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Mazosian Defence Forces charged with shoot-to-kill policy

19-01-2003, 07:59
John Parkhurst
International Press Agency (IPA)-Wellesley

Charges has recently been laid before the Federal Court against the Mazosian Defence Forces (MDF) for conducting a shoot-to-kill policy to stop illegal mining operations in national parks and the poaching of tan bears.

Holden Quigley, SC, counsel for Edwin Turnbull of Turnbull Mining, Inc. (TMI), argued that several his company's surveyors have been murdered by MDF soldiers while legally prospecting for gold. Quigley also stated that TMI's surveyors had not engaged in poaching.

The MDF has been engaged in policing operations in the eastern Wattuchorry region for six months now. Over that time, 215 civilians and 4 soldiers have been killed.

Attorney General Iain MacAlistair countered in his opening statement that TMI was not licensed to prospect in Creighly National Park, and that the poachers were found with TMI identity cards and with rifles.

In a press conference held today, Benoit Jouvaud, Minister of National Defence, declared the MDF has not nor has ever conducted a shoot-to-kill policy. "Look, we've all served a stint of national service," Col. Davies of the Mazosian Regiment said. "Anyone who's served in the army knows you shoot at the centre of mass."

The trial continues tomorrow.
19-01-2003, 08:34
"This is Sally Walker of MBS reporting from Creighly National Park. I'm here at a forward staging base with soldiers of India Company, Chatham Regiment.

SI: This is Staff Sergeant Lewis Macaulay. Tell me, what do you think of the recent court case?

LM: I find disquieting that the Federal Court accepted this case. After all, isn't Turnbull Mining in the Park illegally?

SI: But what do you think about the shoot-to-kill policy?

LM: These poachers and so-called surveyors have rifles, too. They even have heavier weapons. The only reason so many of them and so few soldiers have been killed is we're better trained and, frankly, in the right.

SI: Still, a shoot-to-kill policy...

LM: Be serious. It's difficult and dangerous to shoot to wound. Sure, we're well-trained, but we're not on some Hollywood set. Besides, we've wounded far more than we've killed.

SI: Official records note 713 people have been shot by soldiers...

LM: And before the Army came 15 Parks officers had been killed.

SI: Still, TMI is bringing forward twenty witnesses, ordinary citizens camping in this park, stating that their families have been harassed and shot at by soldiers.

LM: Yeah, and if you recall those soldiers are presently serving fifteen years in a military prison. They were also conscripts, not career soldiers. Now, every soldier in Wattuchorry is a volunteer. There haven't been any such incidents since then.

SI: Well, I'm sorry, Staff Sergeant Macaulay, but we're out of time. Thank you.

LM: Thanks, Sally.
19-01-2003, 14:17
The President of Azbinia declared today his disgust at the actions of both the miners and of the Mazosian government.

"Certainly a more reasonable resolution to this situation could have been found," President Szabo said. "A strong reprimand might be in order."

As yet, Mazosia has not responded to Azbinia's requests for further information on the dispute.

Foreign Secretary, Harvey Vose
19-01-2003, 14:29


I raise your splonk a Blam.


Damn, I fold. Ah well, back to seriousness...

This is rather horrible crimes, yet I stand confused at why the nation's own court (read: federal court) sues it's government?

19-01-2003, 14:39
With regards to the present case, the case is being tried before the Federal Court. The Court is not a litigant in the case, merely the competent jurisdiction. Turnbull Mining, Inc. (TMI) is prosecuting the Mazosian government (specifically the Ministry of National Defence) for allegedly enacting a shoot-to-kill policy against TMI employees in the Wattuchorry region.

Hope this clears things up.
Leonard Bloom
Public Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Government Services