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Get 'chore Uranium here!

18-01-2003, 15:20
Having just broken a large smuggling operation working out of our country's mountainous region that was mining and selling uranium illegally to enemy nations, we, the people of Nuevo-Digitopolis find we have a surplus of unrefined Uranium ore that we cannot store safely.

Therefore we are offering it to our fellow nations so long as they promise to be really nice and groovy with it and not make weapons of mass-destruction. Or stuff.

Only kidding!

The Uranium will go to whoever wants it at the highest price, at the current time we are offering one kilo for half a million double entendres (our national currency).

His Holiness, PawPrints I
18-01-2003, 15:22
half a million entendres equals 654,294 censi.

i bid at 750,000 censi!
18-01-2003, 15:25
When the exchange rate was last calculated, one Goodwill Gesture was worth 50 Double Entendres. I therefore bid 15,000 Goodwill Gestures, which is roughly equivalent to 5,000 sexual favours. Take it or leave it...

(note: I will be using this fuel to create an atomic milk truck, for peaceful purposes, if that helps)
18-01-2003, 15:34
Thank you, both of you for your already far larger than expected offers. We are forever in your debt.

Althought Yndurain offered us a more lucrative offer, we feel it would be best if the Fuzzle-people got that atomic milk truck they've been wanting for so long:

Sold to Fuzzy for 15000 Goodwill gestures! Yndurain, should we find ourselves with another surplus at a later date, you will be the first country we contact.

Thank you.

His Holiness, PawPrints I.
18-01-2003, 15:59
The people of Fuzzle will not forget this - you have made our dream of a nuclear powered milk delivery vehicle a reality.

Now it is time for us to use the on-board milk cannon to bring peace to nations which are ethnically incompatible with our own. Our irradiated lactated products will bring a lasting peace to all who oppose us by deviating from accepted skin colour and religious beliefs!

Oh, this is a glorious day.....