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Attackers of The Snel Race revealed!!!

19-02-2003, 17:57
Broadcasted to all NationStates:

"We, The Free Republic of the Very Incorrect, admit that we have been sporadically attacking The Snel Race. We used elven mercenaries to do most of the assasinations, and used our own troops for the rest. They were masterfully organized, don't you think?

And they shall continue, but we will no longer hide our identity. Our focus will move to The Snel Race's ally, Eniqcir. Fear us! Surrender while you can!

However, these attacks are not meant to show any type of hatred towards The Snel Race. Rather, it is the first step in our campaign to rule the world.

We cannot do it alone, but we are sure that there are other nations out there who are willing to help. Come, brothers! Join me and we can rule the world together!" :twisted:
The Snel Race
20-02-2003, 05:04
I guess that scrubs the whole idea of using submersibles and a stolen Gargonath to track you. Fear our wrath, for we shall descend in swarms!

Supreme Coordinator of The Snel Race
20-02-2003, 06:08
[Chief Councillor walks into Stewards office]

CC: M'Lord, urgent news concernong the Snel.

S: Yes? What is it? Have we found their aggressors yet?

CC: Yes, m'Lord, but that is not why I am here. There have been more attacks.

S: Well, of course! We're in the middel of a war, what do expect?

CC: Not those kinds of attacks, sir. Attacks on civillians.

S: But who would-

CC [Cutting him off]: The VIC.

[View changes to a small city in the Central Plains. A short distance off, a temporary dome can be seen, where the Snel have set up a refuge.]

[Suddenly, machine gun fire is heard.]

"Haha! Run in terror, worshippers of peace! None who oppose shall survive our Conquest!"

[Citizens scatter, about 10 are dead or dying in the streets. Several gunmen jump into a van and drive away. 1 is left behind.]


"Agh! Get off of me, you slimy Snel! No! What th-"

[Near the dome]

"Coordinator! Someone approaches."

"Hm... Who might this-"

[Coordinator stops speaking as more machine gun fire is heard.]

"Begin evacuation! Notify Epsal na Narbhal! We are being attacked! It's the VIC!"

[Back in the office]

CC: Similar scenarios have occured all over the Central Plains, m'Lord. Over 10 cities have experienced terrorist shootings, some with machine-guns, but most with squads of snipers.

S: (Speechless)
The Snel Race
20-02-2003, 07:05
In the recent events, we were able to capture a single terrorist. So far, no ties have been found to the CLA, or the SG. The terrorists seem to be operating entirely under the VIC. The single prisoner, bravely apprehended by a civilian Snel, has been taken to a safe location in one of our protecting nations.
21-02-2003, 05:40
Today, an extreme act of terrorism was committed in the capitol city. We have no proof, but we suspect that it was the VIC's doing. A StarFish class personnel transport, bound for a refugee colony in New Russia was shot down shortly after launch by what appeared to be a stinger missile. The shrapnel from the explosion caused minor damage all over the city. 1 arm of the craft crashed into the Main Tower, barely missing the Steward's Office. The rest crashed back down into the spaceport, crushing a hanger. 20 Snel were killed, as well as 3 humans: a ground controller, a worker in the hanger, and a secretary.

Steward of Eniqcir