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Clipped wings, Broken Dreams

10-01-2003, 17:36
If you look closely, all the top nations in the world are communists. What is the world coming to when our leaders are corrupt bureaucrats who do nothing for except count mony :!: . We need to have a world government policy that works. The UN is corrupt also :twisted: , and the top nations are all just big slugfests :evil: with ludicrious ideas about peace and Beef-Based Agriculture :!: . We need a group who will work for the enviroment instead of for the people or themselves :!: . If you haven't noticed the ones posing the greatest threats are none other the the corporations who claim they are trying to stop the problems :x . My suggestion is we should create a new UN with compassionate environmentalists, former passers-by, and the real citizens :idea:
of the world. Please vote, you will not regret it!!! POWER TO THE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : :lol:
10-01-2003, 17:50
I think the UN is not to be trusted. The land I represent is free in every way and would like to fulfill you pie baking needs. If you would like, our industirous pastry industry would like to make a free trade pact with suppliers of baked confectionaries.

Chef Joe Young
United Pie Corp
Free Republic of Saucemaster