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Mushroom cloud sighted over Alderanian city!

12-01-2003, 00:14
ANN-Alderanian News Network

10 minutes ago, a nuclear explosion rocked the city of Ur'mon in southern Alderania. It has been reported that a missle had crashed there in the civil war and had not detonated.

Officials believe that the explosion came from the missle as it was being moved to a nuclear cleanup station. The former house Mastenkraft has been charged with it and are due to be exiled from Alderania.

The new High Archon asks the nations of the world to help repair the nation and pledges support to those that help with the cleanup.

Thsi aid can come from books, automobiles or military aid once the nation has had time to repair it's army.
12-01-2003, 00:51
The Konanian people mourn the severe loss of life in Ur'mon. A blood drive was formed in workplaces and schools across the country. Additionaly, we are sending doctors and emergency medical units to the area to set up temporary hospitals for injured. Aircraft have been given to your Air Force to patrol the skies and to prevent further lanches of ballistic missles.
12-01-2003, 01:35
Official Message to the High Archon of Alderania from the Dominator of the Dominion of the Dominion of Dominated Minions

It has come to the attention of We, the Owners, of the people of the DDM that your country is in great peril. It has come to my personal attention that my people would like very much to help. Sadly, this is not permitted. However, since I have...uhum...been "elected" into my post, I do have some power over my own personal liberty, and in your favor have I decided to give you what little aid can be spared. We will be sending a supply caravan containing our very prized reserve stock of the high quality toilet tissue, "Poopyracers", and the not quite so high quality tissue, "Doo-it-Rites".

We, the Owners, of the people do understand that this tragedy will set you back a good 40 trillion pieces of meat or so. Thus, we will not collect for our sacrifice until March 24, AD 2003. Let it be known through out the world that my...uhum...the DDM is a gracious and great nation, and I there great ruler...uhum...elected official.

The Keeper of the Kept, Watcher of the Slaves, Disrupter of Political Freedoms, Dominator of the Dominion :twisted: