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KNN: Star Travel Followup Report

12-01-2003, 00:16
Konanian News Network

In science news today, the Konanian Space Agency(KSA) that three new space craft have been tested and reportedly has sucessfully passed atmospheric exit/reentry tests. This opens the way to a new era of transportation, in Konania. The first, KS-C-01, is a large scale star crusier. It is 800 feet long and is designed to carry cargo and arms, if nescessary.

The second, the KS-F-01, is a medium range fighter. It is manned by one pilot, and is armed with guided missles. "We have no choice," says one KSA engineer, when asked about the arming of these spacecraft. "These are dangerous times we live in. Everything needs to be protected."

The third, KS-S-02 is designed to improve the S01 shuttle. All three are made to be affordable enough to be produced in masses.
12-01-2003, 03:29
OOC: Here's a picture of how one would look like: