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Wolfish Offers TITAN IV (W) Space-Vehicle Services

21-05-2003, 20:34
Wolfish Offers TITAN IV (W) Space-Vehicle Services

The Free Republic of Wolfish is now offering nations of the world delivery of payloads into Earth orbit.

Using a TITAN IV (W) space-launch vehicle, Wolfish can deliver a cargo up to 47,800 lbs into a low-earth orbit, or up to 12,700 lbs into a geosynchronous orbit.

“The TITAN IV (W) is the perfect launch vehicle for military or government payloads, with the ability to meet tight or time sensitive launch windows,” said Wolfish Space Launch commander Rick Veegal.

Cost is based on payload, secrecy level and orbit altitude. Average cost for a full capacity, military satellite launch into geosynchronous orbit is $250 million.

Inquires answered within 20 hours.
Brass Rails
21-05-2003, 21:34
Can you handle manned missions?

I might have a payload for low-earth orbit.
21-05-2003, 23:04
We can't support manned missions, but we'd be happy to cart your cargo.
21-05-2003, 23:05
low earth orbit is no trouble.
21-05-2003, 23:10
What does the (W) stand for :?:
21-05-2003, 23:13
Wolfish - specific designation for our production model.
21-05-2003, 23:17
I just realized that as I opened this thread to see your reply :oops: :roll: .
Brass Rails
22-05-2003, 15:49
Door Opens...

Leather soled shoes clacking on tiled floor,

Walkes to podium, clears throat, taps mike,

:? "BUMP" :)

Walks away, through door.
09-10-2003, 11:40
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
09-10-2003, 13:53
iwould like 2 please*500 million wired* :wink:

You are a little young - AND YOU BUMPED A THREAD FROM MAY!

Anyway - we no longer offer this service.

Thank you.