as human souls do most of the time."

*She pauses. Then continues.*

"This here is Melodramatic. He gets his name from his super dramatic self. He is my utmost friend and companion. And he is super fluffy and cute. ::giggles::"

*She continues to walk along with the Slayer, Santeria.*
16-10-2003, 14:01
CHAOS charges up ready for any monster to come through the only passage into the zone he was in...The OMinous Figure decided it would be best if he just left and had CHAOS handle this on his own..

CHAOS can barely handle the tension what could cause him to be so scared how big can this Demon-slayer be what power is this guy capable of???

What does this guy look like or is it a guy??? Im not sure what the slayer looks like...Is it a demon itself or does it have an extreme hatred for demons if so why???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
16-10-2003, 22:33
The Slayer felt Chaos's fear. They neared him.

Santeria saw him there, standing amid the bowels of Hell.

"Chaos," she yelled. "Your time is over. Evil shall not prevail."

She weilded her weapon and stood poised for battle, Mellifiluos behind her.
17-10-2003, 14:19
[CHAOS:]OH! SNAP! ummm yeah im not evil what make you think im evil???

[CHAOS:] im not afraid of you i am not weak do you want to kill the human side of me also we are a package deal i am not completely evil but i shall fight you anyway...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-10-2003, 20:34
Santeria spoke, "I do not care if you say you are completely evil or not. I could feel your evil and I will destroy it. That is my job. I am a slayer, a slayer of evil."

She lunged at him and struck him once, across the face with her weapon.
18-10-2003, 04:37
*Mellifluous looks to her new friend. Shock covers her face as she sees a bit of blood seep slowly down the evil man's face. She looked away and pulled Melodramatic close to her. The sight of the blood sent her wings twitching and she wanted to kick something.*

"ungh! You didn't have to do that in front of me. Bleeding faces are bleah!"

*Mellifluous swings her glittery staff around the devilish man's face and the blood slowly turns to a silver substance. I seemed to make the cuts puss a bit, but in the end, the silver liquid seeped into the cut and he writhed with the pain.*

"Poison is the better choice here. This is a good team, that we make that is. You cut, I pour some silly poison into the undead body. Writhing takes place, and you get your evil killed."

*She pauses.*

"Did I mention the blood doesn't show very well through the poison?"

*Santeria laughs at the silly angels rambling. She holds the large weapon in her hand, and it seems to Mellifuous that she enjoys her job a lot more than she makes it seem at first.*

"I must say Mellifluous, you are by far the oddest creature I have ever met, next to your little friend there."

*She fingers the little creature, with a sweet smile forming over her lips. It seemed that this slayer, Santeria, had a sense of humor on her. Where it came from, who knows, but it was good.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
18-10-2003, 05:00
Santeria smiles at Chaos.

"Well Chaos, it appears that you have met your match."
18-10-2003, 19:23
CHAOS In a last ditch effort he sends a pwerful shockwave of his power out towards the warriers The Slayer slams into the entrance of the pit and Mellifluous gets slammed off of the roof and falls to the ground the resulting power sends CHAOS back into wall of the pit....

In extreme pain
[CHAOS:] What is happening to me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
19-10-2003, 18:04
Santeria staggers up.

"Come on Chaos. I do not fall that easy," she called out.

She swung at his knee and struck him hard, in the back of the knees. She jumped back and lept into the air. A beast lunged from nowhere and she slid herself onto its back.

"Come now Chaos."

The beast lunged into the air. Santeria made to throw her weapon again. It spun off behind Chaos, but on its trip back, which Chaos absentmindly forgot, it smashed him in the back. Santeria retook her weapon and, taking advantage of Chaos's pain, she helped up Mellifiluous.
19-10-2003, 22:25
CHAOS falls to the ground winching in pain from the mighty blow of the boomerang weapon

[CHAOS:] Dammit how could I forgot that that would come back O wait I didnt that weapon is new to me!!!

CHAOS fights to stand he gets back up onto two feet and braces for another attack...

[CHAOS:] you cannot defeat me!!! The evil i am combined with has existed since the dawn of time!!!

[CHAOS:] I am ready!!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
20-10-2003, 04:46
She laughed as she prepared for another assult.

"Chaos, your time ended a long time ago."

Santeria threw her weapon again.
20-10-2003, 14:31
Fire poured from CHAOS's eyes as he readied himself for the weapon. It came directly at him with great accuracy. CHAOS reached up and caught the weapon before it could cause him any harm!!! He in return throws the weapon back at Santeria with a greater speed and almost the same deadly accuracy!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
20-10-2003, 21:08
Santeria flips forward landing on the weapon which still sailed through the air.

"Do you actually think you stop me with my own weapon."

She stood on it with precise balance as it reared back toward Chaos. Before it hit him she jumped off, grabbed the weapon, and swung it at Chaos.
21-10-2003, 03:31
CHAOS catches it in mid swing and brings Santeria close to him....

[CHAOS:] Did you think I would be defeated that easy I am not a weakling like those lower level's you have faced before!!! Well think again I am far from them!!!

CHAOS picks Santeria up by her armor and bodyslams her off the ground....not remembering the weapon it hit the ground and hit CHAOS in the chin causing him to let go of Santeria and stagger backwards....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-10-2003, 04:27
Santeria laughes and stands up, for the beast charged at him and started to bit and scratch at him.
21-10-2003, 04:44
CHAOS weak from the furious attack falls to the ground and tries to fight the beast off!!!He kicks off the beast and throws it across the room into Santeria and her other friend!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-10-2003, 20:07
"Mellifiluous," she cries out. "Are you alright?"
22-10-2003, 04:46
>I am guessing 'her other friend' means you didn't want to attempt a butchered version of 'Mellifluous'? Correct, yes, no?<

"I'm fine."

*She brushes off her wings and flutters back to her beloved Melodramatic. He batted his eyelashes in a sassy fashion and did a fake faint just for dramatics. This made Mellifluous laugh hysterically."

"CHAOS, why do you torment your self with this idea of 'living'. All it is is being sustained in an unreal body where you gain powers that will never exist if you come back to life."

*She picks up her staff nonchalantly.*

"You can't even argue with me, as an angel of God, herself, cannot be wrong. Heh."
22-10-2003, 04:53
OOC: yeah didnt want to ruin the name so i just put friend...

[CHAOS:] Your right but I dont want to live I want to get my revenge on that damn INFERNO I will never forget his BETRAYAL

CHAOS screams in a fit of rage and runs towards the exit of the pit...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-10-2003, 05:19
Santeria pulled out her sword and threw it through the air. The sword implanted itself deep into Chaos's back as he screamed in dire pain.

She spoke cool and demanding, "You will not leave until I am done with you. Mellifiluous and I are going to have some fun with you before we finish you off for good this time."
22-10-2003, 05:47
CHAOS disappears in a mist and reappears holding the sword in a slashing position

[CHAOS:] fine you want to have fun Ill show you fun!!!

CHAOS throws the sword into the wall and it gets imbedded...he kneels

The warriors all wonder what is happening since they themselves never seen this move....

CHAOS pounds on his knee his bone emerges from the surface of the knee but this time it looks different from then last time. CHAOS grabs a-hold of the bone and pulls it out revealing what looks like stronger sword then that was seen earlier!!! He closes his eyes and from the sword Black Flames surround it...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 03:22
Santeria smiles.

"Have it your way."

Taking her previous weapon she swings it at Chaos once again. The beast charges behind it and Santeria part of the assualt charges as well.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 03:22
Santeria smiles.

"Have it your way."

Taking her previous weapon she swings it at Chaos once again. The beast charges behind it and Santeria part of the assualt charges as well.
23-10-2003, 03:28
CHAOS slices infront of him with his sword and a large wall of super hot flames goes up to stop the attack but not quick enough to stop all of the attackers Santeria makes it through...CHAOS raises his sword just in time to block her swipe with the weapon..
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 03:33
Santeria laughes as she falls to the ground from Chaos's counter attack. "I love diversions."

As she said that, Mellifiluous's staff drove into the sword. Her angelic power shone brillantly. The sword lost its flame. The light shone brighter blinding Chaos, causing the bone weilded sword to break into pieces, which slowly turned to dust beneath the angelic power of Mellifiluous's staff.
23-10-2003, 03:42

CHAOS falls backwards not knowing what he could do next

[CHAOS:] Should I do it they have never been tested can I do it!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 03:51
Melodramatic runs over and jumps upon the dust happily. It renacts the death of a famous and falls into the pile of dust dispersing it.

Santeria lying on the ground rolls over laughing as does Mellfiluous. They watch the furry little creature roll around in the dust and throwing up little handfuls of it.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 03:52
Melodramatic runs over and jumps upon the dust happily. It renacts the death of a famous and falls into the pile of dust dispersing it.

Santeria lying on the ground rolls over laughing as does Mellfiluous. They watch the furry little creature roll around in the dust and throwing up little handfuls of it.
23-10-2003, 03:54
>Let me guess, Chaos' sword was called 'Tokijin'? If I am right, you ought ot stop with the Inu Yasha weapons, only Santeria is allowed 'cause it is her first time using that show. Hah. I am using Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy all at once! Whoohoo. Done Rambling.<

*Mellifluous pulls her staff out once more and slashes through CHAOS' right arm. It severs the joint and the arm is seen falling to the burning floor and sizzles. Mellifuous sends a wicked smile to CHAOS and drives the staff straight for his head. He freezes in fear.*

"Now you will feel the wrath CHAOS!"


*She stops short of his head by a few inches, then shouts out incoherant words and the silverish poison thrashes his forehead. It slowly seeps into his skin, though no cut is visible. He grasps his head in his hands. Screaming, he starts to thrash violently toward Mellifluous. However, before he can get to far, Santeria has flung her 'giant boomerang' into his torso. It slices through causing a rather disgusting spurt of blood landing on Mellifluous' staff and wings. She bursted out laughing as the blood flowed toward the staff in whole. It went and mixed with the sliver poison. Doubling it's potency.*
--The Angel of Death--
23-10-2003, 03:57

you forgot me

((walks in from darkness with LMG))

chaos dont let me down

*spreads massive wings*
((pulls sword from sheath strapped to its back which was hidden by its wings before))

now pay santeria. you have cuased too much trouble. dante must pay for his sins and you won't stop me.

((raises sword high and swings it down. it begins to rain sulfur and brimstone))
23-10-2003, 04:03
*Mellifluous spread her wings and grasps Melodramatic tightly. As she bent over, her wings protected her and the little undine. However, it seemed Santeria was helpless. She took her staff in one hand and shot a spurt of some blood red liquid toward Santeria, creating a temporary shield.*

"Death! Stop this this instant! The only sinner here is CHAOS. And he has already paid for his evil deeds!"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 04:04
Santeria quickly jumps up dodging the elements of hell.

"You have not learned your lesson yet. You will pay as well."

Taking her weapon she threw it at the angel.
23-10-2003, 04:04
OOC: no it was not an Inuyasha reference it was just a cool sword and umm how can i grasp my head in my hands when one was just torn off!!!

CHAOS flips out

[CHAOS:] what the hell is that silver shit aaaaaa!!!!

CHAOS falls to the ground in sever pain but is still living

[CHAOS:] Just wait till i heal good thing demons heal quick
23-10-2003, 04:08
>Yay. Not an Inu yasha reference. As for the hand(s) issue. A typo on my part. Bah stupid demon.<

*Mellifluous continues to yell incoherant curses at the wretched angel before her.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 04:08
Being unable to fully dodge the rain though, she chanted a incantation. The temporary sheild fortifying her stood strong and her incantation made it stronger. She sat knelt there waiting for the devastation to cease.
23-10-2003, 04:14
CHAOS screams as a bone pops out of where his arm was tore off...replacing the arm that was lost.muscle and flesh is seen slowly climbing up the pure white part of CHAOS's body that was sticking out...

[CHAOS:] I will come after you....ugh so much pain!!!
--The Angel of Death--
23-10-2003, 04:21
((the angel ceases its attack by swiping its sword to the left. the rain stops))

Now you see that I am not joking.

((It jumped into the ari and flapped in massive wings. It dives down and stabs the barrier around Santeria breaking it. Then it takes to Mellifuluous and swings its sword at her staff. It is stopped though))

*yells* What is this?

((Flies back looking confused))

*stammers* A holy one.
23-10-2003, 04:24
"That's right Death. A Holy One. Servent. Mmhm."

*She places her staff at her side as Melodramatic hops to her shoulder.*
23-10-2003, 04:28
CHAOS gets mad that he is not in the action and he powers up
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 04:35
Santeria stood up. She looked at this angel. "You are the one that the lady trapped here."

She did a backflip toward her sword driven in the wall. Using all her strength and standing aside Chaos, she pulled out her sword.

"Angel I do not know what you want, but I must warn you that I am not alone here."
--The Angel of Death--
23-10-2003, 04:41
((the angel laughes beating its wings against the air))

Come on then.

((it raises its sword again))
23-10-2003, 04:42
"Death, might I ask why you are annoyed at Dante now?"

*She swings her staff around and preens her wings. Melodramatic floats around her.*
23-10-2003, 04:44
CHAOS makes a fist spikes come out... CHAOS punches Santeria she flies into the wall having flesh from her chest ripped off from the spikes!!!

CHAOS laughes at her for coming near him!!!
--The Angel of Death--
23-10-2003, 04:44
He must pay for his crimes. The death of all those innocent and the cuase of a great war. He must pay for those sins. And adultry. The sinner must pay for his sins.

((it prepares to bring down the sword))
23-10-2003, 04:48
*She jumps in front of his sword, and causes him to stop.*

"Then why are you hunting a Demon Slayer? She has not killed innocent beings. Only pesky demons, like CHAOS here."

*She takes her staff into her hands and lightly fingers the glowing orbs attatched to it.*
23-10-2003, 04:48
Angel you hate Dante y's that~~

CHAOS runs and tries to punch Santeria he resets his spikes and swings...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 04:51
Santeria stands up and drives the sword quickly into Chaos's neck. She quickly pulls it out and moves far away from him, clutching her chest. She holds her sword preparing herself to fend off an attack by either the angel or Chaos.
23-10-2003, 04:51
*Mellifluous casually walks toward CHAOS and slams her staff in front of him.*

"You will cease this nonsense for a few minutes, I am holding a conversation here and you beating up me friend does not look good for you."
--The Angel of Death--
23-10-2003, 04:52
((it stops midway))

Becuase she was one preventing me from going back up there. She needs to be taken out so that Chaos and I could reclaim access to the human realm.
23-10-2003, 04:55
>::cough cough loki and bartleby cough cough:: Man my throat hurts.<

*Mellifluous continues her conversation with the Angel of Death.*

"But she has not commited a sin now has she?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-10-2003, 04:57
"If there was five minutes left on Earth, say a bomb was going to go off, would you phuck me then." Great movie. I am out for the night all. See you tomorrow.
23-10-2003, 04:58
CHAOS stops and dont kow why he doesnt attack he decides to let them talk while his throat heals.....

Angel you go ahead and talk to her about your reasons...
25-10-2003, 21:24
CHAOS screams in a fit of rage

[CHAOS:] Dammit!!! damn this I hate my violent nature!!!

CHAOS takes a sword from his forearm and throws it right at that hell beast !! It falls to the ground in extreme agony ….

[CHAOS:] HA HA HA take that you foul beast you wont be attacking me for a long time!!! And as for you Mellifluous what do you think you can control me I don’t think so no one can…CHAOS throws another knife at her but The Angel blocks it from hitting her!!!

[ANGEL:] No I need to finish talking to her! You just wait there for now!
Little Miss Goth
27-10-2003, 22:22
Uptil now, Little miss goth has observed from the shadows whilst the angel talked and spoke. She stepped forward and drew from inside her gothic robes from attitude clothing a shining new sycthe (becuase its halloween and theres lots about heehee) It glowed with a blue light and fire appeared around the edges. Fire which disintegrates skin and unallows regeneration to occur. Magic fire. Dangerous goth stuff.

She takes aim the swoops down upon the little furry thing floating around mellifluous. STRIKE.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-10-2003, 21:55
Santeria, seeing an attack being made on Melodramtic, threw her weapon, intercepting the attack.

Still clutching her chest she ran forward, toward Little Miss Goth, sword aside her, poised for an attack.

"I will not allow you to harm either Mellifiluous or Melodramtic," she boldly yelled as she ran faster toward her goal.
28-10-2003, 23:18
*Mellifluous chuckles.*

"Don't you understand? I am one of them. You cannot harm me with your silly devilish tricks. They can't hurt me."
29-10-2003, 00:45
OOC: o my god one of them!!!! noooooooooooooo!!! wait one of whom???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-10-2003, 04:39
The beast stood from where it lay down. It charges at Chaos and attempted to rip him apart with its teeth. It did not like Chaos and knew it needed to keep him away from his its master.
29-10-2003, 05:09
[CHAOS:] What the Hell woah! Shit!

CHAOS turns out of the way of the beast but the handle of his knife grazes CHAOS's thigh cutting his leg and driving the knife farther into the beast!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-10-2003, 06:15
Santeria looks about her, watching the events through quick moments as skidded to a hault in front of Little Miss Goth bringing down the sword. She stopped though. She could not harm her for some reason, some mental reaction stopped her from finishing off Little Miss Goth.

Her raised arm dropped to her side as she backed off slowly. Something prevented her from attacking, as she stood there paralyzed from some mental force...her emotions.

She called out to someone, someone unseen.
29-10-2003, 21:37
CHAOS stared in wonder at Santeria since she called out a name...Y did it sound so familiar???? Was it someone from his past or someone from his demon half's past???
30-10-2003, 19:09
*evilly laughs*

"You do not understand Mellifluous, I am one of them also. I am a dark one. Which means I have the power to kill you and your little buddy. muhahahahaha!"

She pushes Santeria away, who appears to be in a trance. Her weapon falls to the floor, and as Santeria does not move to pick it up, Little miss goth, swwops down and snatches it away. In her hand, it turns to dust. In an instant she is by CHAOS' side. Ready for the renewed attack on the darkest evil that is coming. Santeria is still frozen with a look of lostness on her beautifully pale face.
30-10-2003, 19:11
that message was from little miss goth - but for some reason it obscurely logs me in as weird unknown people..... weird and it has done again.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 20:02
Very good post Little Miss Goth.

Santeria stood in her lost state of emotions. Faint and brief memories skittered across her mind like a lucid dream of some sort.

She watched as the bowels of the hellish pit blended into a sceen of unfathomable beauty. A man sat aside of her inside a large cavern in a rocked wall. A sparkling wave fell in front of their eyes, glittering in the pristine rays of the sun. The waterfall roared a calm and tranquil sound, as she and this sat their watching its beauty.

A large bird swooped from the sky as she watched herself run after something in the heat of the midday. She ran fast while screaming someone's name. She was hurrying, but she barely moved.

Darkness filled the room, as night fell upon her. She was crying and the man stood behind her, hand on her shoulder. He spoke reassuring words to her and tried to motivate her to continue. She stared at a crumbled picture of an old lady while tears fell rapidly from her eyes, the only light issuing from a small candle lit upon a table.

Santeria's thoughts skipped from on to another rapidly. She had no control over them as she stared placidly out at the firey pits of hell. She was defenseless and uncapable of doing anything.

Once again she called out a man's name. Loudly and pleadingly the desperate voice echoed off the cavelike structures.
30-10-2003, 20:22
OOC-The characters used by me in this Rp are solely for this one, and o not reflect my nation in anyway. In ither circumstances i do not use magic and/or fanatsie, bit this rp looks to good to miss.


In a small, shanty house loft, a man sits alone on the floor arround what looks like the founding of a fire.
He has Short-ish black hair, and is wearing a dark outfit, holding a book and a cross, snapped in two.
In walks a tall woman with long black hair and lots of piercings, she is wearing a mini mini mini skirt, and a black top which has wide slits cut into it.

She looks at the man, and speaks

"You ready Lucy?"

The man looks up and speaks to her,

"I told you, my name is neither Lucy nor Luke! My name is Lucifer, and that is what you shall call me!"

"Yes Mr touchy"

Lucifer brings out his hand from his hanging sleeve, and places it on the foundations of the fire. He looks up at the woman and opens his mouth slightly, alowing for his teeth to show, and as they do they darken and the incisors of the upper jaw extend and sharpen. Not to the extent of a vampire, but just showing his evil.
Lucifer sits calmly by the wood and makes a hissing noise from the back of his throat as he ushers the girl forward.

"So your ready now Lucy?"


"Okay Okay, gees-so arew e going now?!"


As Lucifer stairs into the fir wood, green smoke emits, which then turns blue and forma an ovular shape in the air, which solidifies in the center.
Allmost like a red mirror, Lucifer looks into it, but does not see himself.
He moves slightly closer to the smokey object, and lunges forward, diving into the cloudy object, but not coming out the other side. The woman follows through the portal.

When they arrive moments later, they are standing on a tall rocky stack, with molten fires of hell flowing beneath the stack, and more land accross it. From where they stand, Lucifer can see a man being tortured and some people standing arround him, laughing.
Lucifer extends his arms and leaps from the stack, falling straight down, a trail of smoke emits from his body.
When he lands, he does it allmost gracefully, but the sound echoes arround the cavular surroundings.
After the thick cloud of dust has settled, Lucifer heads towards the group.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 20:25
Alright, that is completely acceptable. You are welcome here. I really like your post. I will respond in a second though. Need to finish something first.
30-10-2003, 20:27
Alright, that is completely acceptable. You are welcome here. I really like your post. I will respond in a second though. Need to finish something first.

Thanks, this looks like a really good rp.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 20:40
Santeria was still in her daze. A cold ominious shutter filled her body, forewarning her to be on her guard, but she was still transfixed in her thoughts, unable to stir herself out of them.

She should have been able to awake herself from this state when Little Miss Goth thrust her aside; she should have been able to stop her sword from being destroyed; she should have been able to awake herself at this shutter, but she could not.

Thoughts flooded her mind as she numbly sat looking at the same wall expecting to see some sort of reply to her call, which she vaguely remembered calling out.
30-10-2003, 20:56
As Lucifer stands on the rocky ground, he turns and sees the woman standing atop the stack which they came from, and observing, peering into the soul of a girl, a trapped girl, somewhere in the depths of hell.

"C'mon Lilith! You'r supposed to be the Queen of the Damned! Not a bird watcher, get down here!"

"Coming Venus!"

"I have told you Lilith! My planet is venus, not my name!"

"Okay Lucifer, now canwe get down to buisness?"

"Yes, Of Course"

By this time Lilith has herself turned beautifull, but has a twisted look on her face.
Lucifer stretches out his arm, and opens his hand accross the flowing lava, and in his hand appears a bottle. It looks old, and the handle has a small crack in it.

Lilith looks puzzled as she speaks,

"Whats that Lucifer?"

"This, My Lilith, Is the Incense given to Christ-The purest and most powerfull there will ever be!"

"Oh, of course"

Lilith still looks puzzled, but puts her hand to her temple and begins thinking deeply, building a picture of a girl, reading ehr mind-but her mind is not able to read itself.

"Lucifer, Im thinking"

"Well don't!"

"No, theres a girl here, but she isn't meant to be. She is being controlled, and I am the only one who can free her"

"Well you shant! You may be Queen of the Damned, but you are my wife-The wife to the Crown Prince of Hell-and you will not free any girl from my territorie!"

"Fine! But its your kneck if he finds out there's an angel here, that shouldn't be"

"It will, be and I will fight him. I have fought him once before, and were it not for Lokeé, I would have won! But now he is with us, the angel of death, and the Crown Prince of Hell. A force to be reckoned with I say!"

The pair vanish as Lucifer swipes his arm accross his body, and they appear right behind Little Miss Goth.
30-10-2003, 20:59
Oops, forgot to log out. This is my evil nation :evil:
But I'd rather play out Lucifer and LIlith with pabli. :D
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 21:14
No problem.

Santeria sat in her stupor still, slowly becoming more aware of her situation that she was presently in.
30-10-2003, 21:45
CHAOS senses a return of a great evil but not one of the greatest forces in this hell he decides to forget about it and think of how him and little miss goth are going to win in their battle that they are in as of the moment...

CHAOS tries to think of a sword he can use for his next attack!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 21:53
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-10-2003, 21:56
I must incoperate this because it has great baring on what is to happen.

Meanhile, the man from Santeria's vision is sitting at a bar far from knowing what is going on.
30-10-2003, 22:07
30-10-2003, 22:08
[quote="Ultimate_apocalypse"]CHAOS senses a return of a great evil but not one of the greatest forces in this hell demension....

If you meen Lucifer and Lilith, then I'd say your wrong.

Lucifer is one of the 4 Crown princes of Hell, and rules the entire East of Hell.
Lucifer's element is air, which shows that he is given such a powerfull and nescesery element because of his divine power.

Or did you meen Lilith, Queen of the Damned, first wife to Adam?

So they are two of the most powerfull powers in Hell.
30-10-2003, 22:12
Lucifer looks up, and when his head returns to its normal position, he is standing beside CHAOS.
Without speaking, Lucifer knows what CHAOS is thinking, and waves his arm out over the incense he is carrying.
The fiery sword of the angel of death appears in Lucifers hand, and he offers it to CHAOS Openly.
31-10-2003, 00:08
OOC: lol um no i dont think she would like that!!!

IC: CHAOS senses a power next to him he looks and it is Lucifer...a normal level demon!!!

CHAOS denies taking the angel of death's sword and he in return just reinitiates his fists of fire....
31-10-2003, 04:21
>Erm. Little Miss Goth, a dark angel as the righthand man of God? No no no. That is a little, erm, how can I put this? Not possible? No no no. None of that evil Angel with God. That has been used already. bah.<

*Mellifluous slowly looks toward the evil demon, that which is Lucifer. She shakes her head in a pitying way.*

"To take the Sword that rains sulfur from the Angel of Death, then handing it to the mongrel whom desires it the most. I put shame upon one such as yourself, Lucifer."

*She pets her precious pet as she saunters toward the 'Prince of Hell.'*

"To do such a thing, seems almost sacrosanct. Do us all the favor of returning the flaming sword back to its owner, before Death goes crazy on us."

*Mellifluous smiles at the demon in which would usually be considered a bitter enemy of hers. She floats lightly as her precious follows her like a lost puppy.*

"Think about it, Lucifer. Just..think.....alittle."
31-10-2003, 07:23
[CHAOS:] Yes I do want that Sword but I am Not a mongrel...As for the Sword I have to earn the right to be able to use it otherwise if I try now it will flicker and turn to dust therefore destroying one of the most saught after Swords of Darkness I shall not do that!!!

CHAOS keeps his Gaurd as for there are new warriors on the battlefield...Fore which he is not sure what side they are working for!!!

OOC: two most powerful not in this thread...sorry!
31-10-2003, 09:16
"Ok then" replies Lucifer, staring at Mellifluous "The sword shall be returned to its owner"

He clasps the sword in his hand and allows it to slide through his grip. Where it would be expected to re-apear at the other side, the sword simply did not.

Looking once again at Mellifluous

"There, is that better? Now, you said Death would go crazy on us, ha, where is the old git? Oh, and whats this fighting, you must explain to me, I have been living in the mortal world for nie on 70 years. Its the only safe place for me and Lilith to mate."
--The Angel of Death--
31-10-2003, 20:15
((The Angel folds its wings and drops to the ground below where it was hoovering. It walks over to Lucifer spreading its wings behind it))


Lucifer. Me the old git?

((it crotches on the ground shielding itself with its wings))

*muffled speaking* I'll get back my sword.
31-10-2003, 21:17
"Hello their" Lucifer speaks as he turns to The angel, allready knowing he's their, and who it is.
"Where'v you been the last few years then? Me 'n' Lilith been waitin' for a call 'n' evrythin"
01-11-2003, 02:04
[CHAOS:]The Angel of Death has had its hands full in our region sorry...we are making it work for its name!!! There have been one missed death after another!!!

CHAOS sits ready for any attack that would be made by anyone...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
01-11-2003, 04:34
Santeria slowly stands up still in her dazed state of mind. She walks up to these new people, without seeing them, and walks right into the one, vaguely feeling it and continueing to move on.

She stands against the wall and places her hand on it, as if she is feeling for something that is not there. Her hand falls back to her side and she is snapped out of her daze.

She whipped around, first seeing Chaos, then the new memebers, the angel and Little Miss Goth, and Mellfiluous. She stood confused, but that passed over her fast, for she reached for her sword.

She found it gone and looked about. She realized that she did not have time to waste on looking for her sword so she poised herself in a fighting position.
01-11-2003, 05:38
CHAOS watches Santeria walk over to the wall and He fills with a great sense of anger and rage he just wants to attack her so bad the demon side of him wants to rip her to shreds....but his human side wont let him harm her for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01-11-2003, 05:50
>::cough...Inu Yasha...cough:: Sorry 'bout that.<

*Mellifluous glares at the evil creature.*

"The Angel of Death you fool!"

*She pouts her lips as Melodramatic claws at her hair. She bops him on the nose, then notices someone moving. She looks to the wall and she sees Santeria stumbling along bumping random people.*
01-11-2003, 06:10
OOC: what was that Inuyasha thing directed towards me there is nothing in that post that could go back to Inuyasha...the human side doesnt want the demon side to kill humans at the moment!!
Little Miss Goth
01-11-2003, 22:56
Little miss goth looks with renewed interest in these new people. then loses interest as they appear boring.
She watches as Santeria atruggles along the wall still in a daze. She makes no move to help her as Santeria will only see it as an act of aggression.

"Hello again Angel of Ddeath. Nice to see youve joined us."

*I like the region plan. lets activate it*

from me: the last bit is telepathy. no one else can hear but the angel of death and me
01-11-2003, 23:00
Lucifer looks up from the floor and sees a girl walking to him, her arms ousreatched.
He moves away from her with a confused look on his face as she just continues past him.
"Anyone care to explain?"
Little Miss Goth
01-11-2003, 23:07
yes. shes in a daze thing with memories in the past. i think. ask her. r we on about santeria here? L. xxx nite nite
01-11-2003, 23:32
CHAOS grabs his head there was a slight feeling of pins and needles in his head...

[CHAOS:] There must be a telepath here...i always had that prob i know when someone uses the ability but i can never get what they say how am i supposed to be an affective Evil Warrior when i cant tell what is happening around me!!!

CHAOS looks around him and sees a multitude of human/demon types a demon slayer her pet,an angel and her pet/whatever it is, one of the so called "kings of hell", the harbinger of death and it's allies, and finally himself a half demon/human...this place has a nice variety of warriors what ever will happen next???
02-11-2003, 03:08
>See, technically being a human to begin with, then going to hell, and some how becoming a demon at the same time, is impossible. You were a human completely in real life, now you are a half demon? Bah, this is to much like an anime show. Bah bah bah.<

*Mellifluous, and her undine rest peacefully against nothing but air, using wings of course, not just floating.*
02-11-2003, 03:30
OOC: his heart was infused with a heart of an powerful demon intagrating his body with the dna of the demon...this is not like an anime!!!!hab hab hab....
02-11-2003, 10:41
Lucifer maintains his puzzled look as he begins moving to the wall, in a sort of flying/floating motion, he turns back tot he group as he moves.

"So, why are you here? All of you? I just felt an urge in the spirirts that drew me home, yet Iam oblivious why?"
Little Miss Goth
02-11-2003, 14:51
"well im here because the angel of death brought me back in. but i was here before torturing dante which was fun until SOMEONE (not looking at anyone in particular) ruined it," Little miss goth replies, with her usual air of "I'm better than you."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-11-2003, 18:45
Santeria looked at this strange new man.

"Who are you," she called out, for she had not been introduced to this man yet.

"I am Santeria, slayer of demons and eradicator of dark powers. I am here because there is dark forces at play and I must stop them from taking this any further. Moreover, I am here for Chaos," she beamed at him with a glare that could kill. "He must be stopped."

Still poised to fight she stood there watching all the beings around her. She kept a close eye on the angel, Chaos, and this new person. A lady stood next to him, but she did not bother him as much.
03-11-2003, 01:38
[CHAOS:]I am here for I was betrayed and killed...then I was givin the oppurtunity to become greater then I already was...Then any human has ever been!!!

So I gladly excepted it and I am glad I did fore I am one of the strongest beings in hell only matched by those in this Pit of Hell!!!
--The Angel of Death--
03-11-2003, 19:53
((the angel stands up laughing because they did not stop it. It has in its hand the sword once again))

You didn't stop me?

((the angel takes flight again and lift the sword above its head))


((it brought the sword down fast and sulfur rained from the skies))
--The Angel of Death--
03-11-2003, 19:56
((it laughed flapping its wings))

Hurry now

((it watched Little Miss Goth slip out of sight somewhere knowing that it she was going to the human realm))

(((still raining sulfur)))
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-11-2003, 19:59
Santeria quick ran toward Mellifuluous, in hopes that she could do something. Santeria croutched, exposed to this terrible rain storm.

Are you still on Angel?
03-11-2003, 20:28
Lucifer stands and looks to TAOD,


He then outsretches his arm, drawing a mist of green smoke, which once thick enough became an entry, which allready had Lilith inside waiting. Lucifer stepped closer and then into the smoke, appearing next to lilith-sheltered from the terrible storm. Lucifer then ushered for the smoke to close, which it did sharply-although te pair could be felt moving arround the room, watching the others, they could not be seen.
03-11-2003, 22:09
[CHAOS:] O No sulfur aaaaaa!!!!

CHAOS stands there and watches it rain upon all the creatures in this pit as they try their best to cover themselves up to keep from getting rained on!!!
03-11-2003, 22:10
CHAOS stands there for a few seconds... when suddenly

[CHAOS:] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its burns so baaaaaaaad!!!
04-11-2003, 09:25
When the rain stops Lucifer reapears from the shadows and stares harshly at the Angel,


"I should send you to Heaven Damnit!"

He then approaches the girl, still with a rather puzzled look on his face.

"So" he pauses, "Your the slayer everyones talking abbout?"

Lucifer knows the danger of the Slayer, so keeps her at twice his arms length.
05-11-2003, 15:33
CHAOS looks at the yelling beast he laughes and says

[CHOAS:] lol you think you have power of the angel of death thats laughable. all must pay respect to the Angel of Death!!!
05-11-2003, 15:53
OOC-Lucifer would be more powerfull then the angel of death, being the crown prince of hell, son of satan-or commonly known as The Devil :?
So he has just a little more power than the angle of death :shock:
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-11-2003, 16:55
My last post did not go through.

Santeria regains her compusure from the storm. She stands up and listens to Lucifer's comment.

"I am a slayer," she said with a smile on her face, seeing that Lucifer has maintained his distance from her. He wondered what he had heard of her, if she was the one he meant.

She glanced to the side, Chaos has been quiet...too quiet. She knows he is up to something, but she can not find out what. She wondered where Little Miss Goth had left to so abruptly.
05-11-2003, 19:47
"tell me, what do you want in our world, to slay us all, ha?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-11-2003, 21:31
A large smile spread across Santeria's face.

"If that is what I have to do, then so be it. Even if it claims my life. However, I am only here for one thing...the erdication of this dark force or Chaos and the end of this henious plan."
06-11-2003, 00:12
*Mellifluous laughs lightly and then walk toward this Lucifer.*

"To send The Angel of Death to heaven doesn't make to much sense. In fact, it is rather a waste."

*She sits down on a light and starts to pick at her nails.*

"You ever notice, he is an angel? Like the Angel of Death isn't obvious enough."

*Mellifluous picks up her staff and summons her pet to come. She turns her back on the devious man.*

"For being a devilish man, you really don't fit the part."

*She leans the staff on her shoulder and walks down the path some. After finding a suitable slab of rock, she set her staff down. Melodramatic popped up on the rock, just as Mellifluous sat down.*

"Really, this is quite questionable. You don't seem to be very clever, cunning, or for that matter, evil."

*She looks to the Angel of Death.*

"Still have that sword, eh? Tch. And still killing the sinful I hope."
06-11-2003, 02:54
um...the angel of death is a force working for both sides no side can take it out they are too much need on both sides!!!
--The Angel of Death--
06-11-2003, 05:44
((The angel swoops from the sky and lands before Santeria))

You've gotten in the way too much.

((It thrusts the sword into her chest and watches as the blood pours out slowly over the blade and onto its hands before it pulls it out))

((it turns on Chaos then))


((it falls to the ground its wings spreading on the ground))

I'm not one of them.

OOC He is in denial.
06-11-2003, 05:55
CHAOS charges up and readys himself...

[CHAOS:] how dare you turn to me!!! You have to watch all of them they cannot be trusted!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-11-2003, 17:02
Santeria felt the cold blade pierce through her chest. It missed her heart, luckily. She felt the pain surge throughout her body, and the rush of blood out of her opened wound.

Eerily the blade was pulled out. She grabbed her chest once again and fell to her knees. Blood dripped from her mouth, as she bowed her head toward the ground.

"Oh," she queitly cried out.
06-11-2003, 17:45
[CHAOS:] Wait that name she called out he seems so....NO o no not him how could I have forgotten that name it is the worst demon slayer known to all of our kind. We all shall pay for what you just did he wont rest!!!

CHAOS tries to leave but is stopped by The Angel of Death asking who he was talking about!!
10-11-2003, 02:06
A Shadow comes into the pit and surrounds CHAOS and a small creature appears on his shoulder...It whispers in his ear

[CHAOS:] What no Dammit how could that have failed?...I sent my best Demon ally to find and take over a host to kill that Damn INFERNO and your telling me it failed Dammit!!!

The creature turns back into a shadow and leaves the pit...With CHAOS there in a worse mood then he has been in awhile!!!
10-11-2003, 03:14

*She walks toward Santeria.*

"Always watch your back."
10-11-2003, 04:09
[CHAOS:] umm... her back is fine im not so sure about her front you know!!!

CHAOS places hands over balls and backs away!!!
Little Miss Goth
12-11-2003, 20:56
Meanwhile in the far off human realm, where blades cannot peirce (is that spelt right?) her beautiful self or tatter her wings, Little miss goth subtley makes the humans suffer in the mental torture that is unnoticeable to the demons.

"Bad Little miss goth is being a good girl today," she smirks.

And she flies off after having watched the latest vampiric murder in the city. *thinks to self* "Soon this will be an entire Vampyric city!!!!!!!!"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-11-2003, 23:08
Santeria looks up to Mellifiluous, blood dripping from her mouth.

"I forgot. I am sorry," she quitely and slowly spoke.
12-11-2003, 23:12
[CHAOS:] HA HA HA you look like your in alot of pain!!! I know i am gunna regret teasing but i dont care lol you have to watch everyone even your allies in this game!!!

CHAOS looks around at the whole slew of creatures there...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-11-2003, 00:34
From the darkness an innocent laugh is heard approaching. A lady walked out of the darkness, walking toward them.

"Have you missed me," she innocently called out.

She looked at each person, with a drawn out long glance. She stopped in front of Santeria.
13-11-2003, 04:33
CHAOS looks over at The Lady and gasps...

[CHAOS:] What can she...but i thought that she...AWW CRAP!!!

CHAOS starts to shake alittle at the mere sense of the Lady
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-11-2003, 21:50
The lady feeds herself off of the dark energy in the Hellish bowels.

"Chaos, you have made the wrong decision."
13-11-2003, 22:24
[CHAOS:] And what was that mistake??? Staying here with this group of power seeking hellions or failing to kill INFERNO???

With the mention of INFERNO black fire appears around CHAOS and he disappears taking the Angel of Death with him...leaving the group of wayword souls behind
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-11-2003, 22:58
The Lady yelled into the air, after Chaos.\

She released her power in an amzing display.
14-11-2003, 14:31
CHAOS disappears into the wall just as the immense power stuck destroying the outer part of the rooftop and raining fire down on the rest of them fledglings…

CHAOS appears with the Angel of Death in a for more secure part of hell where no demon has been before the lake of infinite torture…where they are not affected since they are not mortals and do not touch the lake they hover above the lake like walking on water…they see one of the tortured souls trying to leave the fire but it is part of them so they cant fore they are held to the lake....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
14-11-2003, 16:41
The Lady laughes obscenely.

"You will never get away now. Run for now, but I will find you."

She went over to Santeria, who was under the care of Mellifiluous. She stayed her distance from Mellifiluous, although she liked the girl.

"Hello," she said softly. "I will take Santeria out of here. She needs help. One of us should go to the human realm and stop Little Miss Goth before she brings Hell to the human realm. I feel that you are the most appropiate person. Could you do that?"

The Lady lifted Santeria gently and carried her. Santeria just stared up blankly, seeing nothing.

Mellifiluous nodded and opended a portal to the human realm, in which she, Melodramatic, the Beast, Santeria, and The Lady passed through.

They entered the human realm in a whirl. Destruction was everywhere.
14-11-2003, 17:29
[Angel of Death:] What are we doing in this place???

[CHAOS:] she wont be able to find us here there are too many souls for her to search as of the moment....

oh! No not them they are the soul guardians they will try and put you in the lakeif you were human that is they must be looking at the human soul that tried to escape
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
14-11-2003, 19:24
Then I send these to do my biddings:

Take that! My little helpers.
15-11-2003, 04:50
OOC: o no not the see no, hear no, speak no Evil monkeys!!! Run they are gunna throw crap at you and they had Tacos and Chili!!!! So they are fully loaded!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-11-2003, 05:14
The Lady gave Santeria to Mellifiluous gently.

"I must end this now."

She sulked into the darkness and reappeared in Hell.

"Chaos, come out now. It ends here."

She released her aura, dark power filled the area.
15-11-2003, 05:38
CHAOS appears in a blinding rain of fire!!!

[CHAOS:] Yes what do you want most powerfully Evil one???

CHAOS waits for the Evil one to Speak...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-11-2003, 05:45
The Lady swept her arm across the air, her aura pushing away the rain.

"Stop this at once."

Enraged she lunged at Chaos and grasped him by the neck.

"You and that pathetic Angel of Death had injured Santeria. I was supposed to take care of her. You ruined everything," she dispelled in an angered breathe.
15-11-2003, 05:51
CHAOS blasts his aura out the Lady flies back but stops before she could be harmed

[CHAOS:] Dont touch me!!! I only protected myself its not my fault she just had to get in our way!!! Who told that human to come here and get in our faces anyway???

CHAOS readys himself for her next strong attack!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-11-2003, 06:05
The Lady laughes.

"You have grown quite powerful, but I can not allow you to use that power anymore."

"Now feel my wrath."
15-11-2003, 06:13
CHAOS charges a blast and holds it just in case he was going to get attacked but because of his a.d.d. he looked away when a rock fell...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-11-2003, 06:17
The Lady's attack struck Chaos with full force.
15-11-2003, 06:25
[CHAOS:] damn rock!!!

CHAOS flies to the ground blood pouring from his mouth

[CHAOS:] But how im not weak come where ever i go i get attacked???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-11-2003, 06:36
The Lady walked over to Chaos. She smiled evilly for the first time.

"And here is your coup d'graces."

She lifted her hand to his head, a henious smile forming over her lips.

"Good bye"


"Eve...," a soft and kind voice called out in her head.


The Lady's mind filled with visions of a kind woman in the woods. A kind woman who became her friend. The Lady watched as she smiled and cried with this girl.

"Daniella," the Lady whispered. "I think I understand now."

The Lady dropped her hand.

"You have been spared. Do not thank me Chaos, thank Daniella. Please, leave the human realm out of your plans."

She walked away into the darkness, not looking back once.
15-11-2003, 06:42
[CHAOS:] what the hell how could that have happened??? head o man she is powerful...

(In CHAOS's head) Alright for now I shall let the human realm out of my plans... I have a new goal...I shall become the most powerful this place has ever known!!!
Little Miss Goth
16-11-2003, 20:30
Little miss goth becomes bored with the worldwide destruction she has lain before her. (is that a word?) Anyways, Little miss goth notices her dearly loved friends in danger, so flickers off into the other realm to help.

The heat hit her like a blow. She staggered and her head swam. As she regained her balance and evil stare she walked towards the Angel of Death.

"Hello darlings, whats goin' down?" said she in a scruff way.

Little miss goth giggles and walks away to pick up the fire out of the pool that she can hold in her hand without being burnt.
*Maniacal laughter fills her head*

"Chaos.... then you shall need me to help you as you wish to become the most powerful...just rember i am your ally.

And a huge red dragon appeared where her fireball was.
"Climb aboard people, were goin on a tour of hell!"

(I wanted some fun action - it cant all be fighting. tour of hell should be fun! - Louise xx)
18-11-2003, 03:35
[CHAOS:] I cannot go on the tour fore I must go and heal myself...ugh goodbye for now Miss Goth!!!

CHAOS Dissappears though the ground of the spot where the great battle of him and the lady took place....
Little Miss Goth
18-11-2003, 20:19
o ok - well tell me wen you do coz my dragons raring to go. can you not heal yourself whilst going along??????
18-11-2003, 21:21
[CHAOS:] No I must meditate in private a focus my energy to be able to heal fully...Sorry but take a left at the lava falls and you will see the most beautiful soould collector pit in Hell....
22-11-2003, 05:37
CHAOS sits in a pit in hell that is no bigger then incases him in a ring of hellwall...the pit is filled with a greenish-black fire...

[CHAOS:] awww almost complete...I shall be healed soon!!!
Little Miss Goth
23-11-2003, 18:40
little miss goth sits and watches with utmost concentration. The green fire facinates her.

"Wow" she breathes, "green fire....."

She looks around at the red fire dragon and glares.

*thinks* "Someday i'll have to get a green fire dragon - but I heard there pretty rare. Maybe Chaos will get me one for my birthday next month!"

And she contentedly sits there somemore...
23-11-2003, 19:03
[CHAOS:] What....No...But it cant be...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The confined pit CHAOS was in Explodes sending a shockwave throughout Hell causing all Demons and Demon half breeds to shudder....They all feel the awakening of a New Supreme Demon Breed!!!

CHAOS Appears in front of a extremely shocked Little Miss Goth...

With a Redish-Green fire Arua sorounding him in a calm yet raspy voice he speaks[CHAOS:] Well are we going on this tour??? If your wondering that is me you feel...I am the first of a new breed of Demon i am the species...I shall call it the Demon Race of Chaotirot!!!
Little Miss Goth
23-11-2003, 19:10
"ok!!!!!!!! right on! off we go then!"

*Jumps on her dragon*

"Hey are you flying with me? or are you flying with your new wings?" she asks. (If you have wings because even though I do, a dragon looks better)

"What shall we see first? Lets pay a visit to the tortured lake!!!"
23-11-2003, 19:17
No I have normal humanoid form but I can fly using by newfound powers...But since I've never been on a dragon i shall go with you....
Little Miss Goth
28-11-2003, 20:28
"ooooooooooooooooooooo ok! what with fiery rocket boots?
heehee - no I know I'm only messing!" she says with a laugh.

"Jump aboard, love!"

CHAOS climbs on and they speed off into the distance.....
29-11-2003, 04:19
[CHAOS:] Fiery Rocket Boots eh....sounds good i think i shall invest in some will be able to save some power that way plus they would add to my evilness...All evil people need a cool looking gadget of some sort...

CHAOS is too deep in thought and gets hit by a falling soul...

[CHAOS:] Damn Falling souls they need to fall into the Lake of Torture away from me!!!
20-12-2003, 22:21
hieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! im back

*.....passage of time....*

"Well CHAOS as I'm tired now... do you feel like heading back...getting some rest in my four poster bed in my gothic castle then Causing some trouble for the angel and pet?"
21-12-2003, 21:28
[CHAOS:] sure i will go to bed with you i need a good nap...

They both head off for a nice *nap*...
Little Miss Goth
13-02-2004, 19:43
Hieeeeeeeee a *nap* eh??? in my hope the angel of death doesnt accidentally walk in! (The male Angel od Death!)
16-02-2004, 01:05
CHAOS: I do not fear The Angel of Death!! we are allies and Y should i fear him?? We are just taking a nap!
13-05-2004, 05:37
*A huge tremor is felt all through HELL, all demons can feel the joy of the high half-Demon CHAOS*

"Ha yes you shall be down here soon and then I shall make you suffer for all time for betraying me..You hear me INFERNO!!! I shall make you pay for your betrayal!
15-06-2004, 07:20
07-09-2004, 06:23
The ground outside of the First reich of der Fuhrer starts to tremble...

HA HA HA HA HA I am free and the traiter shall pay.

*What is this has CHAOS found a way out of hell? Has he come to take Ultimate_apocalypse's beloved leader INFERNO into hell with him or does he plan to take his place back as ruler of Ultimate_apocalypse? Tune in next time for the next installment*
15-10-2004, 18:57
Chaos powers down and takes a normal human form..

He heads towards the great nation of the untoucables. he will try and gain strenght in there and will also try to find where that bastard INFERNO is currently positioned.