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Anti Colonization Party Smashed in Judithville

26-06-2003, 17:11
Judithville, Corporate Islands—Today, in the cities of Judithville, members of the Anti Colonization Party were taken into custody and will be put on trial soon for crimes against the state, a capital offense. Soldiers of Cav’s 3rd Army, 1st Mechanized Infantry Division hauled away scores of citizens who were members of the Anti Colonization Party.

The reasons for this action seem obscure for now, but it has something to do with the vast governmental changes being put into place since The Holy Empire of Cav purchased this nation. Emperor Cav II said in a brief statement, “No factions working against the government will be tolerated at this point in time. There is too much work to do already without having to spread our forces even thinner. Please, just let us mold the government to our liking, and then we can talk.”

Cav’s 2nd Fleet arrived earlier yesterday, truly a sight to be seen. Ships seemed to come from the horizon, and did not stop. There are close to 100 ships in the waters of Judithville, all arranged in battle groups. Three carrier groups are present, plus extra close shore patrol boats. Fast Sealift Ships are bringing more tanks and troops onto the island, giving Cav’s Imperial Army an even stronger hold on the nation. The majority of the people of the nation has no problems with these actions, and actually welcomes the added defense.

The Anti Colonization party members are being allowed to see their families, but only for a brief period of time. The government says the government will not tolerate opposition of any kind, and it is the general consensus that these Anti Colonization Party members will be made into examples.