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Ghosts of Iesus Christi

Iesus Christi
08-09-2003, 07:28
Deep underground in the tunnels of Springhill mining complex

Jim Larkin looked over the find, dozens of bodies lay in varying states of decomposition before him in the tunnel.
The miners doctor Samantha Owen spoke softly as Larkin looked over the dead "From the look, they were stripped naked , shot in the back of the neck and dumped down here, I'd say at a guess...2 months ago, tops"
Larkin prodded a body with his boot, she couldn't be older than 10...about same age as his little girl..
The miners doctor and other senior miners stood around waiting for Jim to lead them, to say something to calm them but Jim Larkin, Union organizer and peoples party Union liaison was for the first time in his life struck dumb..
A bluff and dirty miner, gut hanging over his trousers filled the silence with his high pitched panicked voice "maybe we could just close the tunnel...hell we should of waited for party approval before we reopened this complex! This isn't our concern...." The group murmured and broke quickly into everyone talking at the same time , finally someone had voiced what they were all thinking and now everyone would have their say.
Jim mulled it over it his heard, sure he'd told them to reopen the spring hill coal mine tunnels without waiting for central authority approval ...he'd been certain that the choked Iesus Christi bureaucracy would have approved the authorization he had sent in, when they'd finally got around to it, that could have been months and his boys had needed work now ...but now , he wasn't sure he or his boys would live to see the month out. He looked over the bodies, so freshly culled, this wasn't how things should be, this wasn't the nation he loved, this was a disgusting throw back to a worse time .
"Ok Shut up.." Larkins voice cut through the debating men, "Shutting the tunnel and pretending we didn't see this isn't a option, now lets organize..."
09-09-2003, 06:01
Darling Matthew,
Iesus Christi is a Christian nation. We don't believe in ghosts. Except the Holy Ghost which I prefer to call the Holy Spirit. What are you trying to do scare little Christian before he's even able to walk? Find out who these people are and how they got there. Need help? Get Hitlers Nazi Army on it. Those boys did wonders with our autobahn.
Maire Haru
First Lady of The Reich
Iesus Christi
09-09-2003, 09:33
The armoured car and APCs arrived quickly outside the mineshaft of the spring hill mine, armed soldiers spewed forth from the troop carriers, quickly forming security parameter for their leader General Bull .
General Bull of the newly created Iesus Order Force jumped out of his armoured car, he paused and looked over the miners gathered around the mind shaft. He listened to the murmours of their discontent Bridgette, they'll bend to you or we'll break them
The General marched towards the mind shaft, his bodyguard moving with him carefully watching the milling mine workers.
The young doctor Samantha Owen stepped forward from the crowd as the general approached
"Heil! we heard you were on your way, some of the seniors have just gone into the town, They'll be back shortly.I hope we can get this all sorted out, only the reps and myself have been into ‘crime scene' and this is Jim Larkin "She nodded over to the lankey veteran miner Larkin and smiled and waited like a puppy desperate for approval.
General Bull looked her over "you'd be doctor Samantha Owen? you Provided the provisional medical report?"
"Yes sir!" smiled even as the general stared her over.
"And you are Jim Larkin, Iesus party/Union rep" The general boomed out in the direction of Larkin.
"I am Sir, perhaps you'd best see the tunnel?" Larkin replied in a stern tone "we opened the tunnel this A.M I pulled the lads out as soon as we saw things were ‘off.'" Larkin looked at the men around him. The air was thick with their tension."we're just miner Sir, but this needs investigation..."
The General cared nothing for the feeling "No, we'll investigate latter, best you Mr Larkin and the doctor come with us now..we have questions to ask you..."
"Questions?" the doctor pipped in, her voice full of confusion
The generals eyes bored into her "yes Questions, you'd best come with us..."
Thats it, we're done for Jim thought to himself. Questioning from these type was nothing short of a death sentence.
The Doctor turned pale, now she was finally understanding the implications of Bridgette Iesus's security force being sent here .
The General nodded to a trooper who advanced and gripped the doctor and another advanced towards Larkin, even as the miners mumours started to rise Jim quieted them with a hiss ."You've got families boys....we'll be fine boys..."
The general smiled as both were man handled off toward the APCs, He continued to smile even as the doctor started to scream in horror at her impending fate , General Bull simply barked at the miners as they started to voice their anger "disperse and go home...unless you want to give your friends some company".
As he finished his sentence , he heard a trooper exclaim as the panicked doctor slipped from his grasp and ran wildly for freedom.
What happened next occurred in a matter of moments
The General pulling his own revolver and firing it into the back of the fleeing Doctor, the fear of the miners being over ridden by disgust and hatred, the stampede of men rushing against surprised but trained and ruthless killers. A wounded Larkin being dragged away by a loyal comrade even as the Security forces turned there initial surprise into a cool heartless massacre.

After the frenzy of violence 38 miners lay dead, unknown numbers wounded and fleeing, 4 security personal lay clubbed ,smashed and dead and one Iesus Christi general lay writhing, dying with a miners axe lodge in his skull.
There was no sign of Jim Larkin.

Dear Maire.
If I wanted to Scare poor Christian, I'd tell him the story of the Pointy eared Demon and the Homoerotic activity of SATO
11-09-2003, 00:59
* tagged * to follow the future of Jim Larkin being Joe Hill :wink:
11-09-2003, 01:02

Nothing wrong with a little homoerotic activity...

~Crown Prince Korba Asha-Corrino
Iesus Christi
11-09-2003, 10:42
" I want this situation cleared up, I want General Bulls Killers punished! I want them all punished for this assault on my authority!You are in command now General Cromwell, Heil!"
Cromwell smiled, as the Image of Bridgette Iesus faded from the view screen. Finally after years in the military established his day had come. Cromwell stood ,ran his hand over his balding head, sucked in his gut and hit the comm button " Expected I'm new C in those regular army boys for a meeting, bridgette has issued orders..." Cromwell almost giggled Time to make the unionist and miners pay

Hours latter three Iesus officers left a long and rhetoric filled meeting with the new Northern District Special commander General Cromwell
"Who does he think he to me like that...Security order force my Ar.."
General Sassoon shot Lt General Barry a glare that cut the mans sentence short.
"Sas Don't look at him like that Tom...he's just saying what we're all thinking.." Commander Wolfe spoke in a low tone to his comrades. "and did you see who are orders were signed by, her for God sake, and that little psycho Robard too..."
The three men paused in the courtyard outside the security complex and quickly produced cigarettes. Tom Barry spatted out what was son his mind even as he dragged on his cigarette "If any of them think I'll hunt down Larkin, they've got another thing coming, if the security boys werent so insane none of this would have happened, and as for General Bull, no more man justly killed. The man was a pig and would rut with anything with a pulse. He's like all the old guard, Pigs and cowards.."
Sasson Continuing a habit of a lifetime and cut in on his old friend "and like the rest of the old guard he has friends and power, there is no doubting the old guard are behind Bridgette , what I'd like to know is where is Patrick and why is the President letting this happen"
"I'll tell you where Paddy is" Barry jumped back in " he's in some cell for defying those old goats.Whens the last time they left their ivory towers and went into the field to fight? Fine for them to preach war but I don't see them down doing the fighting. There average age is 70 for God sake!"
Wolfe Spoke in a sagely voice "Nor will you Ever. When the old general died and the boys in power, I had a sense of change for the better, now with the old guard back...Matthews silence and Paddy going AWOL , these wild rumours of genetic tampering and the disappearances of people who arnt even jews or deviants! I mean really..."
The other two officers nodded.
Wolfe went on "I swore loyalty to Iesus Christi and the people, And I'll fulfill that oath even ..." Wolfe Paused.
"Go on..."Barry hissed
"Even if it means rebellion"
The three officers stood silent for awhile.
Sassoon smiled at his two friends "well we best get about our duty, I have to go back to the capital tonight...anyone you'd like me to say hello too?"
Both Barry and Wolfe smiled even if they understood the deadly undertone of the question.
"Sure...I'll make a list and I'm sure Tom has afew as well"

"Mummy!!!!"The 8 year old Girl screamed as the masked men pulled her from her bed and dragged her kicking and screaming down the stairs to the APC.
"Don't cry darling, mummys here..." The girl was pushed headlong screaming into her mothers arms in the back of the APC, soon followed by several other family members.

Larkin lay in the bed,staring at the ceiling his shoulder violently ached from the wound he'd suffered but he'd survive which was more than could be said for so many of his miner comrades.
"Jim!" A dirty and overly excited miner girl ran into the cottage room Larkin was resting in. Her face was flush with horror
"they've got your family! They're making wild demands on the radio"
Larkin was swept by the horror of the situation , His wife, his children would suffer for the sins of the father.
"They've threaten to execute dozens of families, the security police have lost it Jim, what are we going to do?"
Larkin struggled to control his panic , the overwhelming panic for his families safety was sweeping over him...
The young Miner girl shock Jim by the shoulder "what the hell are we going to do?!"
Iesus Christi
13-09-2003, 12:32
"The town of spring hill and in fact this entire Provence is a bastion of traditional thought, and its well known for its sympathy to such groups as the CLA...many hundreds of recruits for the Iesus death squads are from this city alone..." captain Marcus paused and looked over at the Gothic Church of the Holy innocents, only last month Another 1000 men and women from this town had taken up ‘the oath' and joined the Sanguis Domini militia, the fanatical death squad sworn to kill the enemies of God at any price.
Captain Smith snorted "Whatever you say captain, we'll level those Miner settlements and whatever else defies central command, if I need too that is, tradition is no defense for treason. Orders are orders"
Captain Claire Marcus leant forward on the railing of the Security tower , and looked over the City of Granicus, the city was alive with activity as she would expect of the major industrial city of the Northern Provence, but still even as the factories pumped out the black smoke of progress she felt uneasy. She looked over at the Captain, his Ministry of Order uniform made her a little uneasy, how had he introduced himself? Grandson of the Duke of Luxo? Captain Marcus shook her head. "Orders are orders Captain....I totally agree"

Dozens of union men stood around Jim Larkin arguing . Jim couldn't believe it, he had struggled to help create the unions, struggled for his people, for Iesus Christi but now...The new laws were insane, and what he's seen. There seemed to no longer be options...all roads were being closed.
"We could except the laws! Its not that bad...we can argue our case in the peoples government..." murmurs of scared agreement were silenced by Larkins stern voice
"Never...the only argument we can make is a argument of force."
The union leaders looked stunned. Jim Larkin, a Union patriarch and party supporter had just advocated violence.
Larkin continued "you've read the new laws? They are a crime against the working man and a blasphemy against God! You know where this country is going and gentlemen. Even now the hounds are out, I've personally seen what this new order is capable off and I'm certain that's just the tip of a ice berg, The time for silence is over.."
Everyone nodded, it was clearly the truth.
A middle aged man with a growing paunch and thick glasses lightly coughed "excuse me, but..I think we could use Gods help about now..."
"Quite Right Father Juan...boys take a knee"
The Priest raised his hands.."Mary Queen of victories , pray for us! Hail Mary Full of grace..."

More Gun shots sounded from the Spring hill working mens club, people shut themselves inside hoping to be spared from the whirlwind of Bridgettes retribution. For days Ministry of order troops backed by Iesus regulars had swept the area. Regular gunshots from them shock the town and countryside.
"Surrender the wanted unionists!"
The Megaphones on the armored car pumped the message out again and again as it lumbered along the cobbled streets of Springhill. The commander of the Armored car sat atop the vechile, arrogantly sure and certain of the power he welded over the people.
His certainty proved to be fatal as from a second story window a Molotov Cocktail crashed down on the armored car. The commander was engulf in flame and fall to the earth in a swirling screaming mass of fire and agony.
Iesus Christi
14-09-2003, 08:40
"We people of Iesus Christi present this list of concerns to you, noble representative of the government. We hope the glorious government will look at our concerns..."
The Elderly gentleman handed up the papers to Captain Smith who was peering out of his armored car, Smith smiled and nodded, and read over the document. Several line s jumped out at him
‘Violation of Gods law with Genetic research'
‘The return of royal title is a violation of our standards , as such titles are a blasphemy against God'
‘The forbidding of Unions and changing of economic laws making life miserable and hard for many..'
‘Arrest and disappearance of many civic personal and their families disturbing'
Smith looked up from the document and looked at the old man and the moderate sized crowd gathered .
"traitors" Smith hissed and hit the roof of the vehicle with his fist, then spat into his headset.
"Soldiers of Iesus. Disperse this illegal gathering! FIRE FIRE"
The twin-auto 20mm cannon from Captain smiths own vehicle opened up first, followed shortly by several support APCS.
The crowd broke and fled, bodies smashed by rounds made for far heavier targets.
Captain Smith grinned at his glorious work. Years ago he'd been at St Patricks bridge,.He's seen duty carried out that day and now he had the honour of doing his duty again. This was how Iesus Christi was supposed to be! Not a weakling whining disloyal nation but a nation with strength of character! This was Iesus how it used to be! This was taking Iesus Christi back to its glory days!
Smith shouted into his headset "continue! Pursue and destroy the traitor!"

"You're Larkins daughter Sarah arnt you?"
The 8 year old girl nodded meekly.
"Excellent...bring her up. .."

The town square of Spring hill had been set up in a defensive manner. Sand bags , machine gun nests and even 3 Iesus T-101s had been set up. Soldiers in khaki security uniforms rather than usual greys maned the town square ‘fortifications'.
A fat middle aged officer climbed on top of a Iesus tank and shouted into his hand set, his speech echoed throughout the square and across the town, relayed by megaphone mounted armored cars.
"Jim Larkin...we know you're out there . You have exactly 20 minutes to surrender...or.." The officer reached down and dragged Jims petite blond 8 year old daughter onto the tank
"Or you're daughter will suffer in your place...the same goes for the rest of you...your families will suffer..surrender now!"
Jim Larkin watched from his vantage point , horror ran through him. He watched the officers fat sausage like fingers run across his daughters face and through her hair. A wave of sickness swept through Jim as he watched the officer kneel next to his precious baby girl ,softly kiss her cheek and run his hand down her body.God grant me strength...
The loud speakers boomed again.."times almost up..." The sweaty fat officer removed his automatic and playfully ran it down Sarahs back. "This is your last chance...Surrender..unless you like hearing your girl scream in pain...or will it be in delight?" The fat officer kneeling behind Sarah pushed his automatic up beneath her skirt , the cold steel weapon clearly defiling the childs innocent body for Sarah squirmed and cried . Her scream of "DADDY" echoed through the crowd.
"God forgive me" Jim whispered to himself as he took aim from his hidden vantage point.
"Mary Queen of Heaven take my little girl"
Jim Larkin fired , his Iesus 42 Sniper rifle spat forth its deadly projectile with such force that when it hit Sarahs chest it exploded right through into her tormentor.
Both collapsed, Sarah clearly dead, a gapping hole where once flesh,bone and organ had been.
Larkin fled, knowing that soon soldiers maybe upon his position. His daughter was safe now, forever in the company of Jesus and the blessed virgin.
14-09-2003, 08:44
OOCly: Matty, don't come near our child
14-09-2003, 08:58
14-09-2003, 10:46
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Iesus Christi
15-09-2003, 03:15
"You have 60 seconds to surrender "
Captain Smith shouted into the megaphone and looked over the small wooden Church. of ‘The Virgin of Virgins'. Its location on the outskirts of Spring hill had made it a last bastion for the desperate fleeing the growing violence.
Captain Quin in flack armour briefed Captain Smith "We think there are some 10 or so injured miners and their families...We could just storm the building and take those we believe were involved in the fighting, I'm sure General Cromwell wouldn't mind if we didn't take extreme action..."
Captain Smith looked in disgust at the regular army Captain and then at his watch.
"Captain Quin, bring up flamethrower team 2 and 3. "
The teams rushed up and positioned themselves on either side of the Wooden building.
The front door of the Church opened and a Priest in full clerical dress stepped out ,raised his hands and address the soldiers..
"This is the house of God! Those inside are protected by his law, they are on holy ground and holy mother church has granted them sanctuary! Gods law is..."
Captain Smith ignore the priest , looked at his watch and then spoke softly into his comm "teams 2 and"
Jets of Pure flame leaped from the flame throwers into the building, again and again the flame thrower teams fired turning the church into a blazing inferno. The priest on the doorstep was turned into a blazing screaming heap in moments, from inside the church screams of pain and horror rose up as men, women and children were burnt alive. Those who tried to flee the burning building were meet by a hail of bullets from the waiting troops outside.
Quin couldn't help think those who died in the bullets had gained a merciful escape, as he listened to the screams of those burning. Quin looked at Captain Smith, whos face beamed with pride.
16-09-2003, 02:40

Nothing wrong with a little homoerotic activity...

~Crown Prince Korba Asha-Corrino

Killing innocent civilians with flamethrowers is wrong. Homoerotic activity is wrong. A pox on both your houses.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
Iesus Christi
16-09-2003, 12:33
"I demand to see the president!"
The 18 year old officer shook his head "I'm sorry, The President is busy..."
Lt General Barrys patience was at a end "you said a few minutes ago he was unwell! Which is you little pillow biting fudge packing son of a Lavenrunz goat herder!" Tom Barrys hand dropped to his sidearm but quickly decided it was a woefully idea due to the four heavily armed and armored guards.
"Tom...he'll see you soon..." The smug young lieutenant placed his hand on Barrys shoulder. "Come back latter ....have a drink at the officers club across the road...all the lads like us go there"
Tom had a urge to break the mans arm, yes he was only in his mid twenties but he'd earned his rank leading Iesus flying column, ‘lads'! He was a general...How had Matthew Iesus said it..' Age is no barrier to excellence and respect..' Barry pushed his anger down, Matthew was the concern currently and smile crossed Toms face as he looked at the mincing soft petite looking officer denying him his objective.
"Maybe I'll have that drink...Your name's Luke Oliver isn't it? Maybe you'd show me the way"
Lieutenant Oliver made to protest but Tom raised a eyebrow and with as much authority as he could raise in his voice made his will clear "Do I have to make this a order're with me ..."

In Iesus Research Naval Command station Iliad, built into the ocean floor 10miles of the Iesus western Coast...
"Empress Joanna is the Tyrant! She must be stopped NOW!"The political officer of the SSBN Sancte Maria Magdalena slammed his fist on the desk of the conference room. The political officer continued his rant "and that is why less maneuvers with our sister submarines are so important! Onto the high seas we will go! And the SATO dogs will learn to fear our silence! God is with us men! And the terrible cargo we carry is evidence of his love! Heil victory! GOD IS GREAT!"
The gathered officers stood , saluted and in eerie unison chanted back "Hail Iesus, God is great!"
"I believe the Political officers should leave" Inquisitor Patrick Gerardson stated blandly, afew of the newer appointed political officers in the Ministry of Order Khakis stared blankly at the Inquisitor.
"I should leave...I'm not in the habit of repeating myself.." Gerardson, the man who co- commanded the Inquisition in Amerigo and had liaised with Lavenrunz in orkni glared at the Political officers and slowly they rose and left the conference room. Gerardsons cutting glare followed them till the last left the room and the conference blast doors were sealed.
Captain Kelly brought the assembled officers to the matter at hand "Now with that little show over, Fitz you can sit down and maybe tell us what these ‘maneuvers' really are?"
Patrick Gerardson in his usual and efficient way began his briefing
"3 SSGNs, 4 SSBNs, 5SSNs and 2 SSKs will be divided into three SUBGRU and 2 rover units. The exact details are being displayed on your vid screens now, we will move out at 0600 and from there SUBGRU 1 & 2 will move to sector #*8*3 and conduct missile drills while SUBGRU 3 and rovers run assorted drills in reply to active maneuvers. ..."
Captain Mary Rebal cut in , in that usual impatient Iesus Christi officer fashion " a lot of ships for open sea routines especially without surface navy involved but I don't see what's so terribly interesting Fitz...why the cloak and dagger letter?"
Patrick Gerardson twinged at the nickname but remained his efficient self "well Captain, let me get to the dangerous part I could get hang for telling you... during missile drills , there will be several live fire drills and such like. From order of Bridgette Iesus herself....should the trouble in the north continue...certain populated areas will used , may I add secretly, as the target for your live fire exercises..."
A deadly calm fell over the room. and Gerardson continued in his usual calm tone "as you will note, you're drills go for unusual length of time and are to be run with total contact blackout except for command messages passed on from the Ministry of social order. I have it from Intel sources, should order not be restored in the North even after extreme measures are applied , some or all of you will receive order ‘Oremus'"
If the news of firing on their own people had stunned them , the news that the deadly code ‘Oremus' would be given struck the group with a sickening fear. It was the code every sub command feared but had trained there whole life to carry out...It was the code that following the correct counter signs meant that Iesus Christi had been struck by suddenly and terribly by SATO , and that immediate revenge was to be taken on prearranged targets in the TAC computers...
"they're demons! The old guard has gone insane! They'll devil controlled! My God Matthew wouldnt allow it! If paddy wasnt sick..."
"I dont agree Captain Kelly" Gerardson kept his usual calm outlook " They're quite rational, in there own terrible way, Iesus always unite sin war, its why we triumph, Unity is strength..."
"But billions will die" Kelly Explained
"Captain, don't misplace my understanding of their plan as condoning it or believing it will work, I just see there aim..your missiles may not even be fired SATO...some of your TAC computers may have been programed to strike targets in the Reich, that would work just as well for the central authority and lets end this childish nonsense about the real Inquisitor general being ‘sick"and as for Matthew...I believe , as you'll see from these reports, he isnt in control of himself let alone the nation"
The Officers quickly started talking amongst themselves, digesting the horror of the news and reading report after report as Patrick Gerardson presented them.

Jim Larkin peered through his binoculars from the tree line at the TV transmission station. The massive broadcast tower loomed over the countryside, from inside the grey building the message of central authority was being relayed and transmitted throughout the north of the nation. There didn't seem to be extra troops stationed in the grey blockhouse from the looks of things outside but Larkin grumbled anyway for Lord knows what security was inside.
"Ready lads..?" Larkin smiled over at his small group of comrades, their weapons were a varied mix of stolen army/police equipment. "Lets move out....keep low.."
As they crawled from the trees to there target in the darkness, Jim for the first time thanked God for Iesus Christi compulsory military least his ‘boys' knew basically what they were doing.
17-09-2003, 00:38

Nothing wrong with a little homoerotic activity...

~Crown Prince Korba Asha-Corrino

Killing innocent civilians with flamethrowers is wrong. Homoerotic activity is wrong. A pox on both your houses.

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia

OOC: If this was IC...

IC: If being bi is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!
Crown Prince Korba Lee-Shar Asha-Corrino
Beloved Heir to the Throne and International Music Star
The Sacred Imperium of Mishakal
Iesus Christi
19-09-2003, 06:12
View screens all over Northern Iesus Christi went blank and then suddenly come to life again but now the screens held the image of James Hill Chairman of Iesus Christi Unions and Jim Larkin Northern Unions rep. Both men sat rigidly behind the emergency broadcasting rooms Oak desk dressed in their Iesus grey military uniforms.
Jack Hill spoke, his trained educated voice speaking the words of treason
"Men and women of Iesus Christi ,In the name of God and the dead generations that have gone before us, I speak to you today
No longer can we be silent to the activities of the new central authority masterminded by ageing generals, the new wage and Union laws combined with the assault on the very laws that make us who we are mean we must act now, we must act to end the suffering of the end the suffering of the ordinary citizens...we must act to end the rise of royalist genocidal desires and blasphemous genetic experiments "
The building shook and the sounds of gun fire grew clear and loud even to those watching the broadcast. For outside the men who had brought Larkin and Hill to the broadcasting were putting up a valiant struggle against Iesus regulars determined to recapture the station.
Hill continued his speech, keeping a cool and steady tone even as Larkin silently prayed the University educated liberal would get his A into G
"Men and women of Iesus Christi it is time for action to be taken! Stand up ! Stand up for Christ and your fellow citizen! Be of one mind and body! Be of good character and act as Christ would want you to act! "
The Building shock again, the lights dimmed. something nearby exploded showering the room in sparks and rubble With Horror Larkin now realized the Iesus regulars would simply destroy the building.
"Christ is with us! The law of humanity is with us! The cause of Justice is Christ and humanity will...know those who carry out action in his name are his children, for blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness for there's is the kingdom of heaven!"
Larkin looked over his ivory tower comrade and noticed for the first time he was injured, critically injured. Below the desk out of camera angle Jim saw Hills stomach wound, dark blood ran freely from the wound. Hill had never missed a beat and as for all the world Larkin regretted his past mockery of his academic leader.
"I, James Hill call on all workers to strike! Resist the central authority with your disobedience! And should this argument fail, Convince them with the argument of force!"
Again the building rocked and this time the lights stayed dead. A massive crashing noise marked the clear end of the transmission.
Jim Jumped to hills side, wrapping his arms around him as Hill fall backwards as he finally let the wave of agony from his wound hit him.
"How did you think that went Mr Larkin?"
Larkin tried to smile... "I've heard lets get you outta here boss"
Hill broke in a grin "That's the first time you've ever called anyone that...and don't be such a idiot. What you going to do...carry me through the army lines?"
"If I have too..."
"Mr Larkin..jim.." Hill grasped Larkins hand "You know it isn't practice and above all things you're a practice man...your family..I never said I was sorry make there loss worthwhile...make the bastards pay for all of us're the top man now.."
Larkin squeezed the hand of the man who had been his rival in love and politics
"you were always the better man" Larkin kissed him softly " O gentle Mary take you home"
Larkin grabbed his rifle and rushed from the collapsing building, while his dying comrade whistled La Marseillaise
North Star
25-09-2003, 04:22
Memnon unrolled the parchment and glanced up, eyes glowing with pride.
"The king of kings, the Sultan who Allah smiles upon , has great confidence in you " Prince Al Mithra continued
"if your advice had been followed, the intelligence network wouldn't have been so compromised. The king of kings, the Sultan who Allah smiles upon, has confirmed your execution of the satrap who led our Intel forces into such a disgraceful defeat"
Memnon nodded
"Now my Lord Memnon, you have a clear understanding of what you must achieve in Iesus Christi?"
Memnon nodded again
"Excellent, the King of Kings, the sultan who Allah smiles, knows you will do you will follow his orders to the letter"
Memnon raised a eyebrow
"Don't worry, the Sultans shaking sickness sickness will pass. His Divine favor will fall upon you, you need not fear the rise of another. The Sultan will reign forever
You and your team leave tonight"

o.o.c: assuming you want to keep the story the same as b4
Iesus Christi
25-09-2003, 10:21
Matthew stood looking out of the bunker. In the compound Before him mobilizing was the 14th Legion of the Ministry of Social Order, their bland one piece uniforms and faces hooded by respirators set them apart from other Iesus Christi forces. Matthew turned and looked around the Bunker and stared at the black clad masked soldiers. They seemed so ridged, so dead to emotion. Matthews gaze shifted from the troopers to their officers. They were unhooded but still is bland to him as their men, no passion was in their soul. No lust for Life. They poured over maps and laptops. Matthew shock his head. These were hardly men, they had no fire. They seemed so Lavenrunzian.

Commander Robards walked into the Bunker, he Saluted Matthew and gave a smug smile.
"Your sister bids you good luck before your glorious task in St Dominic! You'll command the authorities there to a greater glory! I can see it now...the taint of The Elven and deviant menace burnt out once and for all! I'm sure it will be good to return to St Dominic this way M'Lord , last time there you were but a student of 19/20 at one of the deviant universities, now you return to reclaim a kingdom for God! You can purge those deviants you had to live with...."
Matthews mind flashed back to his youth in St Dominic, his education there, his old friends, the mingling of The Christian and the Pagan cultures, his first love, then Matthews mind shifted to more recent events, the blood of his presidency and the horror his life had become.
Robards lips where still moving but Matthew heard no sound, His mind was remembering things he was meant to forget, that Paddy was imprisoned, Bridgette and what she and the generals where doing...His suffering people in the mining towns...Robards and his infernal Injections...that more blood would be on his hands because of these archaic monsters...then he thought of Anna...his promise to her and Christ...
Commander Robards smug attitude changed quickly as he noticed the change in the Presidents eyes, the return of the old Matthew over the frenzied Monster they were creating
"You bastard Robards.....I'll kill you...".
"Guards! Restrain the President!"
Even as Matthew jumped at the commander, unquestioning guards tackled the President, pinning him down.
"God Help you Robards...if I ever get free I'll see you suffer...all of you...ab insidiis diaboli LIBERA NOS DOMINE!!!"
"My Lord Protector...this is for your own're as stubborn as your brother...Inject him now!"
Matthew continued to curse and rage but soon the vile injection had its effect and sleep over came him.
"Move him to a secure cell, and give him something to play with when he wakes up" Robards gave a knowing grunt and grinned "once he's finished playing he'll be more the way God intends him"
Iesus Christi
04-10-2003, 12:34
-Iesus Christi Command net-

James Hill Was executed at 0900. His wounds where fatal anyhow, but orders from command where carried out anyhow.
Long Live Iesus!
-General Cromwell-

In a strange,sutle and widespread protest, the following poem was printed in Papers across the nation, and even read over several radio stations.

*The man was all shot through that came today
into the barrack square
And a soldier I, I am not proud to say that we killed him there
They brought him from the prison hospital
and to see him in that chair
I swear his smile would, would far more quickly call a man to prayer

Maybe, maybe I don't understand this thing
that makes these rebels die
Yet all men love freedom and the spring clear in the sky
I wouldn't do this deed again for all that I hold by
As I gazed down my rifle at his breast but then, then
a soldier I

They say he was different, kindly too
apart from all the rest
A lover of the poor -
his wounds ill dressed
He faced us like a man who knew a greater pain
Than blows or bullets ere the world began: died he in vain

Ready, Present, and him just smiling, Christ
I felt my rifle shake
His wounds all open and around his chair a pool of blood
And I swear his lips said "fire" before my rifle shot that cursed lead
And I, I was picked to kill
a man like that

*James Connolly
By Liam MacGowan
North Star
12-10-2003, 02:14
Memnon leaned against the kitchen wall in the safe house, the military curfew was in force in the city so they wouldnt be able to recon conventionally tonight, once they knew the city by daylight, then they'd make their night moves, but for tonight Memnon would just listen to his eager team discuss the coming action.
"Bridgettes arrival in the province must be soon, she wouldnt not turn up with whats happening."
Memnon raised a eyebrow and cast a doubtful eye over his young friend
His friend continued to speak "You know I'm right INSHALA ALLAH!"
Memnon shock his head, so young and full of the desire to fight. Bridgette *if* she arrived would be a perk, the main aim was to carry out the Sultans will. Memnon 'humphed' inwardly, following the whims of a dying man was tricky. Still for personal reasons alone Memnon wanted to find out about the former inquisitor general atleast.