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Important information to nations interested in extra income

03-01-2003, 02:10
The Principality requests that all nations interested respond. Our country is interested in renting land from a nation in order to build a research facility. We cannot build this research facility within our own nation due to protests of the development of such a place by the elves dwarves shades and midarian peoples. If you do accept we will pay 500 million dollars a year as rent. The only conditions to this is that the land be barren and located away from populated centers. Also if this land is rented it should be considered as if it were Void territory with all the rules of the nation in act on this land and that no nations authorities be allowed to enter the facility for any reason what so ever. Most of the research conducted within the facility will be top secret so this is why no local authorities will be allowed within. Land required must be 10 miles by 10 miles.

Thank you for your consideration and hope that one will accept this.
United Gimps
03-01-2003, 02:25
Listen not to this fool. The United Gimps offers ANY nation 100 billion dollars for a strip of land diagonally across the length of their country and 500 yards wide.

This piece will be used as a "Space Runway" to help reduce costs of launching objects into space. Not only will you be making a hefty profit, but you are furthering the development of mankind.

Heil Blendor!

-Gimpious Anorhyanda
Watching Over the United Gimps
03-01-2003, 02:52
United Gimps... This research facility is being made to study various diseases that may benefit all of mankind through vaccines and medical procedures to cure various diseases.
03-01-2003, 07:16
The Dominion of Kaliper will rent you the land of an area 10 miles by 15 at the names price under the following conditions:

1. Weekly inspections my members of the Kaliperian scientific and militery community to make certain that it is cures not diseases you are developing. There will be no attempt by the Kaliperian government to aquire any information, data or technology being developed only to ascertain that it is for peace not war.

2.A wall will be erected about the area in question and patrolled by the Kalperian Forces in order to garentee the protection of our nation and the compond.

If this is to you aproveal please notify us.
05-01-2003, 08:52
The United Gimps offers ANY nation 100 billion dollars for a strip of land diagonally across the length of their country and 500 yards wide.

The Democratic States of edc will take you up on that offer for payment of 90 billion, and the right to use your spacecraft to launch or own payloads.
05-01-2003, 10:42
The Incorporated States of Arbitrariness is of the opinion that the stated objectives of the facility are not consistent with the conditions of the renting of the land.

It seems that if it were truly devoted to the curing of disease, there would be no reason to treat it as void controlled territory. I would think that the only concern would be the nationalization of the facility, a policy that is explicitly forbidden by the constitution of Arbitrariness.

Furthermore, the incorporated states of Arbitrariness does not view your nation as being one that respects the rights of it's individuals. Your UN designation "father knows best state" is repulsive to many of those who live in our nation.

The Incorporated States of Arbitrariness's Government is committed to three things: protection of its citizens from internal threats of violence, protection of it's citizens from external threats of violence and protection from fraud and the like.

unless you can explain the poor correlation between the stated goals of the installation and the requirements for the loan, The Incorporated States of Arbitrariness will treat any attempt to purchase the land from the private owners of the nation's land (as the government owns an extremely small percentage of the land and thus does not have jurisdiction) as a threat to the security of our citizens.

If the explanation can be made, I'm sure that a private organization would be happy to rent the land.

The only requirments are:
1. the facility conatin no more than 500 people at any time.
2. the facility does not extend more than 100 feet under ground.
3. The area surrounding the facility will be monitored for biological agents.
4. a thermonuclear device will be targeted at the facility if biological agents are detected.
5. Any cargo transported into the facility will be searched for military weaponry.
6. Live human test subjects must not be used unless explicit consent is made by the subject under no duress.
More to come from the Arbitrariness lawers.

Thank you for your offer, I hope that we might be able to come to a mutually acceptable outcome.
09-01-2003, 02:24
posted twice sorry
09-01-2003, 02:27
Hopefully the other nations here will accept to build this facility