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Iron Fist vs. High Freedom

12-01-2003, 00:33
k heres something for ya...for all those people who think that iron fist ios the only way to go, then lets prove you wrong...i had an existing nation that was goin quite well: moderate economy, great civil rights, and world-benchmark political freedons: a new york times democracy....and then i created a new one: below average civil rights, reasonable economy, few political freedoms: an iron fist dictatorship...and i decided to pit iron-fist against high-freedom...well, heres the two nations:

<HTML><A HREF="">The first: the high freedom Federation of Tronesia</a>

<HTML><A HREF="">The second: The iron-fist psychotic government of the Dictatorship of Hikhonia</a>
United Gimps
12-01-2003, 01:44
The problem is that you assume one way or another is the better.

The United Gimps (
12-01-2003, 01:49
Of course you must give the people freedom in order to prosper. But what freedoms? Is mankind truly ready to be totally free? If so, would there be a need for a police force or a military?

Duke Anthony Cucolo
Grand Duchy of Cucolo
12-01-2003, 02:42
We give our people plenty of freedoms. As long as they don't try to be stupid and immoral or try and be a capitalist pig.

~Holy Emperor Vladimir
12-01-2003, 06:56
This is the author of the topic, under my other nation, Tronesia.
I shall create another new nation, which is "somewhere in between.":
The Dominion of Pachem:
you know, just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
The Grendels
12-01-2003, 08:00
Paws extended in friendship,

We the Borderlands of the Grendels believe that the Iron Fist is not only the best, but the only rational approach to government. Our economy is proof that once the distraction of whining about Gnoll rights is removed, citizens productivity is drastically increased. With this excess of earnings, the citizens can then provide for themselves, without the burdensome and often callous beaurocracy mishandling their needs. What socially minded governments forget, amongst their desires to codle us into oblivion, is that generally people will do what's best for their interests without the help of a large overbearing State to tell them what their interests really are. While I'm sure the helping hand style of government, chosen by many, is of great benefit to the lazy and slothful elements of society, the best thing for these people is to give them a swift kick and tell them to get busy. Making our citizens dependant on the State and effectively institutionalizing them for life, is the worst discourtesy one can do one's citizens. Better instead to give them the opportunity to be all that they can be, so that they can grow as people.

Yarooo, Gnoll Warleader and Dictator for Life

Borderlands of the Grendels