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Cranky Codgers and their Dogs (Old Man RP)

03-09-2003, 18:55
87 year old Melvin Arbuckle sat on his front porch drinking a cold beer. Sleeping by his feet was his hound dog, Frankie.

"Dang blast!" Melvin said. "Damn fargin' icicle eatin' bastards! They better stay off this here porch! Yes sir! I got a shotgun, yes indeed!"
03-09-2003, 19:11
"Blast it, Frankie. Nobody wants to talk to me." Melvin said.

The dog looked straight ahead, not acknowleding him in any way. "I wish i could kill him," he thought.
03-09-2003, 19:26
another old man walked up to the cabin and dropped dead on the stairs. he did not have a dog
03-09-2003, 19:39
Melvin looked for a long time at the dead dogless body. "Sheee-yoot! Frankie! Go get the pot! get it now! oh yeah!"

Before long, a huge cauldron of boiling water was set up on the porch. Melvin got ready to throw the dead body inside.

"Makin' me a fine soup! Oh yes!"
03-09-2003, 19:40
A man of 150 years walks up with a large German Shepard/Wolf mix. He looks up, not a wrinkle or a sign of age past mid thirties. He carries two things, one a Bryar Blaster Pistol witha full charge and a dagger, in case the charge ever runs down.

His body may look young, but his eyes show much experiance. "Good day to you sir."
03-09-2003, 19:42
"Hello! Oh, hell yes, hello!! Like some soup? Won't be done for a while, i reckon'."
03-09-2003, 19:46
He smiles, but the dog just growls at the man. "K'lorr val. Hak Cho." The young looking man says and the dog stops.

"Gotta know how to control your animals. No, I'm not hungry, but would you mind if I sat down?"
03-09-2003, 19:51
"Shure! Shure! Want a cold one? I drank lots of beer already, but I got lots more! Hell yeah! Time to but this meat in the pot!" Melvin picks up the body, displaying a lot of strength, and throws it into the boiling water.
03-09-2003, 20:02
:shock: "On second thought..." He and the wolf mix take off running. "Some people..."
03-09-2003, 20:03
"Well, I'll be? Whaddaya suppose got into him, Frankie?" The dog looked at him with murderous eyes, and farted heavily.
03-09-2003, 20:04
The pot starts to simmer and then boil, "just a touch of seasoning" says the old man. "Woof,Woof "says the dog..."Dont you fecking Woof.Woof me"says the old man , and then he decides with a plop,that the dog is just the seasoning he needed.
03-09-2003, 20:05
(OOC - you cannot RP my characters, you buffoon!)
04-09-2003, 02:23
But it was funny... :lol:
Steel Butterfly
04-09-2003, 02:32
another old man walked up to the cabin and dropped dead on the stairs. he did not have a dog

04-09-2003, 12:11
Melvin had finished the soup, and found his dog still alive at the bottome of the pot. Hideously boiled pink, the dog gave a whispered bark and climbed out. Melvin sat down and had a nice Glenfiddich on the rocks.
The Most Glorious Hack
04-09-2003, 14:19
Next door...

"Dammit Marta, what in the sam-hill is a'goin' on next door?"


"Dammit Marta, I said... ah, nevermind ya deaf old bat."
04-09-2003, 14:22
Melvin heard some yelling next door, but paid it no mind. "Damn, Frankie! You look like crap! I might have to shoot you! Hell yes, I'll use this here shotgun!"

The Most Glorious Hack
04-09-2003, 14:47
"Ah... that crazy old bastard."


"Always shootin' dogs. Damn noise."

17-12-2003, 08:05
OOC: (Begins watching, in the hope that it will start up again)
17-12-2003, 08:16
a very large very shaggy dog shaped creature, mats of fur and bits of flesh missing here and there, a few bones showing through, his sholders as tall as the oldman would be if he were standing, shambles up, pokes his nose in the caldren and jumps back a bit, then approaches it again. quickly but cautiously laps a few tongue fulls of soup.
turns to the old man and gives his face a big slurpy lick and turns and walks away.
(dissappearing as mysteriously and from as unknown a direction as he apeared from, seaming to fade into thin air as he goes)