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President of Leg Humpers address the President of Iraqstan

Leg Humpers
02-04-2003, 09:52
Outside the people's government office in Legane
Capital of the People's Republic of Leg Humpers

President Mikoriyko speaking

I speak to you, now, President Quil'Raya to give up this growing animosity between your peoples, we are losing the grip of what it is to be the leaders of proud nations, we would ask that you acknowledge our pledge to cease hostilities and the reopening of our trade routes with your country, we also invite Ambasadors from iraqstan to set up in the embassy we will build for you, in Legane, all that we ask is that your hostility with us, be forgotten an that peace talks could begin...I grow tired of a constant military presence at the borders of our nations.

I grow tired of seeing 10 miles of nothing, mixed with peace keeping troops who should be home with their families, I bessech to you, President Quil'Raya to join me in peace talks to concrete the nations we hold dear.
02-04-2003, 09:56
Ho ho ho! please tell me a war is on the horizon?? :D
02-04-2003, 10:04
(OOC: Cant make any promises, cuz we've lost the rest of our scripted conflict :( my damned mother decided to clean the computer room and he didnt keep a copy that i e-mailed him which sucks, so now we gotta replan it all. So for now, there is gonna be some documents stolen once we sort some things out.[i]

Video Feed from inside the Presidential Palace of Iraqstan in Gothmog
Capital City, of Iraqstan

[i]Prime Minister for Iraqstan and the President's Right hand man adresses the president of the people's republic of Leg Humpers

His presidency, wishes to convey to you the following, Whilst we do acknowledge your claims for a ceasefire in hostilities, even though it has been forced onto you, by peace keepers, he does recognise the effort both nations must make to strenghten themselves, We offer this in return for a ceasefire, any and all Peoples of your nation we have captive will be released, and our Borders will be reopened, we accept your offer for an ambassador to the people's republic and invite you to do the same, We ask only that your embassy guards and enforcement do not interfere with the citizens of Iraqstan, for they are not within your jurisdiction.

Although his presidency does not believe it nessecary, he also agrees to allow humanitarian aide convoys back into the country, an he asks that the DMZ be dismanteled and all mines removed.

This is the best we offer, I with the authorisation of his presidency will travel to the People's Republic of Leg Humpers and open talks for a cease fire with your government's leaders.

Thank you.