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Slavrov III

19-03-2003, 22:26
OOC: This is a carry-on thread of the war in Slavrov, all nations involved in that fight please post here now as the original seems to be gone.
19-03-2003, 22:28

It's a war on me and I didn'[t even get to see the last thread. So I have no idea what's going on now.
19-03-2003, 22:30
I'll look it up for you, I've got it in my profile.
19-03-2003, 22:31
I'll look it up for you, I've got it in my profile.
19-03-2003, 22:31
The PRK reiterates its call for a peaceful resolution that respects the right of all people to live. We also reiterate our offer to accept any people that any government may deem unnaceptable for any reason. Rather than murder them, deport them! Kitsylvanian ships can easily handle the load, so all you have to do is get them to your ports. We feel that this would be the ideal resolution.

FYI, Kitsylvanian Search and Rescue ships are already in the area in case of any naval battles or crises ashore where we might be called on to assist people in danger. (since we've got no military, our Search and Rescue fleets get more money than you might think ^_^ )
19-03-2003, 22:32
OOC:well I've got a long day at work tomorrown and it'll be awhile before I figure what's gone on since I last posted so I'm going to sleep.

These suck ass forums better not delete this topic tomorrow.
19-03-2003, 22:34
OOC: What Ive got so far is that IF and Liverpool are storming your capital after a missile-strike that killed alot of civilians and soldiers, my forces have landed and pulled out 12,000 Homosexual/Atheist people.
19-03-2003, 22:37
OOC: Great, we just get the ball rolling again and the forums eat our thread. Bummer. Anyway to my recollection all that happend in the last thead was... well lets see:
Kecha had mobilized its army
Imperial Forces and Liverpool got randomly bombed, IF retaliated by carpet bombing the capital with ICBMs
Klamath and IF got in a big "if you nuke me i'll nuke you back" arguement
Naziland was attempting to defend the Drumgods arguement "i can mobilize 2/3s of my population if i want to"
and everyone was waiting for slavrov to post.

I think that was just about it.
19-03-2003, 22:38
OOC:well that sounds like a load of bull, I've got a lot to respond with to that, but I'm not going to worry about it tonight.

stupid forums.