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Siberian Destroyer Sinks Lodas Submarine

01-04-2003, 22:32
A Lodas Desroyer encoached upon Siberian waters and after 3 radio signals were sent without reply the Destroyer fired 2 torpedos at the unidentified submersible, one torpedo struck and destoyed the vessel sending debris to the surface among them was a Lodas insignia. Siberian research vessels will be attempting to discover the cause of the incident. Siberian does not wish to create a conflict but if the submarine was in fact knowingly in Siberian waters with the intent of either information gathering or military action then Siberian will take action against Lodas.

--Military Forces are Put On Stand-by

--Naval Forces are moved to Southern Front

--Additional Ammo and Supplies to be Purchased
01-04-2003, 23:33
The submersabile let out several S.O.S's before sinking, no crew members survived. Embassadors and diplomats from Lodas arrive in Siberia with the intent to make the Siberian government punish the destroyer captain and crew. After three days of back and forth debate one Lodas diplomat apposing the punishment of the Siberian submarine's crew fanishes while on Lodas embacy. Lodas sends Knights of Lodas special forces to investigate.

-Knights of Lodas special forces sent to embassy
-Lodas begins extensive weapons research and testing programs
-Lodas divers begin search of submarine wreckage retrieving one large parcel and returning it to Lodas
-National guard put on alert