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Warsaw Pact - State of the Pact address

01-01-2003, 17:33
We, the Nations of the Warsaw Pact do report the following.

We now have a total of 20 Warsaw Pact Nations
10 of Which are now in the Warsaw Pact Region.

The 10 Nations of the Warsaw Pact Region have put 5% of their standing Armies on Reserve for use by the Warsaw Pact in case of attack.

This translates to an Army of 3 million reservists on standby for the Warsaw Pact, and 300,000 Warsaw Pact Regulars.

We also report that we continue to grow by more than 200% per day.

We have several nations that are doing very well economically.
And at least one nation has reached world benchmark status in civil rights.
(Although we have various kinds of nations within the pact)

This report brought to you by the Ambassador of the Warsaw Pact.

Troy Ganja (who is supposed to be on vacation but just can't tear himself away from the work of his nation and the Pact).
01-01-2003, 18:06
Greetings from the People's Republic of Red Mars!

The growth of the Warsaw pact is an impressive sight to see. The debate has ended, sorry to say that it has degenerated into a name-calling session. I'd have expected more from political science professors, but what can you do?

On behalf of the Premier's office, I'd like to to take the time to thank the Warsaw Pact for putting up with our slow-moving bureaucratic nation's seeming waffling.

Though I'm not terribly impressed with the timing of the publication results, the polls show that the citizens favor admission. I hope that the anti-Warsaw Pact faction doesn't cry foul. I may have to recommend referendum observers to oversee the vote count.

The pundits are calling the debate for the pro-admission faction. We'll see what the voters say tonight.

Maria Elena Chorros de las Palmas
Spokeperson for the Office of the Democratically Elected Premier