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lol..."Eat the [National animal]s?" issue

24-12-2002, 17:51
this popped up, but my national animal is the egg, so should they be allowed to eat eggs, or not?
24-12-2002, 17:55
Lol, I'll have to wait for that one.....

Well, as they say, eggs is eggs! :lol:
24-12-2002, 17:58
I think i should dismiss the issue...
24-12-2002, 18:04
Probably the safest way to go about it.....

But I'm sure wait long enough and it'll be back again!
24-12-2002, 18:06
Can't my people decide if eggs are poison or not?!?!?!

I run a stupid country of cows.
24-12-2002, 18:07
When I got the issue, it said:

"Catgirls on the dinner table?"

And I was like "That depends on what they're doing on the dinner table :wink:"

~Holy Emperor Vladimir
24-12-2002, 18:10
LOL... but I am forced to eat Pfhor treats, and brains, YUCK! "Wait... is THAT an eyeball? MY FAVORITE!!!!!"
24-12-2002, 18:33

"Independent artists on the dinner table?"

.... I can think of several ways of interpreting that sentence.

All of them are ... disturbing.
24-12-2002, 19:03
We already eat peasant. Hunting is controlled, of course, but just like any other animal's hunting.

EDIT: Oops, mean "pheasant". But I'll preserve this mistake for posterity.
24-12-2002, 19:06
lol they are going to force me to eat all of my Poon! lol!
24-12-2002, 19:12
I don't see why I should have to pass a law for me to eat catgirls.
I already do that every night, if you catch my meaning. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

~Holy Emperor Vladimir
24-12-2002, 19:13
Can I move to your country Raevyn ??

Not your region...just your country. I think I want to get me one of them Catgirls on a table.


-Emperor Jay
24-12-2002, 19:14
When I got the issue, it said:

"Catgirls on the dinner table?"

And I was like "That depends on what they're doing on the dinner table :wink:"

Heh. We had a similar situation, and a similar reaction.

Sakura Kitsuki
Foxgirl Representative
24-12-2002, 19:19
We just institated a nationawide cull on scorpions when there became too many of them. I DOES NOT wan't to eat scorpion. :shock:
24-12-2002, 19:19
Can I move to your country Raevyn ??

Not your region...just your country. I think I want to get me one of them Catgirls on a table.


-Emperor Jay
Sorry, but in Raevyn, humans aren't even allowed to go near catgirls. :(
Which is okay for me, since I'm a catboy. :D

~Holy Emperor Vladimir
24-12-2002, 19:38
I wouldn't recommend eating ny national animal, it's a uranium stuffed chicken.
24-12-2002, 22:24
A chicken that cooks itself! We approve, even if the end result might not exactly be edible...

When the national-animal-eatng issue came up for us, there was little debate -- we have a near-limitless supply of 'em, though there's really only one way to eat them, and that is as a condiment. Mmmm, paramecium paste... makes me want to go prepare a sandwich, right now!

Benjamin Hofossen,
Prime Ambassador, New Dixie
24-12-2002, 22:38
HEHEHE I have that issue today. There is NO WAY IN HELL that im gonna eat my prized Fighting Sloth. Even if it would raise my econ. No way in hell.
20-02-2003, 14:13
we're no cannibals!
20-02-2003, 14:52
National animal: centipede. Now Scolopendra's favorite dish! If you boiled a non-poisonous centipede, it probably wouldn't be too bad...

PsuedoEmperor Hertzfeldt
Federation of Scolopendra
The Territory
20-02-2003, 18:01
The fact that Territorials eat leopard meat has been given disproportionate space in the UN evaluation of the Territory. Yes, providing leopard meat is a matter of great status. However, except for the elimination of leopards that present a danger to society the weapons used in the hunt are strictly regulated, and only the killer may provide meat.
For a while leopard hunting became rather too common, but since we introduced enhancements in the leopard population our national beast is hunted only by the most confident or foolhardy hunters.
20-02-2003, 18:08
Yes, the Empire of World Entertainment has seen this issue too. However, we elected not to endorse the consumption of hoss, as it would cause several key members of our cabinet to end up on the dinner table.

Jim Ross
Minister of Immigration
20-02-2003, 20:25
Here in Dormatrako, eating dragons is RIGHT OUT. It's been done in our more primitive past, but there are several pitfalls to making wyrm gumbo:

1. The dragons often live on mountain tops inaccessible except by air. Even if you take a helicopter up there to shoot him, his carcass won't fit in the back seat.
2. They're even more eager to eat you than you are to eat them.
3. They taste like mutant lizard sprinkled with ground-up match heads.
4. They tend to exact revenge for the death of one of their own by swooping down from the mountains and burning everything they can't eat.
5. It is very useful for a Dormatrakan guy to be able to remind his girlfriend that a dragon's favorite meal is a virgin. Eat the dragons & that advantage disappears.
6. They're sentient, so eating them is immoral. People being people, this became a consideration only after we found out how hard they are to catch and how bad they taste.

In modern Dormatrako, any man caught hunting/eating dragon is airlifted to their territory and left to their tender mercies. They love tender, but they're not big on mercy.
21-02-2003, 02:57
As it would happen, you CAN eat our national animal, which is the Bishounen. Although, women are forbidden to eat them...^^ hey, our motto is "if it isn't yaoi, screw it", after all...