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Describe your country

21-03-2003, 08:23
OOC:I have come to understand that no one realy knows how one others country realy looks like... just asumptions.

So, descoure your countries nature, how big it is. Citys and so furth... or, realy anything that describe your country. (no "WERE THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!" and so furth).
And if able, post a map.

So.. here goes mine.


Post Rebellion.

Danneland is about as large as france, with big mountains that runs in the southern parts of the country. Before, the areas beond the mountains, had not beendescivered or used.
But, due to the rebellion. The southern parts and the northern parts before the mountains (grammatic?) are totaly inhabbitle.
The radiation is so high, that not even bacteria can survive there.
So, the population mooved to the northern parts.

The northern part consist of a large snowy tundra, and large forests.
A couple of mountains here and there provide the country with metal, ore and uranium.
In the tundra, large deposits of oil has been discovered so they are heavyly exploited.
In the middle there is a very large lake, and besides it. lays a big city.

There isnĀ“t much hills or anything like that, just flat ground mostly.

Highways are runned thruw the empty tundra towards the various citys.

Around Danneland City (the capital) (that lays at the southern/northern mountains (depends on how you see it). there are large grain fields, providing the ongrowing population with food.

(OOC: Im to lazy to write anything more atm :wink: )
21-03-2003, 08:36
The Empire of St Peter is roughly the size of Canada, though it has a Mediterranean climate. However large areas of the countryside are controlled by the various Holy Order's. Their many monasteries are in these out of bounds areas and access is strictly controlled.
The main city, the Vatican, houses the seat of government, The Basilica, and the residence of the Pontiff, St Peters Palace. The city itself is a hotbed of learning and debate. The majority of the building are of a majestic stature and date back to 1500AD.
All major roads have checkpoints guarded by the Knights of St Dominic.
The Most Glorious Hack
21-03-2003, 09:35
The Incorporated States of the Most Glorious Hack is a medium sized island floating off on its own, without any countries particularly close to it. The landscape is mostly wasteland outside of its cities. The country was rededicated and renamed after a large uprising by corporation-controlled security forces. The Capitalist Rebellion started in response to ever increasing anti-capitalism practices by the former rulers. Major corporations and the government are now intertwined and it is essentially impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Technology, commerce, and information are all very important to the people of The Hack.

Since much of the island has been claimed by the wastelands, there is a major debate going on as to the proper way to handle the current population explosion. The two leading theories are to either increase environmental standards to allow for lateral growth, or to bore into the ground, and reach for the skies for vertical growth. Being technophiles, much of the population is pushing for the "really cool Gibsonesque" solution of skyscrapers and underground complexes.

Unfortunately the once majestic mountains that previously ringed the island were largely leveled during the rebellion, and more or less finished off for use as raw materials in the post war era; thus leaving musch of the island in the aforementioned state of blasted wasteland. Consequently, the Hack must import most of its raw materials. In fact, despite the nation listing, the Hack's national animal, the wombat, is more than just endangered. The only living animals are in zoos. Truth be told, the only reason it's the national animal is because its the only non-domesticated animal left one the whole island. It was a long war.

The Most Glorious Hack hopes this brief outline is helpful, and would like to point out that tourists (and their tourism dollars) are always welcome. Remember, no mountains mean sea ports, and blasted wasteland means big airports! It's never been easier to visit!
21-03-2003, 09:39
The republic of New Neverwinter is about twice as big as the island of the UK containing england, scotland and wales. It has two distinct regions, the city and the Wilds, the city has many skyscrapers and suchlike, whereas the wilds is where it is illegal to harm the environment. In our city, a few prisons have recently exploded, which i really had nothing to do with, and had nothig to do with the fact that they were full to the brim with convicts, honest.
The Brotherhood of Nod
21-03-2003, 09:46
The Brotherhood of Nod consist of a large number of countries we freed from GDI oppression. Brotherhood territory contains most of Africa, the Middle East, Middle-America, parts of South-east Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.
21-03-2003, 09:54
Describe Asterlon? All right....It's a fairly large nation with large cities and equally large, lush forests. The government runs most of the businesses though there are these pesky kids selling lemonade on the sidewalk everywhere....It's economy wavers tohough for the most part it's inhabitants are free. If you notice the motto is elvish and elves are quite welcome in Asterlon. In fact, many of the forest wardens are elves. Our national animal is the rare silver phoenix. Most phoenixes are reddish gold and are sun creatures. The silver phoenix is a creature of the moon and night and very few are in existance as they were once thought of as ill omens and demonic. Its tears do have curative properties like its cousins the sun phoenixes. However, the silver phoenix's song does not bring hope to heroes and those who do good, nor does it bring strength and courage to the wicked. It is a sorrowful creature and this sorrow, pain, and bitterness is clearly heard and felt in it's song and can paralyze and eventually kill you on the spot. Still, if you are truly brave it is possible to overcome the paralysis. The silver phoenix's song takes on a different tone only once every 6 months.

Wow, this ended up as an explanation of the silver phoenix, sorry. ^_^; Back to I said: large busy cities, large lush forests. Ah, and the capital city is the cleanest around-no polution. The capital building is a castle of white marble and has holly bushes and ivy growing on the well kept lawn. We are also crime free. :D
21-03-2003, 10:28
Ah, we the citizens of Jingo always well up with tear-filled pride when we think of our great Nation.

The country itself is surrounded by tall inhospitable mountains on all sides apart from a narrow pass - The Prince's Crack, between the two tallest mountains, Mount Roughly and Mount Edpolice. Once the pass has been traversed, the valley that lies within is lush and green with a large freshwater lake full of trout. This is know locally as Lake Trout.

The country has distinct regions: A large forest region, a dirty swamp region, high plains full of naturally growing hemp plants and some dry plains where the largest settlements can be found.

The country was formed 30 years ago when our first ruler, Prince Doolittle went for a long walk in an unexplored part of the region. He was the first to discover the area by walking through the Prince's Crack, but taking a tumble down the steep hillside and getting stuck in a pit of quicksand.

Luckily, the Prince was pulled free by a passing animal and this is how the swamp donkey became our national animal.

Finding the area lush and full of hemp, the Prince decided to leave his oppresive homeland and develop his own commune where his ideals of nudity, love and watchfullness could be fulfilled. Lured by the smell of burning hemp and fresh fish, more and more people came to Jingo and decided to stay. Either that, or they sampled too much hemp product and forgot the way home.

Today, most inhabitants of Jingo, although technologically adept, prefer simple commune life although many live in cities that have been built by necessity rather than a desire to flee the beauty of the natural habitat.