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past the weapons please

20-02-2003, 08:54
Mithandel is a country of 92million people with no army. we need to build our army up, we have set aside the funds to start an army but we need the help of other countries to make this possible. we have a strong economy aand are not asking for a hand out only a hand up so we can jump start our military. any help you can give this nation will be greatly apreciated.

General Eke Brook.
20-02-2003, 08:59
The Confederation of Quag proudly presents to you our latest weapon development , available to you at a VERY reasonable cost.

The production lines are about to close at one of our primary defense contractors after producing sufficient weapons for the forseeable future of our own Army and Marines.
As we are also a coastal Nation we have designed our Personal Infantry Weapon for multi climate capability and it has been proven to be reliable in many diverse terrains .

Type : Personal Infantry Weapon
Manufacturer: Crusteacean Armaments
Designation : Combat Rifle/Automatic Bullpup System Mk 3
Max Effective Range : 500 m ( carbine Mk4 250m )
Caliber : 5mm Q caseless ( standard Quag Military round but easily retooled for your own preference )
Magazine Cap : 40 round ( 20 and 30 round cap if non caseless ammo prefered and requested)
Selective Fire : Single Shot , 3 Round Burst , Full Automatic
Rate of fire : Full Auto 900 r.p.m

As you can see this is a modern , up to date Assault Rifle using the Bullpup system ( bolt and magazine in the stock of the weapon)
The 5 mm caseless ammo means less chance of foreign matter entering through the ejection port since there is NO NEED for one.
The Bullpup system also means a smaller weapon with the same barrel length as larger ARs and thus great accuracy with light weight.

If you chose our 5 mm Q ammo , we can make you a great deal on per unit cost as no re tooling will be needed on our production lines.
5mm Q has a nearly unlimited shelf life in all climates and can be purchaced from Quag or we will licence the rights to manufacture localy if you prefer.

Imagine the fear in your enemies eyes when you tell him your troops all have CR/ABS and are not afraid to use them.
All our troops now have CR/ABS and they couldnt be happier as there is less cleaning and maint involved.
CR/ABS are difficult to damage or destroy and they are something no soldier should be without.
Several of your brother nations now have our CR/ABS and are very satisfied.
It is our hope that someday all nations have CR/ABS as it sets a new standard in reliability and cutting edge weapon technology

Please contact Quag if you have need for any other items for your military.

Padre Amatitas President Crusteacean Armaments Inc.
Confederation of Quag

P.S. If you are looking to purchace Aricraft I would contact Pure Evil. He has a good selection of high tech aircraft . We recently made a purchace and couldnt be happier with our new planes
20-02-2003, 09:09
We can provide you an airforce.

Price for aircraft is 5million lower then advertised.

We also offer training for both pilots and ground crew. Limits are fighter pilots:1300, Bomber crews(4 person): 200, Ground crew: 5000
20-02-2003, 09:20
The Holy Empire of St Peter currently has the following small arms available due to our progressive and evolving defense research:-

P-60 Punisher Handgun / Punisher Shortsword
Perhaps the most popular weapons provided St Peter would be the Punisher Handgun and the Punisher Shortsword - two entirely different weapons, but often used together as the "Punisher Combo". These weapons were initially mass-produced with the intent of providing weapons for the Knights of The Basilica but have since been surpassed. The Punisher handgun is heavy hitting, and only particularly strong individuals can use it effectively. The Punisher shortsword is a power sword capable of sawing its way through flesh, bone, and light body armor, and it is remarkably sturdy.

Violator / Avenger / Defender Sword
The Violator power sword is another weapon that has seen relatively wide distribution outside of St Peter, though not as commonplace as the Punisher handgun. It is light enough to be used (in theory) one-handed, but it is most often used with two hands. The large Avenger swords are used by the Knights of The Order of St Dominic as close combat weapons. They come in many different versions.

Piranha Handgun
This looks like a slimmed-down, sleeker version of the Punisher handgun ... and that's essentially what it is. It is small enough to be concealed under bulky clothing, but it doesn't really have the penetration required to go through body armour. It is mostly designed for the use of undercover operatives or law enforcement. After all, it usually just necessary to stop a charging attacker rather than to kill him outright, and even with armour, a direct hit from this gun is usually enough to make any human attacker at least stumble.

Avalanche Handgun
This is a relatively rare weapon because of its exceptionally short lifespan for a handgun. The performance of this weapon drops noticeably with each clip gone through, and it usually is in need of replacement after the "average" fire fight. Still, it packs even more punch than the Punisher handgun.

Nemesis Machine Pistol
This weapon is designed to be able to put a lot of lead into the air quickly, though it lacks accuracy and penetration. It is a standard weapon issued to Knights of The Order of St George, and is available in a number of variations. The standard Nemesis can be fitted with an under-the-barrel grenade launcher or a small flame-thrower.

Retributor Carbine
This weapon is basically a cross between the Punisher handgun and the Volcano assault rifle, in the SMG class. A strong individual can fire it one-handed, and it's regularly used

AC-40 Justifier with Integral Holy Disemboweler Chain Bayonet
This is the trademark weapon of Inquisitors, consisting of an under-the-arm mounted light machine gun fused with a large chain "bayonet" that dwarfs the size of the gun itself. The gun is belt fed from an ammunition pack worn by the user. The gun is very hard-hitting at short range, but is nearly impossible to aim. More impressive is the large chainsaw weapon it is attached to. (It might be more accurate to claim that it is a chain sword with a gun attachment, rather than a gun with a chain bayonet attachment.) The weapon is designed with close combat in mind.

AC-19 Volcano Assault Rifle
This is the standard weapon for St Peter troops, with an attachable grenade launcher or bayonet under the barrel.

HAC-20 Eruptor LMG
This is basically an upgraded version of the Volcano assault rifle, and can be either clip- or belt-fed. A low-powered flame-thrower is mounted underneath the barrel.

AC-41 Purifier HMG
This bulky weapon is a combination of gatling-style machine gun and a flame-thrower. It is not the top of the line in either capacity, but its versatility still makes it a weapon of choice for Knights of The Order of St Dominic and Troopers.
20-02-2003, 09:31
Please tell me, do you sell the Quag ARs cheaply?
It would be nice it you retooled them for depleted uranium 5mm ammunition, as we have surplus to our need (Got ammo, just no guns!) wiling to pay 4mil for 3.5 mill ARs. Our military already has tanks, just not aircraft, and I wouldnt say we had enough money either!
20-02-2003, 09:41
Do to the large numbers of orders from many nations the price of the CR/ABS have been dropping , our factory just added a new shift and is expanding its production lines.

Costs are :

CR/ABS Mk 3 : 400 Quagmires ( apx 380 USD )
CR/ABS Mk 4 : 375 Quagmires ( apx 360 USD )

No modifications will be needed for DU amunition as the CR/ABS were originally designed around a tungsten penetrator round and the barrel is capable of using DU ammo with no excessive wear.

Please think of Quag for all your Personal Infantry Weapons needs

Padre Amatitas President Crusteacean Armaments Inc.
Confederation of Quag
20-02-2003, 10:12
I am still wiling to pay 4million plutonium chickens for 3.5 mill Cr/Ab mk4s I ordered earlier.. do you accept my humble offer?
25-02-2003, 05:42
After much debate our nation has finally made a list of the armaments required at this time

100000 MK3
50000 MK4
100 PET-1a
5 PEAC-2
10 PEAC-1
5 PEA - 12
8 FEA- 6
2 PEA- 10
5 PEA-9
8 PEA-8a
10 PEA-8
25-02-2003, 06:01
Oh, but I don't see CR/AB's on your list? I personally would love to try them out! CR/AB's sound wonderful! :D
25-02-2003, 06:01
Oh, but I don't see CR/AB's on your list? I personally would love to try them out! CR/AB's sound wonderful! :D