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Rules for Role playing (?)

01-01-2003, 17:56
I think, and you may disagree, that we should have a set of rules for role playing. They are not obligitory, but if two players
fell they want to they would call on this set of rules. Rules would go like this:
if you economy is above adverage, you get $1,000,000,000 bonus.
a medicore economy gets $100,000,000 and a lousy economy gets $1,000,000. Mutiply you population in millions by the tax rate by
the bonus for you economy.
For example, my country has a very strong economy, a tax rate of 10% and 7 million people
so, 1,000,000,000*10%*7=
$700,000,000. Countries without income tax get 2% in its place.
From this, a nuclear missle would cost, say, $100,000,000?

another example: Technology.
start with a standard being the US in 1898. start with the nuber 10
simple: if you have free speech, add 4. If you've legalized cloning, add 3. If you been around for more than 5 days, add 4. If your government assiciates with organized religion, subtract 7. Multply that by 5 if economy is above adverage, 3 if mediocore and 1 if poor. My society in at 1983. you may also spend $100,000 per population to modernize yourself, or buy more advaced technology from a freind.

You get a ten year bonus on telecommunications equipment, since that gets around faster.

You may not nuke someone if your tech is less than 1945. Before 1960, you cannot nuke outside of you region. After 1960,
hydrogen bombs mean that each nuke has twice the value. if you nukes are grater than their pop in millions, you may chose to defeat them. if they also have this, you achive MAD. Use it wisely.

You cannot start a space program before 1965.

I'm open to new rule ideas.

Its still role playing, but a little bit more organizedized.
Crystal Palais
01-01-2003, 18:32
By these rules, my spending cash would be two billion, though easy to get around because the major corporations are intertwined with government anyway, and tech would be at 2003. Unless there are other bonuses for the economy being powerhouse or all-consuming?

If a general set of rules are adopted and accepted by everyone at large, though, you will still have the problem of people RPing outside of them, or at worse case, powergaming and godmoding. And face it, this won't stop anyone from going into god mode.