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Two New Aresmat Fighting Vehicles

Hole Where Evil Lives
08-04-2003, 22:25
Highly Mobile Armoured Attack Vehicle (HMAAV or Humar V)

Cost: $88000
Crew: 2
Weight: 11456lb
Dimensions: length (gun forward) 21ft 2in; width 7ft 8in; height 7ft 1in
Range: 415 miles
Armour: 0.55in
Armament: primary- 30mm cannon
secondary- 0.50in machine gun or
TOW missle launcher
SAM launcher
powerplant: one V-8 diesal engine developing 175hp
performance: maximum road speed 68m/h; fording amphibious;
maximum water speed 7.9 m/h

Armoured Missle Launch Carrier 16 Bearcat

Cost: $180000
Crew: 3+9
Weight: 30242lb
Dimensions: length 20ft 7in; width 8ft 9in; height 7ft 3in
Range: 425 miles
Armour: 0.78in
Armament: primary- Hellfire battery (8 missles) or
Lance missle (Crew cut down to 3+3)
secondary- 0.50in machine gun or
TOW missle battery (6 missles) or
SAM launcher
Powerplant: One turbocharged diesal engine developing 260hp
Performance: maximum road speed 58m/h; fording amphibious;
maximum water speed 8m/h
Note: AMLC 16 Bearcat has six wheels with the middle two being able to
raised or lowered.
08-04-2003, 22:28
This is like tossing an aluminum can at steel if you compare it to the new tank of the Coalition States

--Ramiel, First among the Skies
Hole Where Evil Lives
09-04-2003, 21:17
As in the Hummer both crew members of the Humar V sit on either side of the drive train giving it a very low center of gravity. It has an incredibly strong frame and can climb rocks with its massive wheels which are capable of being deflated. It is very durable being fording amphibious also.

In response to the previous post I will explain the purpose of both vehicles. They were designed for use in mechanized divisions. The Bearcat is used for squads. It is very well armoured for an APC yet able to move at high speeds. On a wheeled vehicle anything more than an inch of armour reduces speed incredibly (below 43m/h). At this speed it is useless to mount squads in APCs because they are incredibly vulnerable to missle fire (such as TOWs) which can hit with deadly precision on slow targets (being guided by sight) and can still penetrate armour. In order make a APC that is invulnerable to missle fire it would not be able to move and this would defeat the purpose of mounting squads in mechanized divisions. The Humar V is designed as support for these mechanized divisions. It can knock out medium tanks and helicopters. Larger tanks can easily be knocked out with Hellfire or Lance missles. Both vehicles have retractive armour which gives them an advantage against munitions not especially designed for use against them (such as two warheads).