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Chellis prepares for war with SC

03-04-2003, 22:54
We have put 200,000 reserve troops up in information on when an attack could be...We have ran scout missions, undetected as far as we know, and are finding good spots to invade. Sniper Country attacked kecha, who i had just supported, and in support of kecha, i am fighting sniper country. Unless he apoligizes to me and kecha, and pays for damages to kecha, as well as pays me for getting my forces mobilized...i'll postpone it, and maybe stop it, if he doesnt attack kecha anymroe...but all those must be done, soon...or I will attack...
03-04-2003, 23:02
You go, girl!
Liverpool England
03-04-2003, 23:34
SC attacked Kecha? An ally of mine attacked another ally? Amazing! I'll wait and see what happens.
04-04-2003, 00:44
If Sniper country gives no reply as well, they will be attacked. Any offers of assisstance would be very appreciated.
04-04-2003, 00:45
Chellis STAND DOWN.......Sniper Country, Anaguum and myself are attack on us is an attack on all alliance members......please dont make me act hastily as u have quite a large army
04-04-2003, 00:48