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Anaxan Civil War [was: Kaxarak Elections]

05-09-2003, 13:00
Mediator Kynes, of the Mediator Council of the Solsdeanai, winced as he sat at the coffee table in the quiet Serens Flower Gardens. His wounds were healing fast, but the pain of his broken ribs remained lingeringly painful. A reminder of how close he had come to being killed in the recent attack on the Presidential palace in Laraheim. He ordered two small cups of coffee laced with kada and waited.

Ahead of him were two of the gardeners who kept the multitude of rare flowers here in such impressive bloom. The first was of stocky build, his scales gleaming brightly gold in the afternoon sun, he had lost an eye at some time in the past which had been replaced with some form of implant. His coloration said that he was a Tarak Anaxa and, although his wings and tail dropped tiredly, he seemed to be enjoying his work.

The second was Axa, a complete contrast to the tough solidity of her partner: thin and so pale that her skin was almost transluscent. Despite the fact that she was weeding - and thus covered in mud - her face retained its regal demeanour, from the pale slanted eyes to the ears that tapered gracefully. She glanced at Kynes and her demeanour hardened.

Kynes watched as she excused herself from her work, the dust and grime seeming to fall away from her as she did so.

Kanixila Avril Lakain, of the Council of Axa joined him at the table. She unconciously brushed her silver hair away from her face, and sipped genlty at the coffee Kynes had provided.

"Kynes, old friend that you are, you know that I do not enjoy being bothered whilst working here."

"I understand Avril, and rest assured that were the situation not urgent I would not be here."

"Of course," she smiled, "I'm glad that you are well. We understand that the President was badly wounded in the attack."

Kynes winced at the thought of his longtime pupil and friend lying in a pool of his own blood. "A group of five somehow penetrated the Lara Palace security and opened fire. I killed them all, but not before the President was badly wounded. Avril, he might die."

Her face fell, "What of his sons?"

"They all live, but the emnity between the twins grows."

"Has Kaxaixanakin not calmed at all then?"

"No, he becomes more bloodthirsty by the minute. He already counsels an assault on Yerwaht in retaliation."

She frowned, "How did Kaxaikakanakin respond. I take it he was more sensible? If only he'd been born first."

Mediator Kynes though of the extremely promising naval commander and was forced to agree, "Quite. However, he was not. He's tried to calm everyone down and the moderates in the family agree with his suggestion that we offer the Wahtax regional government greater support against the dissident Yerwahts."

"Then the family is split?"

"Unfortunately so, with Kaxaixanakin's more violent aims and ideals in the fore."

"I thought that you would appreciate a more violent action, being so religious."

"Don't play games please, Avril," he responded sternly. "I'm all for violence with the objective of defeating the Foe, but Kaxaixanakin has moved beyond rationality and into the realms of idiocy if he thinks that attacking Yewaht has any benefit whatsoever. Quite apart from the fact that it would drop Anaxa into another war with our former friends in the Devils Desert, Yerwaht is a completely harmless nation and attacking such a weak target would seriously undermine the morale of our followers. The Solsdenai will not support an attack on Yerwaht."

"Which would leave your little religious sect at odds with the future president and Leader of the faith. I see your problem, how can we help?"

"Keep up the pressure on Kaxaixanakin to relent and calm, but more importantly, whilst the president still lives, we can stall any moves that Kaxaixanakin might make in parliament. However, as with the family, parliaments opinion is finely balanced and the Kaxarak elections could be crucial."

"I presume that you wish us to support your candidates?"

"No, but we've got to ensure that the conservatives don't win... or else we could see civil war. We have two weeks to turn the election"


A wealthy region, capital Kaxaka (population 5million).
Population 40% Xaranakarazak, 35% Kax Anaxa, 20% Axa, 3% Tarak Anaxa, 2% other.
Description: This region follows the border with Serenkaarzak and is often called the breadbasket of Anaxa thanks to its many farms. Real Ales are the most popular beverage and Cricket (a sport that most Anaxians consider blasphemous due to its sedate and non-violent nature) is the game of choice, although the Kaxarak Sabres ice-hockey team were the shock winners of the AHL this year. One of the most liberal of all the Anaxian regions, the death penalty only remains for treason, spying, piracy, murder, rape, or repeat offenders and other popular forms of corporal punishment are banned.
Government: The only full democracy within the Anaxian regions. Power mainly shared between the Hyper-Capitalist KCP and the conservative Anaxian Democrats [both with two representatives to the national parliament], with the nationalistic Xaranakarazak party the SPC [currently holding the fifth seat]. Central government tolerates this democracy only because Kaxarak governments traditionally levy extremely high taxes.
Sights: The old town of Kaxaka, the world famous Jimbob Breweries, the 500 year old parliament building and the beautiful Serens Flower Gardens.

Anaxian Democrats [conservative] openly backing retaliation against Yerwaht and the Security Alliance. Convinced that they can destroy Yerwaht and force DomLBef into Peace. Projected share of vote 57%, which would elect three of their four candiates [Tarikan Tarakavava, Kanix Lillia, Tarikan Ladinakin and Tarikan Kakakakin]

KCP [capitalist-leaning to liberal] long advocates of peaceful solutions, this parties share of the vote is expected to drop massively due to the increased tensions in the Devils Desert. Currently advocate withdrawl from the Kinarali region in order to reestablish peaceful relations with other nations in the Devils Desert. Projected share of vote 24% would only elect one of their five candidates [Kanix Allian, Tarikan Tarakarakin, Nakatika Lakananakin, Kanix Kallian, Havax Kaazarak]

SPC, the nationalistic Xaranakarazak party, was the suprise package of the last Kaxarak elections, but is expected to lose voters after its financial mismanagement of the councils it controls was exposed. Several members on trial for fraud. Main actions are to protest against every seeming slight against the Xaranakarazak community. Fiercely opposed to any war except in self-defense of the nation. Projected share of vote 6% will fail to elect either of its two candidates [Havirak Taorkaarxa, Hir Gordaarad] to parliament.

The Freedom Party was incensed at losing its seat to the SPC in the last election, but has cleverly played upon the fears of the Kaxarak people. The SPC advocates stricter border controls and increased support for the military against the "thugs" of the security alliance. Markets its extreme right wing views in terms of protecting Anaxians from their many enemies without. Hails the WAA alliance as a great success in preserving the freedom of the Devils Desert from strange foreigners like DomLBef. Likely to back action against Yerwaht on general principle. Projected Share of vote 13% will win back their parliamentary seat, although support is rising and the Freedom Party hope that two of their four candidates might be eleceted [Tarikan Kadarakakaikin, Tarikan Naxaraxakin, Vai Karadaikaikin, Vai Onailil].
08-09-2003, 00:15
Whispering Voices, noted for its excellent relations with its fellow in the WAA alliance, is happy to announce that the private holiday company CULL (Co-operative Union for Lovely Laziness) has recently opened up tourist package holidays into Anaxa.


And, of course, it didn't announce that the peace-loving government was sending agents in on those package holidays to attempt to ensure a moderate, peaceful, and profitable regime could come to power in the country.
Slutbum Wallah
08-09-2003, 00:34
-Presidential Palace, Slutbum Wallah-

"Sir! Another nation just slipped it's way into reality. The Chronoguard confirmed full existence 20 minutes ago."

"Not another one. What are they this time?"

"Some kind of lizard I think. I might be wrong."

"This place is getting to be a freak show. Dispatch another ambassador."
08-09-2003, 09:33

After a brilliant speech in the Serens Military Academy, KCP leader Kanix Allian has jumped in popularity in the polls. A recent poll for the Anaxheim Press showed that 67% of Kaxarak voters thought that he was a strong and trustworthy leader, and his many floating voters have suggested that his branch of compassionate capitalism is appealing [Now expected to poll 29% of the votes, which would cut the Anaxian Democrats vote to 51%. Election is now wide open].
08-09-2003, 09:55
" Whispering Voices, noted for its excellent relations with its fellow in the WAA alliance, is happy to announce that the private holiday company CULL (Co-operative Union for Lovely Laziness) has recently opened up tourist package holidays into Anaxa."

The Anaxian government is, of course, pleased to welcome visitors from our old friend and ally Whispering Voices. We would advise that our friends enjoy the many sight of the region, and refrain from becoming too involved in the politics of the region, which in extremely rare circumstances can become oppressive
08-09-2003, 12:57
In a well-appointed conference room at the Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF

Present in the plush seats around the mahogany conference table are a Junior Minister for Foreign Intervention, a General of the Army, a Junior Minister for Offensive Defence, and some high level personnel both military and of the civil service

"Okay, the last item on the agenda for the daily Situation Briefing," says Ricardo Antanez, the Junior Minister for Foreign Intervention, "the situation regarding Anaxa."

Most people around the table groan.

"What's to be said?" says a Colonel. "They're in political dispute with each other just like all the other times, except they detonate or shoot each other as part of it."

"There are more serious implications this time," retorts the Junior Minister for Offensive Defence, a woman called Rebecca Santino. "If the elections go one way, we might see an Anaxan withdrawal from Inarli. If they go another, we might see a re-opening of the Inarli front and a land invasion of Yerwhat."

"Oh, fantastic," replies the General. "Look. Even though the formal ceasefire ended weeks ago, we've not seen any further activity along the Inarli Front. Both sides have been reinforcing surruptitiously, not enough to provoke the other into recommencing the assault, but resupply and repair work on salvageable material, a little troop padding and rotation, that sort of thing. Despite this, I believe that we can push the Anaxan forces back into the sea out of the North and Eastern districts of Inarli. We have a massive superiority in numbers - unless WV and AO get back involved, at which point we'll be fighting to prevent AO forces from reaching the Anaxan ones to link up. That'll be tough but doable, I think, with SecAlliance military assistance. We'll not be able to hold all of Inarli, but we'll lose segments on the North West side to AO, which is, I believe, more acceptable politically?" he looks over to the Junior Minister for Foreign Intervention and recieves a nod before he continues:

"However, having to fight both in Inarli and assist in repelling a land invasion of Yerwhat will tax us, since we have the trouble Anaxa has in Inarli: how to get troops there to help quickly. I recommend moving the 11th and 23rd Airborne Divisions to Yerwhat immediatly."

"That might well provoke a reaction against us in the Anaxan polls, General," counters Santino. "You know what they're like."

"Don't our allies come first, Minister?" replies the General softly.

The woman polls the table for nods or shakes of the head, adds them up, and says:

"I'll contact El Presidente. Send a message to Governor Williamsuncle and have the 11th, 15th and 23rd airborne mobilised."
08-09-2003, 14:12
Yerwahtten Command HQ, somewhere in the Yerwahtten Mountains

Commander-in-Chief of the Yerwahtten armed forces, General Frederick Halsgard sat down at his desk, leafing through the latest report on anaxian political events.

"Hey Folsom, get in here!"

Head of intelligence James Folsom entered the office, a put out expression on his face. "What? The reason I wrote it all down for you is so that I didn't have to come over here."

"Do you have any teams working on this situation?"

"No, the Govenor asked us not to at this time. Currently we might get out of this ok, our teams our reasonable but any discovery of Yerwahtten agents trying to swing the vote will just hurt us. We'll wait and see and move if it looks like things are going to turn out bad."

"Did he forbid any troop readiness?"

"No moving up to the border in for if that's what you mean, he's already made a public announcement about not re-enforcing the border to ease tensions. However, offer of stationing DomLBef airborne troops has been accepted, as we have a fleet there, we are accepting stationing some of their troops here in order to "allow the Security Alliance to cobver and support the largets area possible".

"Good, the first fleet has finished overhauls, and the refitted Blizzard, Glacier and Avalanche have been assigned to it as has the now repaired and refitted Peakstar. They are now due for sea trials and excersises, so lets get them at sea doing that." Turning to speak to the communications station.
"Send out orders! Mobilise in the underground cities of Last Peak and Underhall, the secure cities at least should be reasonably safe. It's not like visitors are allowed in to see the citizens there. That should give us plenty of infantry Divisions to hold the border, plus the support of the Underhall Armoured Divisions as well as the Mountain Lion Underground Defense Divisions. Along with the city helibases, the standing northern CAP and the city artillery divisions we should be ok. The First Fleet has authorisation to begin exercises with the potential hostile conditions protocol in effect. Prepare quarters for three DomLBef Airborne Divisions. That should do for now."

Public word is that the newly refitted First Fleet is at sea trials in Yerwahtten waters including three recomissioned heavy gun cruisers as well as the repaired carrier the YNS Peakstar. As part of the Security Alliance efforts to be able to act at short notice, in return for the stationing of Yerwahtten ships in DomLBef, Yerwaht will be host so some DomLBef troops.
09-09-2003, 09:30
Anaxheim Press Update:
Anaxian Democrats:49 [3 Seats]
KCP :27 [1 Seats]
Freedom Party :18 [1 Seats]
SPC :05 [0 Seats]

The Freedom Party has gained strongly in opinion polls overnight. Commentators suggest that aggressive posturing by both Yerwaht and DomLBeF has fuelled tensions in the area and played into the hands of the Freedom Party, who have long advised terminating 'the Yerwaht Problem' with military force.

The Office of the President released a brief comment citing "disappointment" with the continued sabre-rattling and aggressive posturing by its southern neighbour.

In unrelated news the military have confirmed that they have designed a 'mole' bomb to take out underground fortifications such as those found in many northern regions of the Devils Desert. "We saw action in highly complex underground cities when fighting in the underdark, and our commanders deemed it prudent to design a munition specifically to break such defenses. We hope that we never have to use it."
09-09-2003, 13:09
In seemingly unrelated news, the foreign release date of Tarricanian films has been brough forward, taking cinema owners all over the Devils Desert by surprise.

The first such film to be released early is "Rescuing Corpral Sanchez", by Tarrican's formost dramatic director (Luke Georgios), portring the horrors of the men serving on both sides of the recent Inarli War from the perspective of a team sent to retrieve a man from the front line itself. Starring Max Gorman, Hector Nubares and the Academy Award winning Simon Shaw.

When questioned on why the dates were brought forward, a spokesman for the Film Board of Tarrican (F-BOT) said "Well, it was about time wasn't it? It seems a little silly to release it here one day and then have foreigners wait for months to see it. In the age of global communications, all it does is encourage piracy and give such pirates more chance to profit." However, F-BOT is still discussing when the Region 3 (the rest of the world) release dates will be brought forward.
09-09-2003, 18:09
The High Council of Whispering Voices officially offers to send medical teams to aid the failing President - and communicate with his sons and heirs.
09-09-2003, 22:51
Anaxheim Press Update:
Anaxian Democrats:47 [2 Seats]
KCP :23 [1 Seats]
Freedom Party :22 [1 Seats]
SPC :08 [1 Seats]

The SPC has made strong gains, after the fraud case against their former Party Treasurer Hanak Kaarak unexpectedly collapsed. The successful resolution followed a change in tactics from the SPC who recently appointed new lawyers after receiving significant donations from a nationalist source who they have declined to name.


This time they met in a place of Kynes choosing. He'd long loved the beautiful scented Kada offered at this particular bar, nestled in a well hidden corner of the garrison town of Rakaiv. He now sat with his favourite kada, a rare and expensive wild growing variety from the Andarak Peninsula, it carried the distinctive aftertaste of cranberry.

The Axa, Avril, joined him there. She was in a rush and didn't bother with preliminaries. "How is the President?"

"Bad. I saw him today, with Mediator Akillara, and there was nothing that even we could do. He's coherent and sane, but something's gone. We can't help him - except for keeping those Whispering Voices medics from him. I know that they mean well, but they are simply not as talented as Akillara."

She looked downcast - skin draining from pale to ghostly, "Is there no hope?"

"Only that he'll last long enough to keep things stable. At least while he lives - albeit weakened - we have the power to edge the country away from war. Once the brothers are in we've no chance."

"They're very... um passionate?"

"Passionate is an understatement. Kaxaixanakin killed two of the Yaravat prisoners in his rage when he heard that his father was dying. Of course, such a killing is terrible and unethical. He and Kaxaikakanakin had a blazing row shortly afterwards."

Kynes thought back to the moment when he had found the bodies. He decided not to tell the Axa how bad the killing was, or that one of the prisoners had been a girl of fifteen. The memory still clung to him like a shattered dream, drifting in and out of concious thought.

"The elections are looking close, maybe a swing to the SPC or KCP will place some pressure on him."


There was a lenghty pause as a large group of squaddies passed boisterously outside the kada bar, singing patriotic songs and terrifying a pair of tourists.

The Axa suddenly drew back into the conversation. "Kaxaikakanakin came and spoke to me today."

"He's always been close to you. Not surprising I suppose, you were the only mother he had."

She smiled, "I think that I taught him well. I think that if he were to be president, we would find many of our problems would drift away. I think that it is a shame that it is the President dying slowly and not the thug Kaxaixanakin."

"Are you suggesting killing him? That's not only against your code, but against mine too." Although, Kynes remebered, it has happened in the past...

She looked at him, smile gone, "I would never advocate killing him, but his death might save thousands of lives. Kaxaikakanakin would be better for everyone. He understands that fighting the Foe and fighting a war are not always one and the same thing. He's been pushing several trusted family members to laying the olive branch to some of our enemies - not that any have responded, but at least he tried."

Kynes frowned at his now empty cup, "Its a shame that he has less control over the office of the President, you should see some of the messages that they've sent out. They must be trained to offend."

She sighed, "What a sad world we live in. I hear that Mediator Kadakaikai is on the front line in Andarak?"

"Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the possibility that Yerwaht might attack. There seems no reason whatsoever for DomLBeF forces to be stationed there. I'm trying to persuade the military to withdraw troops from the border, but they refuse. They've already withdrawn several armoured divisions and will risk no more until Yerwaht makes some sign at wanting peace. I can't blame them." Another group of squddies rolled by, in high spirits.

She repeated, almost in a daze, "What a sad world..."
10-09-2003, 13:06
Message delivered to Anaxa by Ambassader Dobson of Yerwaht:

"Apologies to the people of Anaxa in this sad time for them, we have no intention of raising tensions. The fleet is at sea running shakedowns and tests after refits and repairs. As soon as these are complete normal levels of naval activity will be resumed. The fleet exercises are restricted to central Yerwahtten waters.

As for the stationing of DomLBef troops in Yerwaht, it is part of a Security Alliance initiative testing mixed nation forces. They will eventually take part in exercises within Yerwaht, but not for the time being to allay any fears you might have. We have no desire to open hostilities against you and we seek no war. We are mainly preparing ourselves for conflicts outside the region in support of other members of the Devil's Desert.

<Signed> Govenor Jeremiah Williamsuncle of Yerwaht
11-09-2003, 02:12
Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF

"Have you *seen* the statement the Anaxan government has just put out?" says the PPS of the Minister for Foreign Intervention, Carlos Amingo.

"No, let me take a look." He reads the print-out being proffered by his aide, and blanches, then reddens with anger. "Holy hell."

We would like to condemn the stationing of three DomLBeF airborne divisions in Yerwaht. We would like to remind the Yerwahtian government that Anaxa has shown great restraint in the face of continued provocation and aggressive posturing against our southern border, but our tolerance is limited. We shall not be withdrawing any more troops from our border with Yerwaht, as these signs of good faith have been thrown back in our face once too often.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that your pathetic claims that you wish for peace are a flimsy lie to hide a steady military build-up. I would call on members of the Security Alliance to calm your ally Yerwaht, who is destabilising the regions current ceasfire.

The minister slams down the paper. "Has there been any Yerwhatian response?"

"Yessir," replies the private secretary. "They've issued a general denial and the old 'military exercise' line."

"Hmm - better draft me a message to Governor Williamsuncle. We should let him know we're behind him 110% - he doesn't have to take insults like this if he doesn't want to."

The minister checks out some information on the computer inlaid into his hardwood desk and then makes a few phone calls.

"Allright. Draft communiques to Whispering Voices and Anaxa, and call an Emergency Session of the Security Alliance Council. Call the Ministry of Offensive Defence and get us moved up to DEFCON-3. Get an opinion poll on the reaction countrywide to this latest Anaxan diplomatic torpedo, and then call El Presidente and see what he wants to do."
11-09-2003, 12:34
Anaxheim Press Update:
Anaxian Democrats:47 [2 Seats]
KCP :18 [1 Seats]
Freedom Party :26 [1 Seats]
SPC :09 [1 Seats]

The KCP election campaign appears to be in tatters this morning, with their "prosper in peace" stragtegy crumbling in the face of the growing threat of hostilities with Yerwaht. If their share of the vote continues to drop, they will fail to gain a single seat.

In unrelated news, the Department of Defence confirmed that all leave had been cancelled and that the Northern fleet would remain in the Andarak area.
11-09-2003, 13:04
Message delivered to Anaxa by Ambassador Dobson

"Anaxa, we do not seek war in the Devil's Desert. In an effort to avoid such we ask you to submit some requests of what you would like to see us to.

Of course this is no guarantee of compliance with any stated requests. We are a sovereign nation with commitments on the regional level, such things must be taken into account.

But if it does come to war let it be said we have not stopped trying to avoid it, nor did we walk blindly into it."
11-09-2003, 14:04
Ambassador Dobson,

We have no intentions of in any way assaulting your nation either, but the large volume of men and materiel that you have amassed on our border is causing extreme disquiet. Also of worry is the fact that you have failed to withdraw troops from the border on the two occasions when we withdrew armoured divisions in order to show our peaceful intent. Whilst it is true that these withdrawls amount only to a gesture, we have actually made a gesture and you have not.

If you truly want peace then I humbly suggest that you withdraw your forces to barracks and reduce your border presence to peacetime levels. If you find this a sensible suggestion then we can arrange a mutually beneficial timetable in which we also scale down our border presence.

As a further gesture of our peaceful intent we are willing to open border crossings to allow trade to recommence, although I'm sure you will understand if our security checks are high.

The Foreign Affairs Office
11-09-2003, 17:17
The border defences were on the verge of being reduced to peacetime levels until the recent activity. As a gesture of good faith the first two divisions are moving out as we speak, with more to follow. Once your elections are over we will be happy to trade with you.

Other military activity is due to SA related preparations for potentail extra-regional operations, and would have gone ahead regardless.

<<OOC>> Country description to be done tomorrow
11-09-2003, 17:29
OOC Cheers dude. I'm running really low on reasons to slate your nation IC ;-)

Anaxa is pleased to announce that the third armoured division, and two Solstren brigades are being withdrawn to barracks. Forces in Andarak have had their status lowered from "Action Expected" to "Tense"
11-09-2003, 18:54
Special Envoy Thimas waited for his meeting with Kaxaikakanakin - not nervous, but tense. He was confident that the Anaxan would offer no violence - but less confident that his brother Kaxaixanakin would not be keeping verbal taps on him. He patted his pocket reassuringly - a small device in it generated jamming signals suitable for use against visual and auditory bugs.

Thimas had the official backing of Whispering Voices, and was there to offer support to Kaxaikakanakin - if he would agree to try to set up a coalition between the Anaxian Democrats and the KCP.


Special Envoy Mark, meanwhile, had a less enviable job. He had arrived covertly in Anaxa, one of the tourists. He was hoping to make contact with the Anaxian democrats, or a leader - the Ministry of Trade were offering a substantial amount of anonymous donations and support money to get a peaceful party in power.


Special Envoy Golan had the messiest mission of all. He was tasked with infilitrating the Freedom Party power structure, without endangering or using existing Whispering Voice information assets placed throughout the Anaxan infrastructure.

Once there, he was to arrange the assassination of Kaxaixanakin, if possible by one of his "allies" in the Freedom party, dividing it and splitting its vote even further.

That was the plan, at least. The Anaxan pub in which his cover identity was going to make first contact with a junior minister within the Freedom Party looked rowdy, and full of troopers ...
14-09-2003, 16:05
Anaxheim Press Update:
Anaxian Democrats:43 [2 Seats]
KCP :31 [2 Seats]
Freedom Party :16 [1 Seats]
SPC :10 [0 Seats]

After the return of the Inarlian government, and the withdrawl of the first Anaxian units from Inarli soil, the KCP prosper in peace campaign has been revived from the dead. Kanix Allian, speaking at a rally in the town of Dakadar, described recent events as "a victory for common sense and a victory for the people of Anaxa".

The Freedom Party lost ten points in polls over the weekend and the Anaxian Democrats slumped to their worst rating since the campaign officially began.


Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, commander of the Anaxian Northern Fleet and second born son of the President, welcomed Special Envoy Thomas into his office. The decoration was sparse - as beffited a military commander - an Anaxian flag, a picture of his ailing father, a collection of naval flags. Kaxaikakanakin wore full dress uniform, having just presided over the return of a carrier battlegroup to port after the easing of recent tensions. He was a tall powerful figure, his metallic face edged with the last bloody light of the fading sun.

His cousin Vai Tarakakin was also present, ostensibly as his personal aide, but in reality as a bodyguard. Even with allies, one couldn't be too careful. In either case, Tarakakin, removed a small device and swept it across the room, pausing briefly as its arc passed over the Special Envoy. Tarakakin nodded at Kaxaikakanakin and moved to one side.

After the pleasantries were over, Kaxaikakanakin offered Thimas a cup of kada and the two men got down to business.

"I presume, Special Envoy, that your visit concerns the current political situation in Anaxa, given the state of health of my Father. Well, I am willing to hear you proposal - although I cannot guarantee that I will accept it..."
14-09-2003, 17:14
The Yerwahtten first fleet has now returned to port after completing it's tests and exercises.
15-09-2003, 10:27
The Free Land of Tarrican wishes to thank DomLBeF, Anaxa and all other parties for their resolution of the Inarli matter in a peacefull manner.

Charitable donations are being made to aid organisations working in the rebuilding of New Inarli, as well as to help construction of memorial statues for persons killed in all sides of that conflict.

We hope that this demonstration of peacefull intent has gone far to settle the tensions still extant in the region. It is good to see the north at peace.
17-09-2003, 23:49
Anaxheim Press Update:
Anaxian Democrats:44 [2 Seats]
KCP :37 [2 Seats]
SPC :10 [1 Seats]
Freedom Party :09 [0 Seats]

The Freedom Party continues its drop in the polls, after the peaceful resolution to the Kinarali conflict.

Kada Bar, Rakaiv

Mediator Kynes shifted uneasily, worried that Avril had missed this meeting. It was so unlike her to be late for anything. The boisterous soldiers, newly returned from the Inarlian pressure cooker, were vocal in their jubilance, but they only served to heighten Kynes' worry.

He left the bar, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach...


Northern Fleet Command, Anaxheim

The world jarred suddenly.

Not that it moved much, but the subtle motion was unnerving, whipping the inner ear into giddiness. Vai Tarakakin unfolded and suddenly became alot more than another figure in the room, he was suddenly an entity to be feared...

There was a sound - no a feeling - of sound, a pulse of air that roared around the office, flinging objects to the floor and whipping the assorted naval flags in a kaleidoscopic frenzy. There was a moments ringing silence before the door to the office collapsed, armed men clearly visible on the other side.


Headquarters: Anaxian Democrats, Kaxaka City, Kaxarak

Special Envoy Mark had no trouble entering the country, and indeed was successful in contacting several prominant members of the Anaxian Democrats, although he was struggling to find anyone willing to take his anonymous funds. He'd succesfully managed to talk his way into conversations with most of their candidates, but...

Tarikan Tarakavava and Tarikan Kakakakin had been too, well, passionate. They actually seemed like honest people to him - and that was a big problem when both of them openly advocated invasion of their southern neighbour Yerwaht. Kanix Lillia was another passionate, passionate about following the safe crowd. She wasn't _worth_ any WV money.

Tarikan Ladinakin had seemed alot more congenial though, enjoying several lavish meals at the expense of Special Envoy Mark, and he seemed receptive to peace, a moderate in the Democrats. Conversation convinced Mark that this man was both intelligent and calculating. Passion didn't enter into the world of this man. He was out to win, and winning currently meant peace in the Devils Desert. Mark had already made routed several substantial donations to Tarikan Ladinakin, and his peaceful stance was growing in credibility.

But tonight the prospective candidate had seemed sullen and withdrawn as he prepared for an important campaing speech. To the astonishment of Special Envoy MArk [and the many gathered journalists, politcal commentators and public figures] he began his rally speech with the words, "As much as I would like to see peace in Anaxa, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures... we cannot ignore the threat posed by the inbred thugs in Yerwaht..."

Mark left the room very quickly, to find a phone... something was very wrong...


Freedom Party Local Headquarters, Kaxat.

Golan was pleased. He'd been expecting this job to be a really tough one, one of the toughest of his career. He had performed admirably, easily duping the junior minister into believing that he, Golan, was a passionate supporter of all the bigotry that the Freedom Party stood for. With the tough elections and the crumbling Party support, the junior minister was only too pleased to have another member to help in the cause.

The Party didn't have an organisation so much as a pecking order. Whilst it couldn't be done overnight, Golan knew that he'd made great inroads into the party faithful, particularly in the traditionally tense town of Kaxat. In Kaxat he'd found a man suitable for the job, an ex-test pilot in the Anaxian Defence Developments Agency, the man Vai Keoal had been seriously wounded in a friendly-fire incident. He had developed a passionate hatred of Kaxaixanakin [units of his command had brought Vai Keoal down, shattering his left hand and forcing an honorable discharge], which left the man teeetering on the brink of sanity.

Golan hadn't had to do much - Keoal was even due to be addressing service veterans in Kaxat in the run up to the elections, the price of the ticket had been huge, but eventually a member of the freedom party had been persuaded to give up his place in the crowd. Unfortunately, Keoal wasn't _directly_ connected to the Freedom Party, but Golan reflected that you couldn't have everything.

Unfortunately Kaxaixanakin hadn't shown for some reason and the show had been rescheduled for Thursday. Golan was annoyed by the delay, but felt sure that Keoal would do the job well...


The Presidential Palace, Anaxa City

Kanixila Avril Lakain, boarded the fast diplomatic shuttle, confused by the sudden turn of events. As important as recent events in Anaxa's ally were, there was no reason to be sending Mediator Akillara away from the Presidents Bedside. Whilst it is true that the head of the Mediator Council was a suitable diplomat for the task in hand, she was also the expert in dealing with the sort of injuries suffered by the president.

Akillara was last to board the craft, she didn't look happy...

[OOC WV, DD folks, feel free to roll with this one]
18-09-2003, 04:59
Special Envoy Thimas smiled at the Anaxan Kaxaikakanakin and his bodyguard.

"Well, honoured Tarikan, the situation is this: we want peace. Now that I've been so blunt, please let me elucidate. Whispering Voices has always stood for a unified Devils Desert since its inception, allowing each member of the region to pursue a more aggressive foreign policy knowing that it is safe at home. A peaceful Anaxa is an important part of this. As the largest country in the region, and its original settlers, your actions are very influential. With the advent of the DAMOCLES treaty - created by Los Bananos, although a regional orbital defence was originally mooted by us we were too busy to set one up - your country is currently considered too dangerous to let in. This is a pity, as certain of your areas of technology would prove most beneficial. So, in short, I'm here to offer you every support possible."


Mark cursed.

Clearly, he's being leaned on. Now command are aware, I've got to go back and watch.

And the Special Envoy, doing his best to stay out of sight, returned to the speech being made by Ladinakin. He watched for any people he did not recognise as part of Ladinakin's normal retinue to talk to the Tarikan, or any other signs that would give away what might be causing the odd behaviour.
18-09-2003, 09:27

[Clarification: This is in the room with Special Envoy Mark, the Tarikan and his bodyguard... will post more later...]

Northern Fleet Command, Anaxheim

The world jarred suddenly.

Not that it moved much, but the subtle motion was unnerving, whipping the inner ear into giddiness. Vai Tarakakin unfolded and suddenly became alot more than another figure in the room, he was suddenly an entity to be feared...

There was a sound - no a feeling - of sound, a pulse of air that roared around the office, flinging objects to the floor and whipping the assorted naval flags in a kaleidoscopic frenzy. There was a moments ringing silence before the door to the office collapsed, armed men clearly visible on the other side.
19-09-2003, 19:07

Campaining in Kaxarak suspended due to the death of the President.

In an announcement from the Presidential Palace, Mediator Lugh - long a close friend of the President - broke the news that Leader Kaxaikatanakin [edited, OOC my damn names are starting to confuse even me] had perished from wounds suffered in a terrorist attack.

"It is my deepest regret to announce the death of the President at 2.14am last night. He died peacfully from wounds sustained several weeks ago in an attack by armed dissidents on the palace in Laraheim. His immediate family were with him at the time of his death and have asked me to express their deep grief and their willingness to carry on his great work.

He long battled the Foe and will be remembered forever".


*Backalley, Rakaiv*

Kynes moved swiftly, along the hidden pathways that he had known so well as a child, racing to reach the Church of the Holy Flame. His close advisor Solsquana Va Relaid waited there and would undoubtedly know what had happened to Avril.

As he raced across a small crossroads between two alleys he heard a something whispher past him, followed by an awful shattering sound. Instinctively, he dropped and rolled behind an overful dustbin. The gun chattered again flinging the detrius and rotting garbage all over him.

Kynes had a pretty good idea of where his assailant was. There was nothing else for it. Kynes drew a hand grenade from some deep recess within his clothes, flung it behind him and ran. The explosion was so close that he felt melting barbs etch his skin, heard the sharp ring of deafness and was flung to the ground.

But it worked... his assailant was dead. Rifling through the bloody remnants, Kynes found little that had not been ruined by blood or ripping shards. However, the man wore military dog tags identifying him as a Vai Liakai of the Anaxan second army, one of Kaxaixanakin's men.

It has started, he thought, and made his way towards the Rakaiv Station - he would have to get to Anaxheim and Kaxaikakanakin very fast...


*Northern Fleet Command, Anaxheim*

Kaxaikakanakin paused in shock for just a moment before his military and survival training kicked in. That pause was almost enough to get him killed as a hail of bullets blistered through the mangled doorway. Despite several minor wounds, mainly from shrapnel, he flipped his desk so that it face the door as a barricade. He hoped that the special envoy had the sense to shelter behind it too.

Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin was a careful man - something you developed naturally when your twin and main rival for the throne of a country was also a psychotic killer. He'd had this desk specially made at extortionate expense from old tank armour and an extremely high quality wood laminate. He could hear the small arms fire reverberating against the metal plating, but did not panic.

Secured underneath the desk was a shaped charge. Kaxaikakanakin gripped it and set the fuse - hoping that his attackers would not think to use grenades. He placed the charge against the rear wall in a spot that Vai Tarakakin had made him memorised, under the family crest and level with a the power socket.

In just a few seconds he would be free, but he heard something chilling in a brief lull in the shooting - a metal object rolling.

The grenade was a mere six feet from Kaxaikakanakin... whose life rapidly began to flit across his vision.


*Headquarters: Anaxian Democrats, Kaxaka City, Kaxarak*

"...and that we should with all of our might launch an assault on that nation and its allies, to prevent this corruption of our children."

There was a suprised silence, before the party faithful remembered to applaud. Several of the journalists were already moving to post their reports of the sensational turnaround by the traditionally pacifistic Tarikan Ladinakin. Mark watched carefully as the politicians gaze involuntarily flicked to a group in the crowd.

At first Mark assumed that the politician had stolen a glance at his wife and two children who half-heartedly applauded him in from the third row of the audience [they looked as suprised as anyone else at the speech], but then he realised that Tarikan Ladinakin was in fact looking _over_ his family to a group of three who applauded the speech with a sinister gusto.

All three were Kax Anaxans. One reached for a phone and passed a terse but unaudible message to whoever was on the other side...


*Freedom Party Local Headquarters, Kaxat*

Golan watched the speech with the same amazement as everyone else in the room. Tarikan Ladinakin was public enemy number one as far as the Freedom Party were concerned; a rational supporter of peace and an ex-soldier to boot. However, at the end of the speech even the hard-core supporters of the Freedom Party looked pleased.

"Right on!" Yelled one of the leaflet deliverers.

"This calls for a celebration," someone announced.

Ten minutes later the SPC headquarters in the city was ablaze [in what Golan recognised as a pre-planned operation a jubilant mob had left FP headquarters armed with petrol bombs and torched the building] they were now moving to Serenke Street and the headquarters of the KCP...


*Fast Diplomatic shuttle over Anaxa City*


"Yes, Mediator Akillara?"

"I know that you resent being drawn away from events in Kaxarak."

"I understand that it is important to show the new..."

"Don't lie to me. You're not good at it. You should know that the President died ten minutes ago."

"WHAT!? Then we should be back there... Pilot! Turn this craft around."

"The pilot will do no such thing. If Kaxaixanakin finds you he will kill you, he knows how close you are to Kaxaikakanakin and he needs to consolidate his power base quickly. Once he is secure you will be safe to return."

"We must warn Kaxaikakanakin!"

"We shall do no such thing, we are going to perform a valuable diplomatic mission for the Anaxa. Ax will preserve the one who is most fit to fight the Foe..."
20-09-2003, 01:53
Special Envoy Thimas lay on the ground, riddled with bullets. He wasn't actually dead - a combination of thickened bone plates over his vital organs and an armoured jacket had saved him from directly fatal shots - but he was dying. However, he played dead, hoping none of the attackers decided to ensure it was so even faster. The murder of a Special Envoy was useful diplomatic leverage for Whispering Voices, although that was little consolation for him. Sadly, his heartbeat monitor was blocked by his own jamming device ... and then the grenade rolled over his head and bumped against the desk. In one last act of defiance, he rolled over onto it, hoping his body would absorb much of the blast.


Special Envoy Golan smiled, all of the activities of the Freedom Party safely recorded. He mingled with the success-drunk upper leadership, celebrating the FP's success loudly - and openly wondering who had orchestrated it, so he could buy them a drink - and get an audio recording.


Special Envoy Mark quickly assessed the situation.

Looks like the family are the hostages ... they don't look happy, but surprised. Death threats against them made to Ladinakin that he has not told them about?

He edged through the crowd towards the three Kax Anaxans - but also looked around for further observers, perhaps observing him, or them, or the family. He looked around ... and saw what he needed, even as he moved through the surprised but politely-clapping masses. He punched the glass of a fire alarm. Sirens went off, bulbs flashed read on the ceiling. The surprised crowd looked around, and milled - blocking Ladinakin's family from view.

Then Mark took advantage of the moment when the Kax Anaxans would be surprised ... and extruded a pair of thin bone stilettos from his wrists, and attempted to murder them quickly and quietly, knifing them through the ribcage and into the heart, from behind.

His goal was then to extract Ladinakin's family ... but that would be relying on an uncertain success.
20-09-2003, 21:44
The courtroom was abuzz... Daniel O'Barra (McArthur) smiled as the crowd waited to see what he could do... he had already successfully collapsed the case against the former SPC Party Treasurer Hanak Kaarak... and everyone had known he was guilty. Now they waited with baited breath to watch him give a show of how to get the former Party President off. Everyone knew that the man was as guilty as sin and that the fate of the party could rest in the hands of this dream team of legal eagles assembled (sent) from all around the region (Tarrican) to preserve the SPC.

His gaze swept the legal team behind him... each was under a false identity and each had a hidden function beyond the courtroom shenanigans. They were all good enough legally, Daniel knew, but would never have gotten this far without his own legal genius. But then they were full time Frontier Diplomacy Corps. An evidence expert Niles Jones (Antonio Sildan, Surveilance), their own precident dictionary Tara Cassidy (Lila DeVries, Expert on Anaxa), their 'objection' man Elthian Hassir on courtroom ettiquette (Elthiasalndral Missuolinel, native Tarrakeen security man) and their general dogsbody 'Lex Ingram (Alexander Ruthvere, communications and FDC team leader).

'Lex nodded, and Daniel knew that this would be the defining moment (end) of his career. He stood and raised his voice in the opening gambit of his defence (failue). He was to give the people the show they wanted, give the opposition the fight they feared... and allow the slightest of chinks in the President's legal armour that would allow the prosecutors to drive the knife home and end this nobel politician's (greedy, misbegotten sod's) career and free life... for as long as the law would let it.

At one point, supporting the SPC had been a ballance to the warmongering factions, regretable allies but neccessary to furthering peace. But peace had come without their help... and now the support that had kept them bouyant was now cut off. At the knees.

Tarrican is now withdrawing its support from the SPC, for the reasons stated above... in such a manner that gives me a team of people in Anaxa, should anything untowards happen around their. If thats okay, of course.
22-09-2003, 20:38
Anaxheim Press Update

With the period of mourning for recently passed away Leader and President Kaxaikatanakin barely begun, tensions in the Kaxarak region spilled over into violence this weekend. Despite elections being suspended, the traditionally bitter elections have once again erupted. Five people are believed dead in the racially divided city of Kaxat, where the headquarters of the SPC and KCP were both torched. Police had arrested several suspects yesterday, although none have yet been charged.

There followed riots in the Xaranakarazak neighbourhood of Serne, also within the city of Kaxat. It is believed that the burning of SPC headquarters were too much for the local Xaranakarazak - especially when coupled with the sensational events at the Kaxarak supreme court where former SPC president Tomkins Xaear was found guilty of fraud and electoral intimidation by unanimous verdict after just a week of proceedings. Xaear's defence proved to be wafer thin, and several key defence witnesses proved to have been overplayed by Xaear expert legal team. He will be sentenced in two weeks time.

Wealthy donors to the SPC blame the legal team, led by Daniel O'Barra, for the fiasco - highlighting risky changes in strategy.


*Northern Fleet Command, Anaxheim*

Kaxaikakanakin awoke with a painful start.

The room that he lay in was deathly pale. Fuzzy bright shapes moved across his vision as a breath of air lingered around him.

"Argh..." He groaned.

In reply, he recognised the familiar voice of Vai Tarakakin, his cousin and loyal bodyguard, "Thank Ax! We feared you would never awake."

Kaxaikakanakin's head ached and his skin burned along half of his face. His ribs creaked painfully against each other. "What happened, Tarakakin? I don't remember a thing after the explosion."

"We were both very lucky - the Special Envoy was killed by the grenade that nearly took you out - fortunately I was sheltered from the worst of the damage by that ridiculous desk of yours. It was all a little frantic really, but fortunately you'd placed that charge in exactly the right place and I was able to carry you out of there."

They waited in silence for a few minutes, contemplating their lucky escape.

Eventually Tarakakin broke the silence. "We were also lucky that your commanders remained loyal. The group sent to kill you was external - I'm sure I don't need to tell you who sent them. Unfortunately, none were taken alive."

Kaxaikakanakin has never felt so much pain in all of his life. Everything ached, and he was deeply hurt that it had come to this, that one of the two twins would have to die, but it had started and nothing could change that.

He sat up, every muscle and bone jarring with the effort, "Who can we count on?"

"Early indications are that most of the big power blocks are going to wait and see, the Mediator Council _won't_ intervene - at least not openly, although sources suggest that they are sympathetic. The Council of Axa have already contacted us, offering their aid, but only in non-violent forms. The Northern Fleet, and most of the military units based in the north are on our side. The Southern Fleet too - although they're scared of doing anything openly in case their ports are closed. The most ethnically diverse regions are terrified of your brother and are moving to side with us. Wintax Danat, Vai, Wahtax and Andarak are all openly with us. We think that the groundswell of public opinion will give us support in Kaxarak - alot of attacks against minorities have occured since the Leader died. Rexia is wobbling - I think they'll side with us but are fearful of another war being fought across their region -Tarax will definately follow if we can get Rexia onside."

"Everything else is pretty solidly behind your brother..."


*A train, mid Anaxa*

Kynes could see the signs. Although almost none of the regions kept a standing army, they were all pulling in reserves. The trains were searched regularly, and travel into Andarak was totally impossible - by legal means at least.

This could erupt into violence with the slightest provocation.


*Headquarters: Anaxian Democrats, Kaxaka City, Kaxarak*

The chaos and confusion spread quickly, as stewards and party officials moved to evacuate the crowded press room [news of several arson attacks in other parts of the region heightened the worry].

Mark moved quickly through the slowly moving crowd and managed to pass unnoticed behind one of the Kax. With pinpoint precision, he killed the man [whose skin was very tough]. His opponent dropped convulsing to the floor. The second had seen his friend going down and was just too slow to react, the stiletto piercing deeply, but he was alert enough to try and twist away from the blow.

The wound was still horrific, but his opponent had safely avoided an instantly fatal injury. He reached into his coat for a weapon. Mark kicked him in the face, shattering the nose in a fountain of crimson pain.

The third Kax had had plenty of time to see what had happened. He'd used the valuable seconds warning to hurl a chair at Mark. Although it didn't injure the Special Envoy, it tangled his legs briefly. The third Kax backed into the crowd [who were becoming aware that a fight had broken out].

Mark was unable to stop the man reaching the politicians youngest child. The Kax glanced meaningfully at the youngster before shoving into the shocked mass.

Mark was left with one body, a dying Kax and a shocked crowd.

On the bright side, they didn't look like they'd get in his way when he fled.

*Kaxaraika Bar, Kaxat*

Special Envoy Golan was especially interested in the converstion at the next table - he recognised the Kaxat secretary of the Freedom Party clearly, but was more interested in the boasting of the young Kax woman talking with him "...I can't believe it. The new President! I can't wait to meet him."

"Oh, we're good friends and have been for life. Why he warned me about all of this fuss only a week or two ago."
23-09-2003, 05:57
A room in the Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF

"So, how does the External Affairs (HumInt) Directorate claim the situation in Anaxa is going to resolve?"

"They state that their best approximation is large scale land-based civil war unless one of the twins is assassinated or otherwise removed. It looks like Anaxan naval assets will be solely on one side in the conflict, although there are reports from the SigInt Directorate that the Southern fleet assets are wavering. Conventional land based force reserves under district commands are mobilising, the status of the army itself remains an unknown quantity at this time."

"So, the Anaxans are going to blow hell out of each other, and then depending on who wins, may then go on to try to blow hell out of us?"

"That's pretty much it, yeah. Unless, as I say, one half of the leadership equation is set to zero."
23-09-2003, 06:37
and in a surprisingly similar setup to the Los Bananos post ...

Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...

A tired-looking aide walked into his superior's spartan office, a newly compiled dossier, and deposited it in the In-tray and sat on one of the low, comfortable seats to await his chance to speak ...

and shook himself awake when a voice cut through his sleep.

"... up, boy." He opened his bleary eyes to see the Director of Affairs for WAA staring back at him, the dossier in one hand. He looked furious.

The aide sat up, and subconsciously adjusted his tie.

"So - we've lost one special agent, a second one is compromised and unsuccessful, and the third hasn't really achieved anything?"

The aide nodded.

"Well, I'm not happy. I want this warlike Anaxan dead, and I want his party dead."

The aide started to nod, and then realised what had been said. "Uh ... sir ... the grass roots of the party will simply turn him into a martyr ... "

"Grass roots are what man invented creosote for, boy. I want to read of the warlike one's demise within two days."


Mark concealed his weapon, drew his jacket in tight to cover the blood over his shirt, and took off his gloves and pocketed them. The crowd was busy and frantic, and they swirled away as he plunged into them.

Hopefully, though, things would be confused enough for him to reach the speaker's family without them realising who he was and getting too scared.


Golan watched and listened to the excitable young Kax. She could certainly be useful.
23-09-2003, 10:09
The man grimaces as he looks down at the report glaring on the screen. His coat was on, the lights were off... anything slowed him down between here and the exit could be disasterous. He pressed send and paused only long enough to switch the terminal off before making a break for the door. He closed it silently behind him and set of for the stairwell with a faked easy stride. As he neared the stairs he recalculated... the cleaners would be there at this hour he thought as he passed the rows of empty desks that made up this floor of the building that was the diplomatic hub of Ruthvere. The lifts it would be, then... and he pressed the button to summon one as sweat dripped down the back of his neck. The waiting seemed like hours as his eyes flicked nervously around for the possibility of someone seeing and approaching him. Nobody did and the brief spurt of panic about whether someone would be in the lift dissipated as the doors swung wide to reveal nobody. The elevator slowly descended... too slowly for his taste, but that was the speed it went.

He forced himself to calm down as the doors swung wide into the lobby. There was nobody, but the guard on the desk. Just a single guard, no others in evidence.
30 feet between him and freedom.
He started walking.
25 feet
One of the guards leaned out of the security office and looked at him, then looked away in a bored fashion.
20 feet
The guard at the desk was on the telephone, he noticed.
15 feet
So... close...
10 feet
The man behind the desk put down the phone.
5 feet
"Excuse me, sir?"

"Uh, yeah?" replied the man who's name tag read 'Thomas Ambrose' to the security guard behind the desk who had called him. "The Magister Diplomus would like to see you in her office, sir, if you hadn't already left the building." Thomas sighed... "Yeah, I'm still here. Tell her I'll be right up, Pete." "She already knows, sir. She said to pass on 'Nice try.'"

Thinking longingly of the relaxing evening he was going to miss, he turns around and heads back to the lift to meet his maker... or at least his boss. He doesn't see that in the lobby behind him a sullen-looking guard walks out of the guard-room and places a twenty-gilder note in the hands of the smug-looking desk guard, who's only reply was "Told ya... they try it, but they never get away with it."

And now back to our familiar format

In the office of the Magister Diplomus

The figure at the desk stopped her paperwork and looked up towards the man she was now no longer pretending to ignore. He looked nervous, but then he always was around her. "Ah, Thomas... so glad you were still around. I recieved this message..."

"About Anaxa, ma'am?" "Yes, Tom, about Anaxa. Its a sticky situation and I know you were expecting an early night so I'll keep this brief."
Thomas looked surprised... when the news came in he'd been reconciling himself to a late night session if his escape plan failed. "Can we decide what to do in a brief period? We're already pretty exposed out there and visible intervention would be difficult to shrug off in terms of international image."

"No, but then we don't have to. Set 'coms in motion to Night Hawk, tell him to move the team towards the affected area and start keeping an eye on the two parties involved. That should tide them over until we can brainstorm a real policy. Have them recal O'Barra... via Tyriarda, I think... he's too high profile to use in Anaxa any more."

"Yes ma'am... I'll get on to it right away." He gets up to depart... he'd be seeing his wife much earlier than he had feared.

As he leaves she makes a parting comment... "I have a feeling one of those two is going to have to die, but thats not a sanction. Not yet."
23-09-2003, 16:52
General Fredrick Halsguard paced about his office, freezing as the door opened. "What the hell's happening in Anaxa, James?"

James Folsom, head of Yerwahtten intelligence, moved softly into the office. "Looks like a civil war, again. Most of their naval forces are siding with one side, but most of the south is on the other. Likelihood of a concerted move this way, low. Likelihood of border trouble, God knows."

"Hmm." He picked up the phone on his desk. "Communications? Right, send the reserve border division up to re-enforce border division East. I wand the Last Peak and Underhall division able to move and alert the fleets. Don't move either of the latter though."

He sat down behind his desk. "I want fair warning if any armed forces start approaching our border. That's all for now."
29-09-2003, 19:05
General comment - communications into and out of Anaxa have now become extremely restricted...

[OOC I've been really busy... sorry for the delay!]


Yerwaht - border commands / intelligence report an increased military presence on the border. Their intention is unclear, but they do not contain the numbers to be a threat to border security. No penetration of Yerwahtian territory or airspace has been reported. No sign of conflict has been noted in the bordering Andarak or Wahtax regions...


Tarrican - your men on the ground identify several key areas of conflict.

The region of Kaxarak [where your team was initially placed] is being violently oppressed by forces loyal to Kaxaixanakin [from now on termed Loyalists], with regional defence forces resisting sporadically / in geurilla fashion particularly in western areas where the minority population is higher. Rebel forces are poorly armed and equipped, but are succeeding in tying up large numbers of regular Loyalist units.

The fiercest fighting is taking place in the Wintax Danat region where elite Loyalist units are forcing Rebel forces back. The push [hampered in the south by the Kaxarak guerilla action] appears to be an attempt to cut the Wintax Danat and Kaxarak rebels off from the primary Rebel powerbase in the north. Resistance is particularly fierce where Loyalist forces, backed up by a huge aerial bombardment, are trying to cut Rebel supply lines along the Reylla pass. In turn, rebel forces in Vai are mounting a fierce [but as yet unsuccessful] counter attack.

The Southern Fleet [also known as the Inner Sea Fleet] has blockaded the southern ports of Kaxanatakin and Kaxaka, preventing and entry or departure along the Southern coastline. It is unclear whose orders they are following, although their actions suggest Rebels are in command. Land based forces have not attempted to break this blockade, suggesting that the blockade is preferred by the Loyalists. O'Barra is unable to leave by air or ship, although he could possbily break cover and try to cross a border.

[OOC update will continue later]
30-09-2003, 12:29
WV - For once intelligence is extremely hard to come by. The warlike Anaxan - now leading the forces termed Loyalist [he is the legitimate heir to the throne] - is extremely elusive. Assets report his movements - but only after the event, he's moving extremely quickly and secretly. The suggestion is that his inner circle of commanders [the majority of the regular army sided with him] know his location, but are utterly loyal.


Within minutes the crowd had swallowed Mark up [he'd moved away just in time - several tough looking policemen had spilled through the door - but fortunately their numbers were still few enough that they were unable to cordon off the area]. He was able to force his way into a relatively quiet backalley. He moved along several small alleys, following the only feasable route for the family to have fled.

Then, for the first time this evening, Marks luck was in. He spotted the third Kax [the uninjured one] in a struggle with Anaxan Democrat politician Tarikan Ladinakin. Both men were obvious combat veterans, but the politican was older, weaker and was being beaten. And what were they fighting over... Ladinakin's youngest daughter, who lay unconcious behind the Kax, with the rest of his family running in terror.


The excitable young Kax certainly was useful - she even offers to help party loyalists to get jobs in the Laraheim Palace, which was visited [even in these tough times] frequently by the new President.

It turns out that she works for Kaxaixanakin's wife and consultation with WV Intelligence reveals her to be the genuine article.

01-10-2003, 12:41
[From Anaxheim Press]


Forces loyal to Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Commander of the Northern [or Outer Sea] fleet and second-born son of the now departed president, are reeling after the strategic town of Ryisn fell to troops loyal to his elder brother. Rebel forces confirmed that their positions around the town - which straddles the main highway through the Reylla pass - collapsed after a sustained assault from veteran units of the Second and Fifth Armies. The collapse effectively cuts-off rebel forces in the Vai, Wintax Danat and Kaxarak regions. The situation is a terrible blow to rebel morale and, with several of the higher passes already cut by early snowfall, a failure to recapture this key town would leave the cut-off rebels isolated for several months when the snows come.

The situation is compacted by the continued neutrality of the Tarax region, which refuses to commit troops on either side, and has confined the elite Arctic Brigade to barracks.

Speaking in a pre-recorded message from Anaxa city, Tarikan Vai Kaxaixanakin confirmed that he would crush the rebels led by his brother. The speech, which showed an animated and passionate Leader, also confimred that the Axa [elven] and Xaranakarazak [pure human] communities would pay dearly for their support of his brother.

Anaxheim press can reveal exclusively that Tarikan Vai Kaxaixanakin will be forcing a motion curbing the freedoms of minority communities through parliament in the absence of rebel members. This motion, "Protection From the Enemy Within" is believed to include clauses that even many conservative Anaxans might find distasteful, including the disbandment of the Council of Axa [an elven political organisation] and SPC [the Xaranakarazak nationalist party], raising the cost of medical treatment for Axa/Xaranakarazak patients, and introducing a "one-child only" policy for these minority communities. Northern [rebel] regions have expressed their extreme disgust at the proposals which are expected to be passed at a meeting of parliament on the 3rd of October in the Laraheim Palace.
Stuff and Shinies
01-10-2003, 16:42
<unencrypted general communications channel>

To: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Yerwhat
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Serenkaarzak

From: The Empress, The People's Republic of Stuff and Shinies

Following the announcement of the Anaxan government earlier today, I feel I should make my feelings on the matter of border-closure known. Whilst I do not involve myself in politics as far as possible, I feel that this situation is one which warrants my attention. As such I would like to declare my intentions publicly to avoid any misunderstanding.

I intend to adhere to and enforce the closure of Anaxa's borders, air-space, etc, to the best of my abilities and extend them the same courtesy in return. Furthermore, I will be happy to enter into discussions with Anaxa for the provision of a neutral place of negotiation outside the Devil's Desert , along with any support they feel they may need to reach a swift conclusion to the issues that have forced this situation to occur.

I would urge the other nations affected by this situation to think very carefully before acting in any manner during this tense time for a currently fragile government.

That is all.
01-10-2003, 19:27
Special Envoy Golan spins the excitable young Kax a story, about how he's lacking in funds in these horrible modern days where [spit] Axa and Xaranakarazak hold all the good jobs.

"I'd really like to work in the Laraheim Palace ... " he tells her, over a drink at the party. "Away from the scum and amidst the real Anaxans ... "

Lucky he's well disguised, really ^_^


Special Envoy Mark takes the scene of the fight in, and then attempts to reach the scene of combat - if he can, then from behind the third Kax. He will - should the opportunity present itself - do his utmost to stab the offensive Anaxan in the spine, paralysing him from the arms down and hopefully incapacititating him to the point where he'd be unable to harm anyone. However, if it looks like the girl is in any danger, Mark fully intends to cover her with his own body - in a non-paedophiliac way.
02-10-2003, 10:29
Lila returns to the small motel room in which the team had faded away into. Daniel looked nervous and it didn't get better as he saw the expression on her face. 'Lex relaxed his grip on the gun, even as he slipped it silently back into the shoulder holster... little chance of them being descovered yet, but it didn't do to be careless.
"No chance. Everything is checkpoints a identity scans... barely anything flyin at all," she reports to 'Lex. "You'd have to be a personall friend of the new boy to get anywhere by air from here."
"Damn! Looks like you're along for the ride, Dan."
"What..." replies the out-of-his-depth lawyer "but what about sea? train? land?"
"Trains are as bad and nobody at all is moving from the docks. It would have to be an illicit border-crossing and I don't have the manpower to get you across."
"But... I'm not part of this! I got hired for my legal skills, not to be a secret agent... I'll get killed! or worse I'll get you killed."

Lila comes to reassure him. "Don't worry about us. We've done this kind of thing before with less sensible people than you. We don't need you to be a ninja for us... but if you do what we ask and keep your head down when it matters, you can avoid weighing us down and we can all get out of this."
"Right. Er, okay. What can I do?"

'Lex gets this question "Nothing just yet. There is still fighting in the city and I sent Tony and Elthian to watch around the edges and see who was playing what side. We wait for them to come back... or not."

<elsewhere in the city, the two others whisper in an alley>
"Two Kax fighting over a girl, El'. Can't tell sides or intentions from either of them."
"There is a third."
"What? I can't see anything."
"Yet there is a third party watching..."
"Maybe he knows who is the good-guy."
"Indeed, we must hope so."
03-10-2003, 18:58
Temporary Headquarters, Anaxan Rebels [location withheld]

Vai Brewster was nervous. More nervous than at any point on his journey from the Wahtax Moor listening post that had included several precipitous encounters with the early snows in the high mountain passes.

He was ushered past a thuggish looking Kax honour guard and unceremoiously marched into what had obviously once been a beautifully adorned bedroom. The four-poster bed and luxuriously adorned decor clashed with the more modern additions of weapons, maps and several suits of powered armour [Brewster has seen these before - in training operations around the Wahtax Moor - but the situation must have been desperate if they were being deployed in this war, they were few in number].

Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin stood behind a desk with seveal of his top commanders. Vai Brewster stood stiffly to attention.

"At ease, Vai. Well done for making this journey in such poor weather conditions, you're a credit to the armed forces. We could do with more humans of your calibre fighting on our side."

Vai Brewster glowed. There were few higher accolades than praise from Kaxaikakanakin.

"We're only confused as to why? My aides tell me it is of great importance..."

The pause extended and Vai Brewster realized that he should speak, "Tarikan Vai, two days ago we succeeded in intercepting a message from DomLBeF diplomatic corps. The message was fragmented by the jamming that the... ...enemy, have put in place. However, Wahtax Moor is Anaxa's most sophisticated listening post and we were able to reconstruct the message almost in its entirety. However, we were unable to pass on the message by technological means due to the intense jamming and the unreliability of sattelite transmission."

"Most unfortunate, Vai Brewster. So, what did the message say?"

"That DomLBeF Diplomatic Corps wanted to contact you if you were willing to listen".

A ripple of interest passed through the officers [they knew a losing war when they saw one], but Kaxaikakanakin frowned. "I am certainly willing to talk, but communications are almost impossible, and we can't possibly send a messenger that sort of distance."

"But Sir! I have an idea."

"Go on, Vai."

"We still control the Anaxan Outer Sea Monitoring headquarters in Andarak... so we reopen the southern links and pass the message along the warning network to Yerwaht. If we flag it as a Grade A Warning, then hopefully it will be spotted...."

"...everywhere from the Yerwaht border right up to their high command. Excellent thinking Vai Brewster. You will travel to Anaxheim and transmit the following..."

[...49/4845/029483/011%%30 ... ... ... authourisation confirmed. Ident: Anaxa T.V. Kaxaikakanakin... ... ... ... ... Ident: confirmed... ...]

GRADE A REGIONAL INCURSION [details to follow]
From: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Supreme Commander Anaxa
To: Yerwaht High Command
URGENT... Please pass to SecAlliance partner DomLBeF...
Message received...
Interested... ...
Communications extremely limited...
...however. We are willing... ... ...
...note that... sit...
...uation here is...
...deteriorating fast... ...
...Wahtax... ... ... Vai... ...
... ... soon fall.
...Brother... ... has...
...killed ... ... ...2100... ... in elf-... ... ...
...PS... ... no extra... ...
...regional... ... ... incursion... ...
03-10-2003, 19:57
Tarrican: Your resources on the ground succeed in obtaining the following information...

Thousands are feared dead after a night of fierce fighting in the town of Ryisn. As many as five-hundred milita loyal to the rebel Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin took up arms as Loyalist forces attempted to secure the strategic town against a fierce rebel counter-assault. The mainly Axa settlement of Kaldanlaf was completely destroyed when Loyalists dropped a fuel-air bomb on rebel positions in the village. No survivors from the community of three-thousand have been reported.

As fierce fighting around the Ryisn and Reylla Pass area continued, rebels were forced back deep into the regions of Wintax Danat and Vai. Reports from Vai - now completely cut off from the main body of rebel forces - suggest that the regional capital of Valakir is under fierce aerial assault and that paratroops and amphibious assaults on the city are underway.


Kaxaka, Kaxarak.

Dan had been staring morosely out of the window for most of the day when, at midafternoon, he calls Lex over. Lex, with no small measure of annoyance, complies. An Anaxan army truck has pulled into the motel, it carries the insignia of the 2nd army [known to be amongst the most loyal of Tarikan Vai Kaxaixanakin's troops]. Several bored looking Anaxans move around the courtyard, checking papers in a desultory fashion and making brief searches.

Within moments there is a knock at the door. There is a seconds hush as everyone involuntarily tries to breathe more silently before a second, more assertive knock is heard.

"Open up! Prepare to have your papers checked" Comes a voice muffled only slightly by its travel through the flimsy door...


Tony and Elthian watch the fight develop. After moments it is clear that the older of the two Kax is struggling. In spite of an obvious training in unarmed combat and an almost fanatical zeal, he simply cannot compete with the younger more powerful man that he is fighting.

Suddenly the third party moves [Tony is sure that the mysterious individual was looking right at him before he decided to plunge into the combat - whether this was a good thing or a bad thing remained to be seen]. The older Kax had kicked out with an unexpected shot to the stomach of his younger opponent, a move which had stalled him for a brief second and the sent the younger man into a rage. He fought back savagely, like a being possessed, and drove the older Kax back eventually flooring him. It was this moment, as he gloated over his fallen opponent and turned slightly to kick at the girl, that the mysterious stranger attacked.

The stranger seemed to shoulder-barge his larger opponent, but the reaction of the tall Kax was unexpected. He collapsed like a sack of kada beans, crying out in shock...


Special Envoy Golan is forced to turn on all of the smooth that he can muster, but the girl [whose name is Kanixil Kadarakaikin, WV intelligence confirms that she has got her job in the palace recently, but is the younger daughter of a close ally of Kaxaixanakin - profile indicates that she's naive and was put in the job to earn some common sense, probably carries enough influence on her own to get what she wants] is hearing what she wants to hear and a few compliments about her wonderful silver skin and beautiful eyes are enough to sway her.

"I'll see what I can do..." She thinks briefly, her eyes screwing up and making her look very young. "I think that theres something going in the gardens."

It seems that her recommendation is enough and she calls Golan and invites him to come to the palace for orientation. Golan knows that his target is going to be in the Palace today so agrees.

Kanixil Kadarakaikin meets him at the gate, a pleased smile on her face, and introduces him to Vai Kaxairakakakin, the head Gardener [and obvious war veteran]. She then offers to show Golan around some of the less sensitive areas of the Palace.

As they travel at a slow and sedate pace, Golan is amazed at the number of capable fighters, and the degree of security. "Is it always this busy?" He asks, figuring it ito be a natural question for someone so new.

"Oh no!" She replies. "You must know that they were planning to vote today?"

Golan nods.

"Well, they've delayed for several days."

Golan did not need to pretend his suprise.

"Kaxaixanakin has been otherwise distracted..." She offered no further infrmation and Golan thought it prudent to ask for no more - at this stage.
04-10-2003, 14:45
Head of Intelligence James Folsom was just about to consider getting a coffee when one of the communications techs came up to him with a confused look on her face. "Sir, we just got this, it came through the old outer sea warning channels, I was wondering if you could make any sense of it?"

James picked up the transcript, read it and then was glad he didn't have any coffee as he would have sent it flying. "Forward this immediately to DomLeBef along with a polite but firm request enquiring what the hell is going on, and inform General Halsguard. The flag is an extra-regional alarm, but the content seems to say otherwise, unless someone has become involved in their affairs from outside the region.

[...49/4845/029483/011%%30 ... ... ... authourisation confirmed. Ident: Anaxa T.V. Kaxaikakanakin... ... ... ... ... Ident: confirmed... ...]

GRADE A REGIONAL INCURSION [details to follow]
From: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Supreme Commander Anaxa
To: Yerwaht High Command
URGENT... Please pass to SecAlliance partner DomLBeF...
Message received...
Interested... ...
Communications extremely limited...
...however. We are willing... ... ...
...note that... sit...
...uation here is...
...deteriorating fast... ...
...Wahtax... ... ... Vai... ...
... ... soon fall.
...Brother... ... has...
...killed ... ... ...2100... ... in elf-... ... ...
...PS... ... no extra... ...
...regional... ... ... incursion... ...
04-10-2003, 19:08
Ministry of Offensive Defence, DomLBeF
Secure Satellite Transmission, SecAlliancePrototol-Alpha-Two-Six-Nine, to
Intelligence Directorate, Yerwhat

Transcript of message recieved and successful writeback acknowledged. Thanks to your government for speedily passing on the message. This transmission represents the hopefully successful mid-point of our efforts to establish a diplomatic dialogue with the Anaxan rebel factions.


Ministry of Offensive Defence, DomLBeF
A secure room deep beneath the Ministry building

A hunched figure is sat at a situation room desk, looking through lists of material gathered on various Devils Desert nations. He's interrupted by the arrival of a junior official who approaches him holding a folder.

"We've got a response in the positive from the Anaxan rebels, sir, though they had to be creative in how they went about responding. Here's the verdict from SigInt about how best to proceed."

The man at the desk leans back, takes a swig of luke-warm coffee from the mug on his desk, and leafs through the folder's contents.

"All right. Operation Light My Fire is approved."


DomLBeF Reciprocity Class Battle Platform 'Inexorable', Outer Earth Orbit

Suited technicians finish loading shockproofed equipment modules into the aerogel-cushioned interiors of five drop-drones, torpedoshaped re-entry vehicles made thick by ablative heatproofing ready for the epic journey back through the atmosphere. The drones are loaded into launch tubes ready for ejection from the station.

"Ready for drop. Decoy drones loaded in the tubes. Payload drones loaded in the tubes. Good to go." says the lead technician into his suit microphone.

Back in the command center, the Chief of the Station notes that his drop-board indicator lights for tubes one through ten have changed from the amber of unready to the green of good-to-go. He turns to the station commander, sat suspended in his control station at the center of the command chamber. "Good to go, sir."

The commander reviews the trajectories and operational plans for the mission for one final time, and then flips a switch on his control board, unlocking the launch safeties. "On my mark...... drop, drop, drop."

At the point of command, the Chief flips a toggle on his board, and with a rush of compressed gas the ejection tubes are vented, sending their contents on a one-way trip towards the atmosphere. Minor corrections are made by small chemical rockets on the drones, and then gravity does the rest over time.

The decoy drones match with the payload drones as they streak through the atmosphere, their systems giving off the impression that this collection of material entering the earth's airy casing is nothing but a collection of meteors which will burn up. The decoys do burn up. The payload-carrying drones, reduced in size as their ablative casings disintegrate under the stresses of re-entry, continue on their ballistic trajectories towards particular parts of Anaxa. Moments before impact, parachutes are ejected from the rear of the pods, and this slows their terminal-velocity descent enough that they slam into the ground of their targets with only enough force to make a boom that can be heard for a mile around. One of the drone carriers does not survive the impact, slamming into a concrete road pillar and detonating in a massive release of kinetic energy. The other four drones survive impact, and their wideband transponders begin screaming 'HERE I AM, HERE I AM' (figuratively speaking) into the electronic ether.

Each drone was targetted to the nearest open area to a major site known to be held by the rebel Anaxan factions, away from the front lines. One at the listening post, one at a large staging area, and so on.

Crash Sites
If investigated by rebel forces

The crash sites have produced craters about the size of a pickup truck. Lying in the craters are the blackened torpedo-shapes of DomLBeF cargo drop-drones, the DomLBeF flag showing on an ident panel behind a thick plexiglas shield. Each cargo pod is identical, and each contains the same payload. The mechanical releases for the pods do open them, though one is buckled and requires being forced into functioning with a crowbar. The hatches open to reveal an area about the size of a car boot filled with a bluish transparent viscous fluid which feels almost solid to the touch, like air-filled jelly. Inside the cushioning gel are four metal cases, about the size of a DJ's record-carrying case, and a message capsule, containing a series of instructions for how to use the equipment contained within them, and who the delivery is for: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin. The cases contain an automated secure communications system utilising DomLBeF laser communications technology with backup microwave error-checking. Connect the system together in an outside open area, and the unjammable yet invisible beam will track and then lance into the heavens, piercing - dramatically speaking - a DomLBeF satellite orbiting geosynchronously over Anaxa. The entire system is automated and in fact there are only two settings - on and off - and two external sockets - one for power, one for the communications input/output jack - a cable connected to this jack could be of any length, there is no need to be standing next to the gear to use it (though there are other sockets for connecting the system boxes together, with the relevent cables spooling out from behind marked covers on the cases in a manner reminiscent of vacuum cleaner power cables). There's a warning not to attempt to open the casings except through the marked hatches, since there are 'antitamper devices' present in the equipment. Finally at the end of the note is a message:

To: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin
From: Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF
Re: Current situation in Anaxa

Further to your communication, we are interested in opening up a dialogue with your faction, since we feel that your taking control in Anaxa is of marked superiority to your opponent remaining in power.

Accordingly we are prepared to offer assistance as you may request, covert or overt. Our resources are not inconsiderable, and we believe that you have needs we can fulfill to assist you in finding yourself victorious in this conflict.

We await your response with interest.
05-10-2003, 12:53
Special Envoy Mark savagely kicked the young Kax in the neck, hoping to snap it. "Grab her, man," he said forcefully to Tarikan Ladinakin. He rifled the Kax's pockets for items - ID, security pass cards, weapons - after ensuring the assailant was dead.

"We need to go - gather up your family, get you safe," he said as the older Kax picked up his daughter. He did occasionally shoot the odd look at the Tarikan, pretty sure he hadn't misread the situation and that the father wasn't attacking the child.


Special Envoy Golan watched with an eagle eye the palace, attempting to not only gather a layout of the parts he'd visited but extrapolate what the inner, forbidden parts might look like. He kept the laughing and small-talk up with Kanixil Kadarakaikin, using her as an excuse to watch what parts of the manned and remote security he could - position of weapons in holsters, cameras, and so on. As the tour came to an end, he decided to use the previously-successful mixture of flattery and questions to elicit more information.

"Thanks so much for this, Kanixila. I'm amazed you got me a job so fast - they must really trust you here!"

During the palace tour, he looks for things such as chandaliers or other things that can be dropped/crushed/stabbed into/used to suffocate the evil President. Failing that, a decent balcony spot to snipe him with one of his guard's weapons.
06-10-2003, 21:07
Central Command, Anaxan Air Defence Arm, Anaxa City

Vai Lakinakinakin watched the meteor shower as it entered Anaxan space. He watched carefully as the meteors burned up, and thought about informing the AADA Tarikan, but eventually decided that the shower had been a pretty show and little else. The Tarikan had asked to be informed of anything suspicious, but there was nothing suspicious about this storm - interesting and unusual as it was.

He stored the files for later closer examination.


Somewhere near Wahtax Moor Listening Post, Wahtax

Tarikan Cooper was getting bored. He was already extremely tired and his men were beginning to get distracted [although they would eat well as Vai Taxartis had shot a stag]. Resigned, he ordered his men to make camp.

You would think it would be simple to find an object that was screaming into the electronic aether like the banshee [completely disrupting several of the Moor;s monitoring systems, but it had proved to be anything but. Tarikan Cooper had spent all of his life in the Wahtax region and was not slightly suprised. Even though he could tune the receiver that the technicians from the Moor had given him to locate the object, the horribly complex terrain had a distorting effect on the signals and made travel extremely slow.

Quite frankly, he'd have rather been working on some obscure piece of decoding or technology back at the moor than wandering a frosty wasteland of vicious chasms and silently brooding foliage.

"Tarikan!" Came a voice that Cooper recognised as that of Vai Hylat [also a native of Wahtax], "I think we've found it!"

Everyone paused in the action of making camp. "Show me," the Tarikan ordered. On reaching a rocky outcrop, the Vai handed him a pair of field glases and pointed to a large grassy plateau across a small lake. Cooper focused on the rough patch and easily identifed a parachute.



Daraksa Bay, Andarak Penisula

Lara had seen the pretty angel flying over the woods. She was sure of it. Daddy had always told her that the Axa had appeared glowing from the sky, but he'd always thought he was being silly, and now she couldn't find it. She was sure it would be big. It had shouted really loudly when it went behind the woods as well.

Maybe it was hiding.

Lara wasn't sure if angels hid. "If I were an angel then I'd hide from the bad men," she reasoned.

But the angel wasn't hiding. [Lara hadn't really believed that an angel would hide anyway]. It was in the football pitch. It didn't look like angels she remembered. Its wings were floppy and all over the floor and it didn't look like an Axa either.

Lara was distraught to see that the boys had found the angel first. Boys were mean. Lara knew that they wouldn't let her see the angel without being mean, so she decided to tell daddy. Daddy was a policeman and would be able to scare off the boys if they were mean...

ten minutes later

"Yes darling its an angel..." Daddy hastily routed a warning through to Andarak Command, "...but I think its sleeping now. Come on kids. LEAVE IT ALONE!"


To: Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF
From: Mediator Kadakaikai
Re: Your Package.

Reylla package received. Will pass on to Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin within a few days.


Special Envoy Mark heard a satisfying crack as he kicked at the Kax's neck. He carried no weapon [although he had a holster and a knife clip -both empty]. His ID proclaimed him as Vai KAxatatatakin of the Anaxan third army [currently engaged in Wintax Danat fighting on the rebel side].

The older Kax looked nervous, but nodded to Mark. "Thankyou," he said. "I don't know how I can ever..."

"Don't worry, lets just get out of here..."

They caught up with the rest of the family after a few minutes and a brief tearful reunion ensued.

"I know a place that we can go. I have a friend who..." he paused. "...who used to be in the army." It sounded like a lie to Mark, but few other options presented themselves...


Special Envoy Golan was fast becoming an expert on the comings and goings in the palace. He felt that he had a reasonable grasp of the personalities and moods of the staff. However, he has to maintain a careful cover as he's constantly watched. He gets extensive knowledge of the basement that holds many of the staff and of the grounds. Being a gardener, he's also able to supply himself with an array of potentially lethal weapons completely legitimately.

The lower floors of the palace are sumptuously decorated, which translates into a whole plethora of weaponry for the creative killer. However, security is extremely tight, with cameras everywhere. The guards look extremely well trained, and carry at least two firearms [one at the waist and one other which usually in a shoulder holster or a foot holter]. Many others carry a more weapons. He suspects that if he could get close to his target that he would have no trouble in killing him with simply the improvised weapons at hand.

Shooting from a balcony is a tougher task as all of the windows - even on the lower levels are bullet proof. The floors and walls are also reinforced. All areas above the first floor are out of bounds, even Kadarakaikin won't [or cannot] take him higher.

Gossip suggests that the reason for the delay is a visit from The Soldier of Tarak [the only neutral region], which is backed up by the presence of the Mother of Tarak [spotted as Golan weeded a flower bed].
07-10-2003, 11:34
OOC Appologies for the delay in response, moved house on v. short notice over the weekend. Appologies also for brevity of this reply.

Tony and Elthian are following the group Kax and the stranger, determining that they are probably rebels by the fact that they don't go to the authorities, and seeking to learn a location to make contact.

Dan and Lila open the door to the flat and offer their papers (and Lex's) while Lex hurridly hides his firearm above one of the loose ceiling tiles in the loo. Flushing, washing his hands and emerging he joins them.
Their papers are in order, under their cover identities... whether this gets them into trouble is another matter.
07-10-2003, 18:47
Special Envoy Mark feels very suspicious - both at the lack of weapons, and the ID card. It could be genuine, in which case Ladinikin might have been trying to sell out his own family ... or the Kax could have been a spy inside the rebels. Or it could have been fake, planted to incriminate and further split the rebels. However, the family seems happy to see the old Kax again, and so ... Mark agrees to head to the house mentioned.

He keeps a careful eye out, trying to ensure they aren't followed whilst making sure Ladinakin doesn't get an easy chance at stabbing him.


Special Envoy Golan is tempted to arrange an accident for the Mother of Tarak, but decides it will be far too hard to frame it properly so it looks like an act of Ka ... the elder son.

Instead, he picks a place near the entrance hall - the steps heading up to the private rooms, which has a plethora of vases with flowers in. He then checks to see how often the water is changed - he's a gardener, he probably assists in some matter. If the answer is once every week or longer, he'll put ballbearings in the vase.

Of course, the big idea is to make it seem as if the elder son is killed by one of his own men. That denotes a pistol, and an area without security cameras. The only obvious option is the Gents used by the guards - which presumably doesn't have cameras on it constantly.

Golan observes the guards, attempting to determine if any ... go to the toilet a lot. If so, he attempts to find a maskmakers in the city at short notice who can make a mask of a sketch he'll produce - one that looks very like the incontinent Kax in question.

The idea will be to follow them in, brain them with a handy household ornament (a crystal, or paperweight perhaps), take the gun and uniform and face, scrawl "I did it for <name of female Kax reputed to be sleeping with elder son at this time>"), shoot the vase he put ballbearings in on the stairs, causing ball bearings to roll down said stairs, hopefully putting the elder brother and his bodyguards on their arses. Then a few quick shots to the head, run into the toilets, rip mask off, put gun in man's hand, and sod off outta the window post-haste.

They will get in, discover the suicided guard with the supposed love interest excuse, and he'll have time to leave.

That's the plan, at least.
09-10-2003, 10:38
OOC In which case Special Envoy Mark is going to be aware of being followed, but in order to figure out whom, would probably have to take his eyes of the other two for a significant period.
14-10-2003, 21:04

Government forces confirmed today that they had captured the strategic city of Valakir, the largest city in the dissident Vai region and the last significant rebel holding south of the Kalat Xanad mountains. Rebel forces - who still hold the important high ground and passes to the north of the city appear to have withdrawn into more defensible terrain in the face of a sustained assault by Government troops.


[OOC DomLBeF can trace the source of this transmission to the far northern city of Roxax Point]

To: Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF
From: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
Re: The current situation in Anaxa

Whilst we are, of course, delighted to be once again in communication with the outside world, we fear that we shall have to politely decline your kind offer of assistance. We do not wish to doubt your motivations in this endeavour, but overt foreign intervention at this stage would make a complex situation in Anaxa untenable.

Undoubtedly, your diplomatic corps is familiar with the mainstream of our religion. You will understand then that my brother is considered as the embodiment of the Ax upon earth. I have been advised by Mediators Kynes and Kadakaikai that any overt help from a nation so recently considered to be a servant of the Foe [no matter how wrongly] would likely result in my brother abandoning all restraint in this conflict, freeing him to use the full spectrum of our nations considerable offensive abilities against us 'rebels' - and any allies.

However, do not believe that the tide of this war will not turn. The mountains - which we hold with an iron fist - will not fall in the near future. My brothers continued failure to crush us will speak volumes to the people and his continued persecution of Axa is already causing discontent - particularyl amongst the religious.

Further, whilst I can request no overt help, I am certainly interested in what you might offer in terms of covert aid. I only question what your ultimate price will be.

Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin


Happy Home Flats, Kaxaka, Kaxarak.

Dan and Lila open the door to the flat and offer their papers (and Lex's) to the two uniformed men. They look over the papers in an extremely bored manner, seemingly content to ignore such minor details as the writing on the page. Lila smiles graciously as her ID is returned.

"Thankyou all very much," Says one of the men. They depart soon after. Ten minutes later and the soldiers are filing into the coutyard again with a single prisoner, an Axa female - whose trendy bright clothing and PEACE badge identify her as a student - who they drag kicking and screaming into the courtyard.

As the soldiers haul her into the truck she bites one of them so viciously on the hand that blood streaks down his arm. He cuffs her across the face with a savage blow that splays her delicate elven nose across half of her face, and she collapses to the ground. He then pulls his gun and aims at the terrified girls forehead. He shouts a stream of abuse about her lineage and her 'pathetic race of pointy eared freaks', that she 'isn't so graceful now'.

Lex recognises a man working himself up to kill, and notes the unease of several of his fellow soldiers, but they do not intervene even as the Kax announces his intention to 'blow the Axa bitches brains out'...


Special Envoy Mark is pleased to reach the house without encountering any more serious problems. To his relief, the politician - whilst obviously suspicious -makes no hostile move whatsoever against him.

The house, in a more affluent suburb, is a neatly kept wooden structure. The gardens are obviously meticulously cared for and two expensive looking cars gleam on the driveway. Special Envoy Mark is approaching with the family when he becomes wary, he's not sure why, but he pauses and instinctively takes a second look at the structure.

All seems normal. He is about to continue when he spots a glint of metal behind a carefully manicured hedge. It is gone in an instant but it looked like a gun.

Noting that Mark had stopped, although unaware as to the cause, Ladinakin reassures the special envoy that all is well...


Lara Palace, Laraheim, Anaxa

Special Envoy Golan has problems priming a vase [several if he wants to], the Security Staff ,although not gardeners themselves, are incredibly paranoid, but he eventually suceeds in getting the ball bearings in place. The vase is perfect, halway up the main staircase between the palace's main reception room and the old Farus dynasty ornamented entrance hall [a favourite for state occasions].

He searches for likely candidates amongst the guards and, although the opportunity may not prove as frequent as he might like, one of the guards currently has a mild kidney complaint which sees him going for many toilet stops a day. Everything is in place, but the target just will not show himself.

Whilst maintaining his cover as a gardener, he finds out two useful pieces of information when he overhears a conversation between two bodyguards. One is a member of palace security and the other is a member of the Soldier of Taraks personal staff. Firstly, Tarak will declare for the elder son over the next few weeks - provided that the bill "Protection From the Enemy Within" is toned down. Secondly, that Tarikan Vai Kaxaixanakin has at least _three_ body doubles within the palace. Hitting the right one might be difficult...


Vayln Coastal Defence Battery, Andarak Peninsula, Anaxa

Xaxal Tarikan Kaxadakin examined his squads handiwork with great pleasure. Whilst the Andarak regular forces had not been all that well trained, his Kax had done a sterling job of eliminating them with minimal fuss. He wasn't sure exactly what his commmanders hoped to achieve with this stunt, but he was eager to find out.

Now they primed the sophisticated battery and prepared to fire.

"Tarikan, we have identifed several targets within the enemy field of operations."

"Excellent work gentlemen. Is everyone clear on the evacuation plans? We will only have minutes once the first munitions are released before Rebel forces realise what has happened."

A confident silence greeted him and he looked again at the forbidding black suits worn by his special forces unit.

He checked his watch. "Fire at will, gentlemen."

It must have been his imagination, but he thought he could actually hear the munitions streaking over the Kalat Sea on their way to destroy a variety of Yerwahtian shipping and land-based targets...
14-10-2003, 22:36
Special Envoy Mark smiles at Ladinakin as they head towards the house, and catches up with the old politician and his family as they walk between the two parked cars. Then ...

"Get down!" he says, and tries to push the family down - figuring Ladinakin can manage himself, from his military training.

Two cars ... house owned by rich military person, in Anaxa ... they'll be armoured and with bulletproof glass, Mark thinks. He drops onto his hands, quickly checking under each for a car bomb, before trying the handle of the car nearest to see if it would open.

"Gunmen," he whispers to Ladinakin. "Hiding."

* * *

Special Envoy Golan spends his time pottering around the palace, attempting to learn to differentiate between the body doubles. Plastic surgery is easy, but mannerisms are hard to learn. Most of all, eyes are the problem. Each will have different eyes. If he can recognise the body doubles as individuals by the time the real Kaxaixanakin arrives, he'll have a good shot at not making a premature kill attempt.

* * *

Encouraging violence in a palace named after Laura. How appropriate. And dammit, Jimbob, you owe me a pint for going against my wishes of unity, peace and fluffiness!
15-10-2003, 00:38
General Halsgard suveyed the DAMOCLES readouts and turned to leave, but paused when an alert beeping caught the edge of his hearing. Sweeping his eyes back over the displays he frown for a second as a call came from the regional monitoring systems.

"Fire from Anaxa, sir! We are under attack!"

"What? Where? Warn the targets!"

"No time sir, they've shot at some of our border defences, hopefully they are dug in enough to weather it, but they have also targeted some merchantmen. There is nothing we can do."

Halsgard turned to the displays as three Yerwahtten merchant vessel signals winked out, and some of the northen defense positions started flashing a warning red, and the communications board lit up.

"Defences report minor casualties, no word from the shipping, sir."

"Very well. Complete the mobilisation of the second fleet and tell it to send some ships to the last know position of the merchantmen. Call up the Last Peak and Underhill forces and have them ready to re-enforce the border as soon as I say so. Airborne is to ready to drop infantry and Mountain Lion units within 30min of go. Double the CAP. Prep two teams of Cougars, ready to go in and find out about where they came from, I'm going to send messages to the rest of the SA and the other of the other DD nations. Wake the Govenor and brief him."


Messsage to all members of Security Alliance, top priority, from Yerwaht.

Have just recieved fire from Anaxan costal defence battery situated at Vayln. Defences and shipping targeted, civilian casualties from merchant shipping confirmed, minor military casuaties. Loss of up to three merchant vessels. Armed forces are on high alert, the second fleet is about to put to sea to secure our eastern territorial waters. Two teams of Yerwahtten Cougar special forces are preparing to mount a raid on the battery. We are not about to invade, however.

General Fredrick Halsgard, C-in-C Yerwahtten Armed Forces
[Transmission complete]

Message to all Devils Desert Nations, sent the morning after the attack.

Last night, Yerwahtten assets inside our country came under fire from Anaxan costal defences. Our easter border installations received some damage, but two merchant ships were sunk and one left dead in the water by this attack.

[Footage of badly damaged ship and pulling survivors out of the water onto Yerwahtten naval vessels attatched.]

We are mobilising armed forces, but as of yet no plans to move into Anaxa have been made. Our allies in the Security Alliance have already been informed. We urge Serenkaarzak and Stuff and Shinies to monitor their borders and divert their shipping out of range of Anaxan defences.
15-10-2003, 04:49
Nikean leadership urges the government of Yerwaht to slow its hasty mobilization for action based on recent attacks on his borders. We believe that the government of Anaxa deserves to give an explanation for the events, and hope that there is a satisfactory response to the inquiry.

Rakurain Nirstiterel
Dominion of Nikea
Minister of Foreign Relations
15-10-2003, 11:48
Security Alliance Transmission, via SA-Comsat Bravo-1, LBeF -> Yerwhat, encoded, priority one

Report of attack received
MilInt believes Vayln currently held by rebel forces
Ministry of Foreign Intervention currently in discussion with those forces
Request special forces intrusion put on hold since would show lack of faith
Concur with mobilisation, dispatching Falcon Rapid Interceptors for support

Ministry of Foreign Relations, DomLBeF
diplomatic transmission to
Ministry of Foreign Relations, Nikea

As Security Alliance Chair Nation, we are responding on behalf of our collective members to your open-band request of a delay in mobilisation on the part of Yerwhat.

We feel that a mobilisation of armed forces is only reasonable since the government of Anaxa has to this point made repeated statements of a desire for war with Yerwhat, and that an artillery attack on shipping and coastal emplacements certainly offers a threat to national security. As of this point these Yerwhatian forces are taking up defensive positions only, reinforced by three airborne battalions of DomLBeF troops which are already in place in Yerwhat. We regret, in diplomatic terms, your use of the word hasty.

We also believe that the blanket communications jamming, travel embargo, and blockade of their own coastline currently being put in place by the government of Anaxa indicates their desire not to enter into diplomatic communications.

Furthermore, we currently believe this coastal battery to be within territory controlled by the so-called rebel faction of the Anaxan nation, which does not lead us to believe that the government of Anaxa would issue a statement or launch an inquiry should we request one, let alone be able to pursue such an inquiry. As for communication with the rebel faction, currently the Anaxan faction 'in power' is preventing all such communications.

Joaquim Fernandez
Minister for Foreign Intervention
Chairman, Security Alliance Council

To: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
From: Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF
Re: The current situation in Anaxa

We are aware of the likely responses to overt action on our part or on the part of the Security Alliance, and accept your refusal of our aid in that fashion - indeed it was expected. However, we made the offer to show our sincerity in desiring to assist you resolve your dispute with your brother and his faction successfully. Our conflicts with your nation in the past are secondary to our desire to have a more stable and less aggressive Anaxa within the Devils Desert Region, since we see this situation as only helping our national interests.

We take on board your statement that the tide of war will turn, but our military analysts are not confident that this state of affairs will take place in any major level if the status quo is maintained: a guerilla conflict is unlikely to remove an entrenched government from power, particularly in the unique circumstances of your nation.

In terms of aid we can offer covertly, this includes but is not limited to:

Armaments: small arms and manportable heavy weapons (ballistic and rocket systems) are easily provided. If you can secure us airfields, airdrop sites, or a port facility, we can also provide larger systems such as artillery and vehicles.

Fiscal aid is a possibility, since we realise that while you hold territory currently your government has no firm source of income. DomLBeF possesses a large reserve of Anaxan currency, and you will need to pay your troops and purchase necessaries.

Strategic materiel - food, fuel, and ammunition. We understand the areas of territory you currently hold are not well supplied with the systems for aquiring these vital necessities of modern warfare.

Assistance in setting up a communications network for your territory which can defeat the blanket jamming being operated by the faction in power. We can provide more laser satellite communications systems and the capability to transmit between them when bounced off the DomLBeF milsat currently orbiting geosynchronously.

Military Intelligence data on the situation in Anaxa from our orbiting and ground-based sensor systems.

Targetted strikes on locations by Security Alliance Special Forces. This is the most 'overt' of the covert support we can give, nonetheless we offer it.

If there are other requirements which you have, we are prepared to listen.

In terms of cost, if you attain power, we cannot hold you to any terms, so why worry? All we seek is goodwill... and more importantly, regional stability.
15-10-2003, 11:58
<Transmission: Vai Tarikan Kaxaixanakin>
<From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs>
<Manager Sarah Eldon, Director WAA Relations>
<Subject: Internal Conflict>

Vai Tarikan Kaxaixanakin, last night intelligence reported forces from Anaxa firing upon their neighbour Yerwaht without warning. As Anaxa is still part of the W.A.A. grouping, and Whispering Voices has extensive military commitments elsewhere, we are most disappointed in your failure to keep your longstanding foreign allies informed as to the internal status of your situation.

I am sure I do not need to harp on about the gravity of this situation, the risk to the stability of the Desert, or the sheer insanity of catapulting a region such as ours - with immense and well-trained and, most of all, advanced militaries into a war.

Your civil war is indeed your business. The actions of your country that impinge upon other nations are a concern for WAA and for the Devil's Desert as a whole.

I have faith that those orders were not given by yourself, and I trust that the Anaxan commander responsible is brought to justice immediately.
15-10-2003, 22:53
Nikeaeleth Dominiu, A Empirieth Queldi

Et: Rakurain Nirstiterel, Derotinuvisorinisteleth Ministrielis
Quersi: Anglio
Transmission to Joaquim Fernandez, Minister for Foreign Intervention, Security Alliance Chairman


We concede that the points that you have brought up make sense, and we apologize for the misuse of the word hasty. It is inevitable that some errors in translation may occur in such transmissions between nations who speak different languages. However, it is our position that such mobilizations, even in the acts of defense, will bring further instability to the Devils Desert. It is highly desirable for all nations within the Desert that the region be stabilized, and such actions only lessen the chances for a stable region.

I do not ask that the Yerwahtian forces cease necessary operations to defend themselves from any Anaxa rebel attacks. However, as regional allies, we must be willing to allow the government of Anaxa to either claim or deny responsibility for the events on the Yerwaht-Anaxian borders. We, for our sake, hope that the government of Anaxa had no part of this and that it was an unfortunate event of their country's rebel movement.

The government of Nikea simply wants stability in the region of the Devils Desert. We do not wish for war between two nations within the region, but we also do not stand for unreasonable attacks on other sovereign nations. Should it be determined that it was indeed the fault of the Anaxa government and not its rebel movement, we do not object to Yerwahtian actions.

Rakurain Nirstiterel
Dominion of Nikea
Minister of Foreign Relations
16-10-2003, 00:45
Security alliance coded transmission
Cougar mission put on hold, although two squads wil be kept on instant readiness. 1st border division re-enforced by Nothingfjord infantry, alpine and Mountain Lion divisions. No standard armoured divisions deployed as yet. 2nd fleet deployed in majority to eastern territorial waters. Constant CAP over eastern near-border airspace. Airbases are being readied for the use of the Security Alliance. To DomLeBef, Brightswathe airbase in Southeastern Yerwaht is being made ready for the use of the divisions already in Yerwaht, plus any transporting you may wish to do. If any SA members prefer a dedicated airbase, please inform us. We ask you to please inform Austrin-Ontis of the potential for incresed traffic, although we believe the air corridor agreement to still be in effect.

Yerwahtten news broadcast
Yerwatten forces have recently re-enforced the Eastern border with Anaxa after the Prize of the Mountain incedent. No offensive formations appear to have been brought up though, and no talk of invasion is apparent. Yerwahtten defensive forces appear to be on high alert, however, even on the borders with Austrin-Ontis and Serenkaarzak. The Council released a statement saying they believed no threat existed from these countries as of yet, and that the increased monitoring was standard military procedure.

(Prize of the Mountain was one of the merchant ships sunk by the coastal battery, only three survivors were picked up. If anyone is attempting to investigate the events in Yerwaht more closely, please inform me.)
16-10-2003, 14:53
Athculachk sat in his chair facing the window. His view encompassed the magnificent temple of Tchuchla, the very heart of the nation. It glowed a dark red in the last remaining rays of the setting sun. Standing behind him was one of the nameless bureaucrats, undoubtedly talented but without any real idea of how the nation held together. He stood waiting for the inevitable commands. The situation in Yerwaht concerning Anaxa had gone too far. Although Athculachk held no real love for the SA he understood their value and would stand by them. However, he mused, for too long has the region allowed a ludicrous amount of freedom to the psychotic thrashings of Anaxa. The HIgh Priest was not capable of making any decisions anymore. The decision was Athculachk's. Action had to be taken.

<<<<<<<<<SECURITY ALLIANCE>>>>>>>>



High Priests Council, Tchuchla
VIA SA Secure Transmission,

TO: Ministry of Offensive Defence, DomLBef
I regret to inform you that the High Priest disagrees most vocally about the intended policy of supplying Anaxan rebels. This is unacceptable. He feels that it is inexcusable that we have allowed this dangerous nation so much freedom in conducting its affairs. To this end we are making preperations for a military entry into this situation. We formally request more extensive use of DomLBef facilities, particularly airfields to help us achieve these ends. The first parts of our intended presence will arrive by tomorrow. Thank you for your co-operation, in allowing us to achieve peace and stability throughout the region.

Athculachk- Secretary to the High Priest's Council
16-10-2003, 16:43
Security Alliance Coded Transmission
Thulackack, please be aware that no military moves should be made against Anaxa without the vote of the Alliance, probably after canvassing the other nations of the Devils Desert for their stance. I am sure this will not be long, though.
17-10-2003, 13:15
The actions of Thulackack on this issue are purely unilateral. We are not operating under the banner of the SA, but as an independent and sovreign nation. The concerns of other members are appreciated, but Thulack's Might is more than capable of the job. Our plans will go ahead as planned.
17-10-2003, 14:21
Athculachk paced the room. He knew that there would be a massive uproar from Thulackack's allies concerning the proposed Anaxan actions. However he knew this was right path. Of course, he smirked, right had no moral connection in this instance. The High Priest's long illness had provided Athculachk with the opportunity he needed. Within the bloated bureaucracy of Thulack's Holy Council, it was Athculachk who actually ensured that the correct policies went out. This was to be the only opportunity he would ever had. Eventually the rest of the College of Priests would discover the truth of the High Priest's condition and then... Well, he mused, there would be an opportunity to meet Thulack.
As he paced a man in the non-descript robes of a 5th Circle Acolyte entered the plush office, taking a pile of paper from Athculachk's immaculate desk. A moment of doubt entered his mind. How many people would die for some petty power play on his part? How many innocent men just following their orders? Perhaps it wasn't too late, he could pull the nation back from the brink of its planned invasion.

He straightened up and replaced his poker face. No. This had to be. The nation was already showing signs of tremendous strain. The infidels had been getting much stronger recently, and a war was necessary to remind Thulackack of its roots, and the realities of Thulack. That was the only way to remove these atheistic scum that haunted so many of the intelligence reports.

At least, he prayed it was.
19-10-2003, 21:37
From: The Office of The President
To: Open transmission

We wholeheartedly condemn the attack of Yerwahtan assets by rebel forces. This arrogant and ill thought through attempt to widen the conflict will not be successful. In retaliation we have launched a massive bombardment of the rebel implacement in question.

Once our civil war is resolved then the Yerwahtan situation will be dealt with in a more constructive manner.

We are pleased to see that Stuff and Shinies is reacting in a measured and responsible manner over this current crisis. We would ask other powers to act in such a constructive manner. The situation in the Anaxan north will soon be resolved.



Tarak Declares for Kaxaixanakin!

Rebel forces reeling from yet another lightening assault by our glorious government are now in dire straits after the Soldier and Mother of Tarak delcared their support for Tarikan Vai Kaxaixanakin's Presidency. Their statement of support was backed up by Taraks reserves entering the fierce battle against rebel forces entrenched around the city of Reylla.

Political commentators cite a watering down of a controversial bill that would limit the rights of Axa and humans within Anaxa and recent aggressive posturing by Thulackack as the major reasons for the move.

The Soldier of Tarak also highlighted his belief that "any and all means avialable to our considerable military should be employed in the defence of the true Anaxan way of life".


From: The Office of The President
To: The High Priest of Thulack's Holy Council
Regards: Your Threat [open commnication]

Kindly withdraw the threat of violence against our nation. Any assault by your forces will meet with a fierce resistance, likely resulting in the Martyrdom of the vast majority of your assets in the area. We will remain on high alert. Please be advised that your vessels will come under fire without warning if they enter Anaxan waters.


Bridge, Karadari Laradakai, Flagship Southern Fleet, Anaxan Inner Sea Coast

Tarikan Vai Taxarad was extremely irritable. The entire bridge crew felt as though even doing their jobs correctly was unlikely to save them from his wrath today.

Xakanad Vai Rennis understood the situation only too well. The Commander of the Southern Fleet's had maintained a precarious neutrality as the two brothers fought in the north of Anaxa. Only now Taxarad's hand was being forced by the threat of Thulackian invasion. The Tarikan had discussed the situation long and hard with Rennis the previous evening. Whilst loathe to openly support the vicious Kaxaixanakin, his home ports all fell within Government territory. In the face of a possible assault by the Thulackan infidels, there was no choice...

After several hours of irritable pacing, Tarikan Vai Taxarad evidently made his decision. He turned to his comms officer, "Open me a top security channel to High Command".

Only Rennis heard him mutter, "...and place my ships fully under the control of that bastard."
19-10-2003, 22:25
From: The Office of The President
To: Manager Sarah Eldon, Director WAA Relations, Whispering Voices Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Subject: The Pitiful Rebellion

We must regretfully confirm the assault on Yerwaht from batteries in the rebel-held Andarak region. We are unclear as to the sequence of events leading up to the firing of the battery, which was neutralised shortly after it opened fire by units of the Anaxan Air Defence Wing.

As one of the most advanced militaries in the region, we understand fully the dangers of an escalation of this conflict. Both sides of this unhappy civil war have, thus far, kept to the Tenets of Honour - keeping our most dangerous and advanced weapons away from the conflict. However, we regret that the gravity of the situation has made such restraint untenable in the long term. Whilst we have no wish to use some of our more destructive weapons, we feel that preparations must be made against the imminent threat to our sovereignty posed by Thulackack. Should they insist on entering Anaxan territory they will witness the full force of our fully-armed and operational coastal defences.

Our sources suggest that the battery commander at Valyn was killed in our retaliation. It is unclear at this juncture which rebel commander ordered the assault, and may be until we have dismantled the rebel machine fully.


Black Fortress Aerospace Complex, Natax Danak, Anaxa

At 2100 all non-allied assets currently in orbit over Anaxa come under assault [OOC its fair to assume that we miss alot of stuff - if people think this is going beyond realistic technology levels then we'll just not bother], most by simple laser or microwave attack.

At 2104 five craft are propelled into space. Their contents are unclear, but the payload of each is projected in excess of escape velocity and the craft continue to accelerate away from the planet and into the cold, hard nothing of deep space.


To: Ministry of Foreign Intervention, DomLBeF
From: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
Re: The current situation in Anaxa

We thankyou for the offer. I believe that removing my brother from power to be in everyone's national interests [Anaxa included].

> We take on board your statement that the tide of war will turn, but our
> military analysts are not confident that this state of affairs will take
> place in any major level if the status quo is maintained: a guerilla
> conflict is unlikely to remove an entrenched government from power,
> particularly in the unique circumstances of your nation.

Sadly, your analysts are probably correct, particularly in light of the situation with Thulackack. We are unclear as to how or why one of our batteries fired on Yerwaht, the battery in question was destroyed by the government before our troops could reach the site. I can only confirm that no order was issued by me for this act of savagery. I also hold my commanders in total trust - most of whom have staked their lives on a successful resolution in our favour.

The actions of Thulackack have played into my brothers hands by justifying his xenophobic stance and the threat to our nation will convince even those who are disgusted by Kaxaixanakin to side with him.

In terms of the aid you have offered, we now have little choice bu to accept. Our forces around Reylla are under extreme pressure and the fall of this city would be a disaster.

Inparticular, we have been forced to ration food stocks over the past few weeks, so will gladly accept any aid that you are willing to offer in that respect. Man-portable heavy weapons are also desirable. Whilst we would undoubtedly like heavier systems, we cannot guarantee 100% safety of any incoming craft at this junture. The enemy has a large air assault force which he has been using to devestating effect.

A communications network would be incredibly useful. I'm sure that DomLBeF Ministry of Offensive Defence understands the unusual and difficult situation that communcation by courier leaves us in. Our effective strength would increase considerably if internal communications were inproved. We also accept that all messages would be read and analysed by your own intelligence agencies. In terms of intelligence, we will of course accept any information you have.
19-10-2003, 23:03
There is no gunfire.

Special Envoy Mark is not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, although his assumption about the cars proves correct - he can see the modifications to the underside of he car that confirm its extra armour. Sadly the car is locked - and Mark can see several men in the deep black of Anaxan Special Forces approaching. There is a distinct possibility that there are more men hidden.

As they approach one of the men calls out, his voice distorted and tinny, "Place your hands in the air immediately. Any move to harm the Tarikan and we open fire."

Ladinakin looks confused, but not panicked. He calls out and [to Marks horror] steps out of cover. One of the mens guns swivels to cover the Tarikan. "He's not holding me hostage! Stand down!"

If a man whose face is invisible could look suspicious then the leader now did. "Tarikan, we understand your concern. However our orders here are explicit." His attention refocuses on Mark. "Sir, surrender now..."

It was the sort of order that wasn't going to be repeated.


Happy Home Flats, Kaxaka, Kaxarak.

...the Axa's whimpering terror turns into screaming agony as the soldier fires a bullet into each of her kneecaps. The echoes of the shots ring stridently in the silent word, and the Axa's trousers bleed a violent red.

One of the Vai says something, but is admonished savagely by the crazed soldier. The Vai falls silent, intimidated, and the screaming girl bleeds on...


Golan was starting to feel really pissed off. How hard was it to kill _one_ man. The Anaxan security was the most impressive that he'd ever seen [succession by death certainly lent an urgency to defensive measures that made even WV paranoia look tame]. Golans real problem was that he wasn't seeing enough of any particular version of Kaxaixanakin to easily differenciate between them. Plus - even once he could tell them apart - how would he identify which one was actually Kaxaixanakin. Two of the most distinctive he thought he could recognise 90% of the time [dubbed 'the limp' and 'the smirker' for their most distinctive features].

If only he could find _someone_ in the Palace who knew Kaxaixanakin personally and didn't mind talking to a humble gardener...


OOC: PUNK! I've given you a golden chance for establishing peace and unity within the Devils Desert. You didn't think I'd make it too easy did you? If its really that bad then you could try invading...
Stuff and Shinies
20-10-2003, 20:29
<Transmission on general frequency to all nations>

I would like to officially declare my offer to stage a meeting of all relevant/interested parties to discuss the current situation in Anaxa.

The meeting will be held in totally neutral territory to prevent any issues irrelevant to the talks interfering with the discussion process. All parties are welcome and their safety is assured.

If you wish to be a part of these negotiations please contact me privately to establish relevant details.

That is all.

The Empress
20-10-2003, 21:15
Special Envoy Mark swears, but puts his hands in the air and gives himself up.


Special Envoy Golan begins to search the palace for old, chattery cleaners or perhaps Kaxaixanakin's personal valet.


<Transmission to all Devil's Desert nations>

Recently, notice of a terrorist attack initiated by the nation Isla de Penguinata came to our notice. Under the guise of crewmen on the SS Heimdal, a cargo ship, spies seriously and critically damaged a biogenetics facility in the city of Freeport. All Freeport ships have been locked down for three days to ensure military vessels can confirm that none of the escaped creatures are within that area.

It is advised to all Devil's Desert nations that swimming may possibly be bad.
21-10-2003, 01:06
Before Mark can stand to raise his arms, gunshots ring out across the road and muzzle flashes are clearly visible from the corner of a nearby street and a car parked adjacent to that opening, forming the barest bones of a cross-fire.

The first shots are targeted at the lead two special forces mens' heads, followed by snap shots at the body's of the now-alerted soldiers...

As the two shapes duck behind their respective cover to evade the almost-inevitable return of fire, Tony remarks "Remind me why we're getting involved, huh?".
Elthian's enigmatic response of "Because we have to." is lost in the more important "How many did we get?"

"Cover me, I'll see" come's Tony's answer and two more flashes erupt from the corner to distract from the head sliping briefly over the top of the car.

OOC The pair are armed with the equivalent of Walther PPKs, unsilenced.
The kind of handguns you get at the start of a "Resident Evil" game ;)
22-10-2003, 16:02
TO: Whispering Voices Diplomatic Corp
We thank you for the warning concerning the potential risk to bathers off the Whispering Voices coast. We duly note this but two issues do occur:
1) I would hope that the famed WV security forces will be working hard to prevent any more incidents of this nature.
2) I think that, security issues aside, no people shall be going swimming in that area. I can speak for all Thulackackians when I say this, regardless of shipping hazards.


Athculack leaned back in his chair and grinned. The Anaxan attack had occured at just the right time. Now it was no longer going to be a unilateral action by Thulack's Might alone, but, with careful fanning of the flames, a region wide attack. Whilst the glory was reduced, so too were the expectations of massive casualties. Regardless, Thulack's Might was well positioned for the attack and would be able to claim the lion's share of credit for the victory.
Athculack uttered a quiet prayer to Thulack for the potential disaster that had been averted.


Regardless of any and all decisions made by the Damocles discussions, Thulack's Might is going ahead with its planned peacekeeping action within Anaxan territory. We will ofcourse be making our position clear in the discussions also.
22-10-2003, 16:03
Meanwhile, at the Happy Home Flats.

'Lex and Lila continue to watch out of the window... Lila is pale and silent as she watches the display of violence by the Anaxan Kax. 'Lex is making up for it, filling the air with increasinly imaginative invective under his breath as the brutalisation continues.

Dan, on the other hand has far less restraint and he roughly shoves aside the ceiling tile and siezes one of the handguns concealed there. Striding back towards the window he shoves the other two appart to aim for the soldier doing the beatings... he is dragged to the floor by Dan, however, before he can fire.

"Damnit Alex, how can you not do anything? They're killing her just for wanting peace!"
"Shit, Dan, stop being so niave. We're not an army here, there are just five of us in a military-controlled city. We can't just rush out guns blazing and expect to get out alive!"

Lila takes the gun from Dan and responds in a more rational fashion. "Dan, we can't stop this here... but we can prevent it happening elsewhere if we work on it. 'Lex, we need to move out: this place is getting less friendly by the minute... one day its the elves, next it'll be us foreigners dragged out there."
"Damn Tony and Elthian... they're already late. We wait until midnight for them to get back, then we leave. We'll head out towards the rebel controlled areas and then see what in the way of backup we can get the Strategos to push in for the good guys..."
As he says so, 'Lex closes the curtains somewhat heavy-handedly. "... and nobody shoots nobody unless they have to."
22-10-2003, 20:12
<Transmission to Thulackack>

We would strongly advise against any movement against the Anaxans at this time. Ground force invasions will almost certainly result in the detonation of the suitcase bombs the Anaxans have seemingly secreted everywhere throughout the region, and we are sure that even Thulack doesn't particularly want irradiated priests.

<Transmission to Anaxa>

At 2100 hours yesterday, several MASER beams fried the circuits of five Jameson drones in orbit of the Devils Desert, owned by Whispering Voices.

We are most displeased that the Anaxans should mistake our assets for those of our enemies, and must ask for an immediate diplomatic rendezvous with President Kaxaixanakin.

Yes, that's lies. However, tis very hard to be sure exactly what got hit, with all that debris up there.

Meanwhile, at the Embassy, arrangements are made to give everyone in the embassy iron-cast alibis. Meetings on television, prominent public figures, etc. Even time-dated security camera footage for those embassy personnel. Of course, the real Kaxaixanakin is not expected, however a plot by either the rebels or the non-rebels would be a disaster at this time, so in the event that Kaxaixanakin is "assassinated", steps are being taken to ensure that Whispering Voices cannot be blamed.
22-10-2003, 23:38
Special Envoy Mark is resigning himself to surrender, when a fullisade of gunshots ring out of the night. The two operatives before him crumple - one is obviously killed instantly by the incoming fire, folding to the ground in complete silence. The second is badly hurt, but instinctively opens fire at Mark - at this range, with his gun pointed directly at Mark, he could hardly miss - although fortunately the shots are non-fatal as the Operatives gun had slumped downwards. Mark hoped he wouldn't have to run anywhere in the next few minutes...

However, the gunfire does not cease there. A hail of bullets rip into a car parked across the road and into the corner of a nearby street, where several muzzle flashes are visible [the incoming fire is a mixture of heavy supression fire with several nerve-wrackingly accurate shots that must have been aimed...]. There is no sign of where the bullets are coming from - although the highly trained operatives present in the current skirmish are quickly able to identify five likely sources: a dense thicket to one side of the house, the roof of an adjacent house, the veranda of the same house, a hedgerow almost directly opposite Tony and Elthians position and a car across the road and to T+E's left.

Mark spots another member of the Anaxan special forces unit who has placed himself out of the arc of fire of the Tarrican operatives, but in clear view of the special envoy. He motions for the politician and his family to join him in cover and very, very pointedly indicates for Mark to stay put. In the open. In the middle of a gunfight....


Lara Palace, Laraheim Anaxa

Golan has a horrible suspicion that he's missing something really obvious. Something REALLY obvious. He was so sure that he ALREADY knew someone in the palace that would be able to tell the body doubles apart. But who...and how to persuade that person?


Happy Home Flats, Kaxaka, Kaxarak

A single shot rings out and there is silence.
Stuff and Shinies
23-10-2003, 11:55
<Open transmission to all nations>

Following the recent escalation of violence and threats of invasion Our Empress feels that all deadlines should be moved forward. The conference due to take place should happen immediately. The venue is prepared and is merely awaiting the delegates to begin trying to find a diplomatic resolution to this problem.

We would urge all nations involved to contact us immediately with their proposed representatives so that security and transport can be arranged.

That is all.

The Dept. for Diplomatic Resolutions

On behalf of The Empress

<Encrypted transmission direct to the rebel forces>

To: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
From: The Dept. of Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies

We wish to express our concerns for the current situation in your nation and offer the use of our secure, neutral conference facilities for the resolution of the issue.

To ensure your personal safety we wish to offer transport and escort to the facility, as well as an armed guard for the duration of your stay. This is merely to ensure that you are not prevented from attending this conference by external elements. We will be extending the same offer to your brother to ensure that neutrality is maintained.

We hope that you will be able to reach a peaceful resolution to this conflict before it turns into regional war. The DAMOCLES treaty has been invoked and it is only a matter of time.

<Encrypted transmission to the offices of the President, Anaxa>

To: The Office of The President, Anaxa
From: The Dept. of Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies


We wish to extend an invitation to you to attend a security meeting being held at a secure and neutral venue to discuss the future of your nation. We understand the trouble you have been receiving from the terrorists currently holding the north and suggest that a more permanent solution needs to be reached.

It is with this goal in mind that we offer you secure transport, along with an armed escort, to bring you safely to the venue. An armed guard will be provide for the duration of the meeting and until you are safely returned home.

Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange the finer details.

With respects

The Dept. of Diplomatic Resolution

OOC: If the encryption is broken by anyone's intelligence on the last two messages the messgae is received but the origin of the transmissions is untracable and loops back on itself indefinately :-)
23-10-2003, 13:15
Transmission to Stuff and Shinies

We would be happy to meet in you nation, assuming it is agreed upon as a venue by the other delegates.

Yerwahtten militia are currently moving to secure what was western Serenkaarzak, to ensure day to day services are not disrupted, until it's future is decided by the regional council.
Stuff and Shinies
23-10-2003, 14:40
<Open transmission to Yerwhat command>

The venue for the conference/meeting is neutral and therefore not within any of our lands. The venue is outside of the Devils Desert, but we look forward to receiving you there.

Please contact us to discuss transport and security details.

Thank you

The Dept. for Diplomatic Resolution

On behalf of The Empress
28-10-2003, 01:03
Crunch Battle Turning in Governments Favour

Loyalist forces are reported to have advanced within the city limits of the strategic northern city of Reylla after some of the fiercest fighting seen in Anaxa since the Soulripper Conflict. The Government assault has lasted for a week and government troops - supported by fresh reserve troops from the Tarak region - are reported to be close to a major breakthrough.

The battle is the first time that elite military units have clashed, rebel forces with the 42 Mountain Brigade and the governments First Soldenai.

In other news, police and militia are surrounding a location in Nakatika after a reported rebellion amongst previously loyal units of the 2nd Army.


From: The Office of The President, Anaxa
To: The Dept. of Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies
Encryption: Diplomatic A34-DW5

We will certainly be glad to visit a neutral location to undertake negotiations over the current situation. However, we will require a full set of plans - both for the venue itself and the surrounding area - and access for an advance team of Anaxan Police to check security in the region. We certainly see a permanent solution to the terrorist problem to be forthcoming - the bulk of their regular military are currently being massacred around the city of Reylla.

We will gladly take up your offer of an armed guard, but feel it only fair that we provide our own security also.


From: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
To: The Dept. of Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies c/o DomLBeF

I understand your concerns about the state of our nation at the current time. I do not believe that negotiation with my brother will provide any useful resolution, but I shall attend. I would hope that, in addition to your own security forces, I will be allowed an escort of my own, and the benefit of several of our holy men to advise me in this time of tension and fear.

I would cordially advise against any use of external firepower in the Anaxa region - it is only likely to create a greater problem in the long term. In the face of an external threat to Anaxa, even I will be unable to sustain the current rebellion. Already the actions of a certain nation have damaged the rebel cause - possibly irreparably.
Stuff and Shinies
29-10-2003, 12:33
<Encrypted transmission to The Office of The President, Anaxa>

To: The Office of The President, Anaxa
From: The Dept for Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies

We cannot allow acces to plans for the venue as security would be compromised. To maintain true neutrality we would have to provide plans to everyone and that is simply unacceptable if the delegates are to be kept safe from harm during their stay. However, we are happy to allow an escort to accompany you, although all weapons will be removed for security reasons, and this escort is welcome to examine the venue upon your arrival to ensure that all meets your satisfaction. We can assure you that all precautions are being taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all delegates attending these talks.

To ensure that things get underway as quickly as possible we would like to send a transport to collect you and your escort to take you to the venue. This will give you plenty of time to examine the facility and settle-in before the talks start. If this is acceptable please send us coordinates of where you wish to be collected from and at what time.

We look forward to having you as our honoured guest.

<Encrypted transmission direct to the rebel forces>

To: Tarikan Vai Kaxaikakanakin, Anaxa
From: Dept of Diplomatic Resolution, Stuff and Shinies

We are glad to hear that your presence will be felt at the negotiating table. We will happily allow several of your holy men to accompany you, along with your escort - unarmed of course - and wish to send a transport to collect you as soon as possible.

We feel it is a priority to have you at the venue well in advance of the talks to allow you time to settle-in and take counsel before negotiations commence. Please forward us coordinates of where you wish to be collected and when. Do not worry about security, all precautions are being taken to ensure that all delegates are kept as safe as possible.

We await your signal.
07-11-2003, 20:56

groans in agony as his worthless legs are shattered by the bullets, and collapses in a pool of blood between the two cars. Not really having much choice - towards one paranoid Anaxan with a gun, or towards six others - he rolls under the nearby car. A quick pop of an adrenaline pill allows him to actually act, and he gets out a sturdy knife and tries to lever the car door open.

Open, hopefully, before those bastards shoot the petrol tank ...


attempts to find the girl who got him his job, the highly-placed one who's name is as elusive as it is unpronouncable. Unsure of the exact social practices of the pureblooded Anaxans, he'll try to see if she wants to go to a non-date venue: perhaps a football game or similar. During that conversation, he'll slip in questions about the body doubles and see if she can distinguish them: perhaps chirping up with "I never realised there were so many Kaxaixanakins!" or "I saw the President earlier, his eyes are a little smaller than in the news ... "

oops! totally missed your above reply.